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Exploring this world and within as authentically as I can.

Ready and waiting for some underwater time!!!! Yippee!!!! Counting down the minutes to my very first time finally diving in Greece! 💙
Photo by @cinematowski @patagonia_surf


Made one last pupu platter before leaving Hawaii and this cute little baby nephew grew straight out of my garden! On this platter is sustainable seafood at its finest! Sardines, home-jarred local he’e (octopus) from @paepaeoheeia , freshly harvested pa’akai (Hawaiian sea salt) and smoked mussels from @patagoniaprovisions -Yvon Chouinard considers mussels to be the most sustainable animal protein source in the world and they are delicious! All served with toasted ciabatta from @breadshophnl !!! Good eats, great smiles with the fam before taking off! ✈️!
Photo by @cinematowski


Soaked up every ounce of home that I could 💙. Moments like this saturate me with everything I need to take with on the next journey! Photo by @cinematowski


Being back home seems to make the lessons I’ve learned while away seem even more important. No matter what culture we come from, there’s so much we can learn from one another. For a long time now, I’ve been trying to take the values and memories I was given from growing up in a rural and simple way of life and preserve them by applying such values to my modern reality. I was basically trying to turn my nostalgia into a resurgence of sorts. I did this because it made me feel rooted, connected and extremely joyful. But as I did, I also noticed a ripple effect of change and a growth of a like minded community. These past travels have only made those values grow stronger as I felt like I traveled back in time and got to live in villages or with tribes and see the importance of what really sustains their precious culture and the land around them. I thought returning to a more modern world would give me a hard dose of culture shock but rather it only makes me see how much we all have in common. Even in populated modern civilizations, we all have a tribe. And it makes me happy to know that my tribe will do the extra work, get dirt under our nails and salt in our hair if that means we can take care of each other and our home that provides so much for us. Self sufficiency isn’t about detaching from community, it’s about supporting the true heart of it.
To read about one of my favorite tribe members @edstown click the link in my bio. Or if you haven’t already, watch the vid in my IGTV to learn about our goals and beliefs. Thank you @olukai for sharing our vision and always supporting our local community.
I’ll also be taking over @patagonia_surf insta stories tomorrow and giving glimpses of my daily life and how it keeps me connected to the natural world that provides so much for me!


She’s always a bit mysterious yet always feels like home. I guess that’s what keeps me constantly coming back for more. #oceanlove 💙
Photo by @cinematowski


Heading back to my happy place!!! #porchvibes #home Thanks @dougfalter for always managing to capture such real, candid, and unorchestrated photos of me in my true elements 😉!


Nothing we dream of is out of reach when we’re together.
That’s something my sister @christykkw taught me when I was a chubby little three year old, a whole foot shorter than her. This was usually proven true when we were off wandering in nature and I’d come across trees loaded with strawberry-guavas, a favorite snack that I never seemed to be quite tall enough to pick on my own. Christy would always see me trying and struggling and call to me to wait, “I’ll give you a boost!” she’d say! She’d instantly run over, get on her hands and knees, right in the dirt making herself a human table of sorts, as I would climb on top of her, slowly find my balance, stand and finally get to enjoy the pure delight of eating my harvest in complete joy!
Thanks for letting me return the favor this week sis! Love you and it means a lot that you took time off so that I could show you my world! 💙 photo by @perrinjames1 @paditv


