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~ Hip deep in quilts, grandies, little dogs and fabric, with frequent sprees of baking and gardening.

Way Back Whensday ~ We're talking celery green, buttercream yellow, aqua blue, and PINK??? Darn tootin! Stepping outside of your "normal" box once in a while is actually fun. I love that the little splashes of pine green and cranberry anchor the color scheme, add a bit of depth, and keep it from being your every-day pastel quilt. #KimDiehlQuilts #WayBackWhensday #SimpleSeasonsBook #TeaWithGrandmaQuilt #PatchworkQuilts #PiecedPillowcases #SpringtimeQuilts #martingaletpp


One last peek at my finished Field of Greens quilt - forever etched in my mind as "the quilt that nearly gave me a stroke". Picture this: you ship your quilt off to be machine quilted and ... poof! It pulls a Houdini. For nine days you have (in no particular order) denial, prayer, the occasional crying jag, and hope for a miracle. Day 10, you decide to just let it all go and remake that sucker even better than the original. No sooner do you have this epiphany than the doorbell rings, and guess what you find on your porch? 😵 Through a shipping mixup (and a miracle), the box had been touring the country for days before somehow finding its way back to me. My well-traveled quilt was delivered into the capable hands of Rebecca @rubybluequilts the very next day - too much excitement for this thankful old girl. #KimDiehlQuilts #PatchworkQuilts #GreenQuilts #OnceLostNowFound #ThatWasACloseOne #HenryGlassFabrics


Way Back Whensday ~ One of my all-time favorite quilts EVER. To be honest, this Mocha Stars lap quilt had me at "mocha". And with "stars" batting clean-up? Let's just say it was a "done Diehl" from the get go. #KimDiehlQuilts #WayBackWhensday #MochaStarsQuilt #SimpleComfortsBook #StarQuilts #AppliqueQuilts #martingaletpp


When your three year old grandie goes "dumpster diving" in your sewing room, gasps her displeasure when she finds a boatload of triangles, hauls them out at warp speed, and then chews your butt for throwing away all the pitties. 😵
#KimDiehlQuilts #TriangleRescueMission #NotTheBossOfMySewingRoom #HenryGlassFabrics


In my hot little hands today - advance yardages of my upcoming Ebony & Onyx quilting cottons (hitting quilt shops this June)! This is SUCH a workable collection of little black prints, that weeks ago I very carefully cut up my small factory samples so they could be stitched into a new quilt for my Simple Friendships 2 book with Jo Morton. No matter which prints I paired them with, they always played nice. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I thought I'd share some stitched-up blocks and let YOU be the judge! #KimDiehlQuilts #IndispensableBlackPrints #BlackIsTheNewBlack #Ebony&OnyxPrints #HenryGlassFabrics


Way Back Whensday ~ "Cozy Home Lane" from Homestyle Quilts, 2012. Everyone should have a comfy nook and a cozy quilt. Especially when you're in a Sunday mood and it's only Wednesday. #KimDiehlQuilts #WayBackWhensday #ComfyNooksAndQuilts #martingaletpp


It's amazing what a difference the right color of binding makes. I looked at my original apple green choice and decided that I must have really been tripping that day ... in other words, if stupid could fly I'd have been a jet. ✈️😬 #KimDiehlQuilts #BetterBinding #HenryGlassFabrics


Some mothers and daughters bond through shared intellectual activities, baking, shopping, or getting pedis. My Molly Dolly and I decided to take the tattoo approach - something I never thought I would do! I may be an old lady, but now I'm an embellished old lady tied up with a little red bow. #KimDiehlQuilts #MotherDaughterBondingDay #FingerTattoos #ItOnlySortaKindaHurt


Some people love a heaping stack of pancakes, I love a heaping stack of quilts. Gets me every time. Ok, I like pancakes, too. #KimDiehlQuilts #HookedOnQuiltsAndPancakes #StackOfMiniQuilts #SimpleWhatnotsBook #HenryGlassFabrics #martingaletpp


Considering there are only so many beds, armchairs, and sofas in the world, sometimes you've gotta step outside the box and go vertical. #KimDiehlQuilts #CreativeQuiltDisplay #GardenPatchQuilt #SimpleTraditionsBook #PatchworkAndAppliqueQuilts #martingaletpp


Way Back Whensday ~ It occurred to me as I was surfing through my photos that I have a thing for quilts mingled with flowers and greenery. So today's flash from the past pays homage to my love of (to quote Puddin Cup) "pittie fancy blankies" and flower power. 🌺 Now to figure out a way to work the grandies and puppers into my pictures. 😬 #KimDiehlQuilts #WayBackWhensday #QuiltsAndFlowerPower #HenryGlassFabrics


More quilted texture! Sometimes when the patchwork falls at the busier end of the spectrum, using restraint and choosing a simply stitched edge-to-edge design is just the trick. #KimDiehlQuilts #MachineQuilting #RubyBlueQuilts #HenryGlassFabrics


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