Living the Dream

Happy Fathers Day to these special ones in my life. How fortunate I am and my kids to have my dad, my father in law and of course my husband to love, guide, and laugh with! A fathers work and love never goes unnoticed. The sacrifices made so we could have a better life. Today we celebrate you! @frankiemdf


Proud of my little man completing junior kindergarten. Can’t believe how time flies. It’s these moments we need to stop and just take it all in. No phone. No recording. Just sit back and let your brain absorb all the memories! But we got a couple pictures in :)! Cheers to my little man Giuliano! #keepingupwithenza #giulianocompletesJK #timeflies


What matters most? It’s not the pay check, the laundry, the mad dash to get everything picture perfect or have that text book life.... it’s the smile you put on someone else’s face... that’s the accomplishment! Seems we are always trying to fulfil this dream??? But what exactly does it have to be? #somethingtoponder #keepingupwithenza #whynotyou


Who’s sitting at your table? You have a choice ... choose those that support and uplift you!!!! Happy Sunday!!!!!! #keepingupwithenza #whynotyou #postivitymovement


Cheers to a wonderful day off!!!!! They don’t come often! But when they do I have the best company!!! Wine too!!! LOL what cha ma call it! @tinacekodrinovac @mythreepeas3 @domenicag3 @christinagrace1


Sunday morning... you know when you wake up and just feel “blah” well it had a lot to do with the night prior and what I ate.... I’ve noticed that a diet in bread, pasta, rice etc ( CARBS ) doesn’t agree with my body. It wasn’t the wine LOL ...So I’m making a lifestyle change. It’s not a diet. It’s not even to lose weight. It’s about feeling good, decreasing inflammation and leading a health life. I’m going to showcase my journey through my social media. This is the best way I can showcase my journey and keep myself accountable ( like a job LOL )! Cheers to new beginnings! Feel free to join me and keep me posted on your progress!! The power of many makes it so much easier! #ketovaughan #keepingupwithenza #whynotyou


Dig a hole and put in a pool.. in 2days!!!!.... It’s been an everyday event of “ mom is it pool time?” Straight from school and into the water! The smiles are priceless!!!! #keepingupwithenza #whynotyou #pooltime #


One day! Dug and planted LOL happy Wednesday!!!


Excited about this!!!! Cheers to a wonderful summer!!!! #keepingupwithenza #igotabighead #lotsofhairtoo


Beautiful day celebrating Mathew’s confirmation @boskto #keepingupwithenza


Finished product!!! Late post LOL


No shame... t-one day till Emma’s Communion!!!! 24 hour process to get ready!!!! LOL taming the beast one strand at a time!!!! #keepingupwithenza #emmascommunion2018


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