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Some mornings right as I’m waking, in that moment before I even open my eyelids, it feels like the truth is right there waiting for me. It almost feels like during my time of slumber, my subconscious was able to do such powerful work while my over-thinking intellectual mind turned off. I’ll often have solutions to problems, creative ideas, reminders of important things I had forgotten or just profound heartfelt emotions -just there waiting for me. Today I woke buzzing with this strong and utterly joyful sense of gratitude for all the people who simply see me and get me. I let myself lay there and bask in it because I know it’s always it’s most intense during those first moments of entering back into functioning consciousness. -It made me giddy. Thank you to everyone for the beautiful morning!
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Eye on the prize. 💙 photo by @dougfalter


Three prong action! ❤️
Photo by @cinematowski


I haven’t felt a desire for gifts in a really really long time -and I think it has to do with having enough and being beyond grateful for that. But upon returning home I was instantly given three thoughtful beautiful gifts of love that I still can’t stop staring at. First this beautiful lei po’o made by @kimbermalie using only the plants she grew in her yard, then the sickest fish-cutting table ever made by @cinematowski with the generous help of @ruff_cut_hawaii and lastly this gorgeous painting by @eduardobolioli , an artist who does so much to help the environment and surprised me with this amazing piece of art. I’m blown away by all their talent and kindness and pretty overwhelmed with how lucky I am to be the recipient of such love! Thank you. Thank you!


I swear, some moments just crack my heart right open and it almost hurts so good to feel all the love, light, beauty and depth seep right in. 💙 Thank you.
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Grateful for yet another spin around the sun and for all that I’ve gotten to learn and experience along the way. I think my favorite part is that we get to keep it all. -all the memories, moments, gems, magic and lessons collected along the way. I love that I can cherish everything from my family and childhood who shaped me, my friends who endlessly accept and love me as I am, and all of my loyal supporters and faithful sponsors who so generously cheer me on and somehow keep believing in me. You all make me so damn rich with with love and support every damn day. I also get to keep my angels of loved ones who have passed on, my old dog Tonka, and every furry, feathered or gecko friend and spectacular moment in nature that I ever had. Even all the little moments really don’t feel little at all in my heart. -the mind blowing conversations, shared momentary connections/bonds, as fleeting as they sometimes appear, they stay in my heart forever. And and oh the struggle- all the struggle, heartaches and tough or confusing times- I’m grateful for you because you gave me capacity, compassion and strength that I would’ve never earned or known without you. So thank you everyone for the birthday love -and for all the love I get to feel every single day; please know that’s not an ounce is lost on me. And speaking of lost, I’m also grateful for (and missing) my favorite hoodie pictured here that I forgot at the airport. I filled out a lost and found form of exactly where I left you and I really hope you come back to me! Haha but really. 🤞🏽☺️😭🤣❤️
Photo by @cinematowski ❤️ who I’m grateful for more than words could ever say!


Both a bit messy; both a bit wild -but we sure do both love to smile ! 😁 #Pog
Photo by @cinematowski 🐗


It puts me in a trance.
Photo by @dougfalter


A photo of my mama from back in the day, doing her thing. We might have been poor back then but life always felt rich and we ate like kings and queens because of this woman. She always engrained in us a deep respect for nature and taking care of that which feeds us. She’d spend hours doing the hard work of cleaning and preparing our catches like these Kona crabs, for everyone to enjoy because she was the only one with enough diligence and patience to throughly do it right and make sure that not a single morsel was wasted. She passed these lessons on to us kids but even today in her older age and frail state (recent falls have left her healing from a few broken bones), when we come home to visit and start cleaning our catches, she will get on her crutches and hobble outside just to supervise and keep a watchful eye on us as she chimes in with playfully sassy commentary just to make sure we are doing it right. Love you mom!
Today @yeti posted some Instagram stories of a few of us ambassadors thanking our moms for all that they gave us!


When hunters and gatherers get together, you get stories and a meal!
Photo by @cinematowski #traegerday


Lovely day of being present, having great conversations and playing in nature with @haaheo 💙. And today I’m happy to announce that I will be hosting another retreat at @uluwatusurfvillas October 22-27 2018! Last year was filled with great vibes and bonding times. I guided our awesome group through some basic freediving, fish cleaning, cooking, meditation, art-making and story telling while @uluwatusurfvillas provided massages, yoga and delicious healthy food for all in the most amazing atmosphere. The truly special group of people who came all grew together and created such a lasting bond that I’m sure we will all be friends for life. If you’re interested in an experience like this, contact for the details and prices and check out the hashtag #livesimplywithkimi to see some of the moments we shared last year!
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Grace under pressure. -a constant practice. 💙
Photo by @jdbaluch


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