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Just touched down in Mexico last night and sooo hyped for the week ahead, hosting another workshop around the Yucatán Peninsula with @mcgee !


The sun doesn’t set here until after 10pm but somehow we still missed it, so we decided to sleep here, and try again for sunrise a few hours later, what a way to wake up😍
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Looking back at this last month of adventures and catching up on editing.. what a trip. Here’s a shot where I was almost waist deep in water in Zion, feels like months ago.. hope you enjoy!


Cheers to finishing 4 weeks on the road w/ @breezydaysabroad and this 18 hour drive straight back to Denver. Time to crawl in a hole and edit/ catch up for a few days then off to Mexico 🤙🏼


These places really do exist.


Damn.. 23.. what a wild fucking ride life has been. I’ve been traveling for 7 years now, and for the last 14 months I have been traveling every single day and somehow made it my career. I’m very thankful to my friends and family, all the homies I’ve made along the way, and the people who have helped me get to where I am today. Life is fragile, I have lost a lot of friends this year, I am very grateful for the life I live and the memories I have with those friends.
Here is a photo from a helicopter ride the other day over the Canadian Rockies almost finishing 4 weeks on the road with @breezydaysabroad.. next stop is another workshop @mcgee and I are hosting in Mexico, then filming a job in Puerto Rico, then another road trip leading in Moonrise Festival with @3lau . Life is absolutely insane, and it’s what you make of it, but it’s also so important to never take anything for granted. Thank you everyone for following my journey ❤️


Happy 4th! Here’s a photo from a few weeks celebrating this beautiful country we live in 🇺🇸 . Last night @breezydaysabroad tried to summit a mountain and just barely missed it because it got pitch black and we weren’t properly prepared for what we started and had to hiked back miles in the dark, today we did a helicopter ride over the Canadian Rockies, and tomorrow we’re attempting an 18 mile hike to a hidden gem that we couldn’t score a bus ticket to. Life is crazy.. go celebrate and have fun!!


This place really is just as unreal as it looks... who can find Waldo?!?


Nothing like finding some cool falls on the side of the road then standing in freezing cold glacial water for the shot 😆. Peep the story for the full image


Found out about this hike at midnight, the following morning we hiked it at 5am it looked so rad. I got all my shots and did a few timelapses, meanwhile @breezydaysabroad sat in a bundle of 8 jackets (including mine because of how cold it was), but hey.. worth it! Also if you have a second head over to @breezydaysabroad and wish her a happy birthday!!!