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Trigger warning: abuse.

Skateboarding, as I’ve known it to be since day one, has always been a place of inclusion. A community of folks who bond together over their collective weirdness and try their best to forget about their problems while pushing around all day. A bond so universal that a simple look at their shoes was the only thing you’d needed to know about a person.  Due to said inclusivity, the community seems to lack the ability to properly examine when a member of the scene has committed a wrong. We grow to love and accept each other, almost no matter what, and elevate people’s worth based on ability and “legacy”. That ends now. We need to start holding each other accountable for our actions and not glorify abusers, racists, bigots, gaslighters, etc. It doesn’t matter how well they can kickflip, how long you’ve known them, or that they’ve never done anything wrong to you. A member of the Twin Cities skate community severely beat his girlfriend, which was evidenced to us by a photo on Facebook last summer. I have chosen to leave his name out of this post for my own safety, and the safety of others. He no longer gets a free pass. Stop glorifying his ability on a skateboard. Stop posting pictures and videos of him. Stop letting him skate at events and contests. I’ve heard from people that “he just shows up”. He needs to know that he is not welcome in these spaces any longer. There is no room for abusers in the community. There is no room for violence. Actions have consequences. I believe in rehabilitation and hope he is able to seek it and can find a way to right his wrong(s). Until then, we need to work on accountability. I love skateboarding, but we have a long way to go. If you have any questions on the matter, please reach out. Love y’all 🌹





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one of my favorite sections from Issue 2 of @anomaly_mag. Chance is really fun to shoot and skate with. Design and layout by @jamie_angel_owens. Link to order in bio.


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