I’ve always been a freediver. I’ve rarely dabbled in scuba because I’m hooked on the sensation of using solely my own breath and body to have an intimately personal experience with the ocean.
But I also have a sister. Just one year my elder, she’s been my best friend and partner in life since the day I was born. We grew up together in the sea and so many of our greatest memories were made there. One of the moments that brought us the most laughter was when she was just a kid, snorkeling in the ocean and a manta ray came up to her. It was huge and she was thrilled- but then it got too close to comfort and she immediately got freaked out and splashed her way out of the ocean and as she did, the manta also got scared and took off. That encounter was one of her favorite visions but she also cringed with regret for ending it too soon. Being a younger brat-sister, I always did my best to tease her and rub it in and telling her she got scared of- and scared away, the most beautiful underwater butterfly.
Anyway as the years progressed, she started having issues with equalizing her ears that got so bad that she had to leave any form of freediving depths behind. Being the consistently supportive and selfless person she is, she instead found her new joy in seeing how far I could take such abilities and her underwater wanders lived on vicariously and happily through my own adventures. She also became a business owner, compassionate healer and a great mom. She was always a born giver.
When @paditv asked to work with me, the only wish I had was to finally give back to my undercover-superhero of a sister. -and last night, after we both got reactivated in scuba (which proved to be forgiving on her ears), we went to the best late night show in the world! @christykkw was a manta magnet!!! And each time they hovered over her, I watched to see if she’d get flustered or panicked but instead I held back tears as Christy slowly tilted her head back and blissfully soak in each and every overdue moment with utter gratitude. For the sake of someone who has always put others first, I can’t thank @paditv enough for making this experience all about her. ❤️
Photo by @perrinjames1


Thank you so much @olukai @surfer_magazine @adventuresportsnetwork and @sustainablecoastlineshawaii for this collaboration on the new short film, Finding Away. It’s not possible for us to be perfect in our footprint but if we all raise our awareness and try to tread a bit lighter in our usage of single-use plastic, together we can start a movement; we can find a way. 💙 Please click the link in my bio to watch the full short film. Mahalo @olukai for all you do to help us! ❤️


Looking forward to days of this!!! Reuniting with my happy place 🤗 after being away has never felt so invigorating! Heading to Kona now with my sister @christykkw and @paditv ! See you soon (📷) @perrinjames1


One thing I’ve been asked a lot about my recent trip was, “Was the language barrier hard?” It most definitely was. When filming conversations, I needed two translators- one to translate the tribal dialect to Cantonese and then another to translate Cantonese to English. Imagine the awkward silence while having to listen to three different sentences before having a clue of how to respond to a simple statement. Imagine how much energy might be lost or meaning missed from playing this game of telephone. But the language “barrier” became my favorite part of the whole trip. Because when the translators left and cameras were off, I remained in the village and still needed to communicate. It taught me how often words can be a facade. How we can go through the motions of depending on small talk and turn off so many of our other senses. When you need to communicate without words, you have to try a lot harder. You have to slow down, look deeply and pay attention. You learn how to read every expression, every wrinkle; you become so much more aware of tones, gestures and energy. When you put in your time of truly looking into someone’s eyes, while trying your hardest, an unspoken bond happens- even if you miss the actual sentence, you gain something more. When the translators would return, I would often be carrying on in conversation with my hosts without interruption, for even though I didn’t understand the words literally- I felt them. And when dialogue needed to be translated, it was no longer awkward. We would stare into each others eyes, wait and smile- for that became our familiar place.
On that note, I just posted a lovely video that I did with @olukai . I posted the full-story, finished version with voiceover on IGTV (on my profile). But first turn the sound up and listen to this unfinished version that has no words. Listen to the sounds of nature, observe the visuals and get a feel for this place I love. See what you get from it before watching the full vid and hearing my actual message. I just think that this practice of tuning in a bit deeper is good for us and could give our words more meaning. @olukai @edstown 🎥: @beradstudio 🌊 @cinematowski


The last village I traveled to in China was located in the Kualaidi valley, where I stayed with the Nu tribe, also known as “the bamboo people.” For them, bamboo is life and their connection to the land is apparent in everything they do. It makes me happy to see that as they adapt to the modern world creeping in around them, they have found innovative ways to keep their traditional skills and practices thriving. Makes me think that we all could benefit from being a bit more like bamboo itself -by remaining just flexible enough to bend, not break with the winds of change! 🍃🎋💚