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Photo by @Chrisburkard | This day is forever ingrained in my head. In a way, it’s a culmination of my whole career and what I’ve dedicated much of my life to - a remote and untouched cold surf location, perfect empty waves, and a stunning backdrop to top it all off. It certainly was a mission. It took days of travel to get here. Weather was so bad and volatile we could only surf two of the fourteen days we were there and most the time it was a gloomy shade of grey fog. But, we ultimately struck gold. There had been rumors of world-class waves in Alaska and we on this day we managed to find them. When I look at this photo, I see how all of these pieces came together to give me a scene that brings me so much joy and remember what it’s all about.


Hello everyone, happy weekend ✨🦒🦒🦒✨ How adorable is this giraffe? Tag your friends!!!
Pictures by ✨✨@beingsalem✨✨
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Moonrise Over the Eastern Sierras | Photograph by Benjamin Kirsch
“On a summer night in the Eastern Sierra Nevada, a friend and I reached the crest of a 12,000-foot mountain pass as the sun was setting,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Benjamin Kirsch. “We found that the moon was rising in the distance, and it made us feel as if we were on another planet looking up at a distant planet.”

Today is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, and to celebrate, we invited @usairforce Major General and @nasa astronaut Bill Anders to guest edit our assignment, “The Moon in Your Life.” To submit your best moon photo, to the link in our profile (www.natgeoyourshot.com). Submission deadline is July 25, 2019.


Photo by Babak Tafreshi @babaktafreshi | Today is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. The race to reach the space in 1950s was largely driven by political leaders to establish a new superpower. An immense budget and public will supported both Soviet and American space scientists to advance technologies like never before. The Sputnik satellite launched the space age in 1957. The U.S. remained second, until Apollo 8 astronauts reached the moon orbit in 1968 and Apollo 11 landed on the moon in July 1969. After the Apollo programs, the manned space race faded and efficient robotic exploration of the solar system, at far lower cost, became the focus of increasingly international collaborations. Explore more of astronomy and space photography with me @babaktafreshi. #moon #apollo50 #space #astrophotography


Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Ocean Alley (@oceanalleyband) describes their music as psychedelic surf rock, a mix of what they like to listen to and what they like to play. 🎸🌠
This weekend, they’re performing at Splendour in the Grass (@splendourinthegrass), a music festival near Byron Bay, Australia. “The music is the main event and between all the stages there’s so much music to see," says the band’s rhythm guitarist, Mitch Galbraith. "But the best part is just enjoying it with friends in a beautiful part of the country.” #SITG2019


A un día del 50º aniversario del alunizaje de la misión Apolo, descubre las historias y héroes olvidados detrás de la carrera espacial en el #EspecialEspacial de National Geographic. 🚀📺⬇️
Martes, 9 PM MEX-COL.


We’re in love with @thatdoodsquad in their @lucyand.co raincoats!! p.s. congrats to our giveaway winners @puppymanifesto & @maya_the_maginifcent!! Congrats 🎉


Sailing into the weekend like 🙌🏻⁣

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#作品欣賞 : 窗裡窗外 (攝影:何經泰)


👉以OPPO系列手機投稿即可參加 #想像創作獎,將有機會獲得OPPO Reno 10倍變焦版手機🎁

手機組徵件主題👉生活 • 光影
🤘🏼任何手機攝影作品皆可參加🤘🏼 .
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(Shot on OPPO Reno 10x Zoom)


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