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Feed the birdies! Check out this little Jack o Lantern bird feeder by @brainy_beginnings_network!

@Regrann from @brainy_beginnings_network - •Jack-o-Lantern Bird Feeders•
•It's time to fatten those little birdies up! Grab your kids, and your bird feed and make a few of these! They make for fun Halloween decor too! •Do you know how we made these so round? You'll have to head to the tutorial to find out! Link in profile, good Instabuds. 💜💛💙💚 - #regrann


Such a cute bookmark by @redtedart!!
@Regrann from @redtedart - Calling all #Toothless Dragon fans... check out this lovely #hugabook #bookmark design based on #HowToTrainaDragon . Saturday's bookmark video shows you how to make this from scratch, but my question to you.. want me to make a printable to go with it or think it's easy enough????? #kidscrafts101 #kidscrafts #papercrafts #hugabookbookmarks #dragons #paperdragon #dragonbookmark - #regrann


A fun and beautiful way to decorate pumpkins by @hellowonderful_co!

@Regrann from @hellowonderful_co - Can you believe these pretty pumpkins were made by kids? Swipe left to see these fun Squeeze Painted Pumpkins in action 🎃💗💛 And let’s face it, kids would rather pour paint over pumpkins than carve them right? 😉 Tutorial and material list on site (search “Squeeze paint pumpkin art”). How are your kids decorating pumpkins this year? #hellowonderfulDIY - #regrann


A fabulous cardboard city by @artcampla!

@Regrann from @artcampla - •
Cardboard City

Project #2 in the Art Meets Play series is up on the Rose & Rex site. This up-cycled art invitation transforms into the perfect city scape backdrop for hours of open-ended play time. Head over to @roseandrex for the full DIY and lots of fun process shots! While you are there be sure to check out the Candy Lab Retro Wooden Car line… they have a camper and a woody surf wagon that are definitely going on my Christmas list! - #regrann


Tape and paper roll mummies by @raising.kinley! So fun!

@Regrann from @raising.kinley - MASKING TAPE MUMMIES.
I was 100% sure Kinley would detest this project and I was 100% WRONG 😂 I made one. She made three (and wanted to make more, but we had to run to the library 😜).
It couldn’t be simpler and I thought I’d share just in case you need something to keep those kiddos busy this weekend 👊🏼💕
▪️ Color a black spot on a tp roll with a Sharpie or black marker to glue your googly eyes on.
▪️ Glue on googly eyes 😁👀
▪️ Rip off strips of masking tape and stick them on the roll.
That’s it! All done! And if your kiddo is like mine, you repeat. A lot. 😂
Wouldn’t this be a good one for a class party? Zero clean-up. Zero mess. Lots of fun and fine motor skills practice has never been cuter 😁🙌🏼
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Diwali craft by @artsycraftsymom! Beautiful!
@Regrann from - Came across the sweetest Diwali craft on @artsycraftsymom blog! We'll be decorating our own diyas this morning, but this simple craft is perfect for little hands! ✨❤️✨ - #regrann


Chain mail made of pasta by @brainy_beginnings_network!!
Could be fun for a Halloween costume!

@Regrann from @brainy_beginnings_network - •Chain Mail Armour in Penne Pasta•
•Protected in her Penne Armour, this Knight is ready to fight for knowledge, truth, and fun. She is protector to The Realm of Brainy Beginnings; a small but mighty force for good in the world!
•Recently, this knight has received her Coat of Arms, a distinct shield consisting of an erlenmyer flask with crisscrossed paint brushes surrounded by a brain. She wears this with pride as she goes out into the realm fighting for intelligence and fun! - #regrann


Skeleton puppets by @redtedart!! How fun! @Regrann from @redtedart - Haha make one #PaperPuppet... make 100s 😂 can’t stop making puppet templates since those adorable elves! These are for #DayoftheDead and are customisable... add your own details.. use the flower, hair piece or hats.. leave it plain as a simple #skeleton .. you choose!!!! My kids did these 😍😍😍 more later in week on this!!!
Thinking of doing a competition- you customise one of my templates for chance to win a signed copy of my book... what do you think????? #Competition or not?!
#kidscrafts101 #kidscraft #paperpuppettemplate #templates #redtedart #sugarskulls #printandcolour #papercrafts #paper #skulls #💀 - #regrann