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Ray Dalio’s @principles is my favorite current read. Half business and half life advice, Ray captures a series of pragmatic rules for living and working effectively. My favorite bit of advice is to learn from every mistake and capture that learning in writing. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I have. #bookstagram #bookworm


If you’ve been following me for a while you’ve no doubt seen my love for food and wine. As part of a new series I’m going to try to share my favorite tips for both of these. Tip number one is about wine; I always find it useful to have an app to look up the description/tasting notes of wine before I buy them. I’ve been using @vinousmedia for this. If I’m out at a restaurant I can quickly search and see if a wine’s any good. What are your favorite wine tips? #nationalwineday


My friend @reidhoffman introduced me to Liberty United; they transform illegal guns and bullets provided by police departments and turn them into jewelry. 20-25% of the profits go to educating and protecting at-risk children from gun violence. I appreciate Reid handing this to me, and I’m hoping you’ll have a look. You can follow them here: @libertyutd


Freya and dad out for a walk on a ☀️ SF day #dadlife


Today we opened an Instagram office in San Francisco. Mike and I started Instagram just a few short miles from here. This city is an important part of our history and I’m excited that we’re back! Here’s a shot from the new digs. Did I mention we’re hiring? 😆


Happy Mother’s Day, @nicole! Freya, @dolly and I are lucky to have you in our lives 😘


After 5,000ft of climbing up from the ocean @kingthenate and I reached the top of Kaloko Road. It may be the steepest single climb I’ve ever done. At the very top someone wrote “warrior” at the peak. It was a great ride but not one that I’m going to be doing anytime again soon 🤣 📷 by Nate


If you’re going to have a date night away from the kiddo this one tops them all! So happy to attend the #metgala with the beautiful @nicole. #metgala2018, #heavenlybodies


May is National Bike Month! I first discovered cycling back in 2016 when an injury kept me from running. I had no idea it’d turn into the passion I have today. From Tokyo to Death Valley, my bike has provided me with so many adventures. To celebrate, here’s a #thingsorganizedneatly of some of my cycling gear.


The force is strong with this one. Happy Star Wars Day and May the 4th be with you!


Today, Instagram announced a bunch of new products! We’re launching new integrations with other apps, like Spotify and GoPro, a new Camera Effects Platform so partners can make creative tools for their followers in Stories, a video chat feature in Direct, a new Explore experience, and a bullying comment filter to keep Instagram a safe and positive experience for all. Congrats to the team for finalizing work on these new experiences that will help bring our community even closer to the people and things they love. And a big thanks to @ssarkar1, @tamar.shapiro, and @jsood for announcing all of these onstage this morning!


I believe in the power of routine to start your day and drive productivity. Every morning I get up, say hi to Freya and @nicole, exercise for an hour and then the essential part for any new parent: coffee! Ever since I was a barista in college I’ve loved the morning ritual of making an espresso. It’s simple, rewarding and literally energizing!


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