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I had such a great time at the launch of @redeumunna, a platform that promotes black women as voters and candidates in the upcoming Brazilian national elections. I’m pictured here with @paola_achaves, who I was able to interview at the event.
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Mulheres negras são como ondas. Crescem qdo se unem.
Lançamento da Plataforma virtual Unmunna ✊🏾
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Looking at you....


Black Brazilian YouTubers are at it again! Now they have united to show the people at @colgateluminousbr that diversity matters in advertising. The company launched a campaign wjth just one black person - mainly white influencers who could only manage 253 likes on the Instagram post! Think about it. EVERYBODY uses toothpaste so why on earth wasn't this campaign more diverse? 😂 ---------------------------------------------------- WE EXIST!
Every day the black population of our country is not visible! Looking at this Colgate advertisement was like looking at one more facet of racism. The first question that comes to mind is: But do not they know that blacks and blacks brush their teeth too? From this we can see that out of 11 people chosen as "ambassadors" of the brand, only one is black. And here is another way of making ourselves invisible. WE ARE PLURAL! We have different stories, different skin tones, different hair ... WE WANT SPACE! WE DESERVE SPACE! We are creative, interesting, beautiful, competent men and women; When will you realize that? Why does whiteness multiply while we have to be content with a single figure? How long will they offer us crumbs? When will brands support the black and black that create content and transform society? Plurality can not be just speech, NEEDS TO BE ACTION!

Todos os dias a população preta do nosso país NÃO se vê! Olhar para esta propaganda da Colgate foi como olhar para mais uma faceta do racismo. A primeira pergunta que vem à mente é: Mas eles não sabem que pretos e pretas escovam os dentes também? Daí percebemos que, dentre 11 pessoas escolhidas como “embaixadoras” da marca, apenas uma é negra. E aí está outra maneira de nos invisibilisar. NÓS SOMOS PLURAIS! Temos diferentes histórias, diferentes tons de pele, diferentes cabelos... NÓS QUEREMOS ESPAÇO! NÓS MERECEMOS ESPAÇO! Somos homens e mulheres criativos, interessantes, belos, competentes; quando vão perceber isso? Porque a branquitude se multiplica enquanto nós temos de nos contentar com uma única figura?
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25,000 people turned up to a baile funk that lasted from midnight Saturday until 4pm the next day! How do they do it! @friedreist when are we going?


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Antes de ter amor pelo Brasil, Paris roubou meu coração. Eu vivi o seu por um ano e eu costumava viajar para lá quase a cada dois anos. Eu até escrevo um livro sobre o lugar. Nas últimas duas semanas, tenho pensado cada vez mais sobre a cidade e o país por razões óbvias. Estou feliz por ter ganho a Copa do Mundo, mas isso é resultado do colonialismo? Todas as equipes européias conseguem usar os melhores filhos de imigrantes que tiveram que deixar seu país porque o colonizador o sugou a seco. Desculpe por ser negativo. Eu tenho emoções mistas sobre este copo ... Mas eu sinto falta da França.

Before I had a love affair with Brazil, Paris stole my heart. I lived their for a year and I used to travel there almost every other year. I even writes book about the place. In the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking more and more about the city and the country for obvious reasons. I’m happy that 🇫🇷 won the World Cup but is this the result of colonialism? All the European teams get to use the best sons of immigrants who had to leave their country because the colonizer sucked it dry. Sorry for being negative. I have mixed emotions about this cup... But I do miss France.
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New article in @thedailybeast. Link in Bio.

Never Forget.
More than 1.9 million enslaved Africans arrived in Rio de Janeiro, and thousands of them died upon arrival. Merced Guimarães, director of the IPN - Instituto de Pesquisa e Memória Pretos Novos, has made it her mission to remember them.

Guimarães’ house was once the site of the Cemetério dos Pretos Novos (Cemetery of the New Blacks), where recently arrived enslaved Africans were interred during the Atlantic slave trade. Her house became an archaeological site, with graduate students unearthing the remains in her yard—all without the assistance of the city or the federal government. The remains of 26 Africans dating back to 1824, aged 3 to 25, were discovered.
When you come to visit Rio de Janeiro, please visit this museum.

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What a fun day @prandharaprem


The black YouTubers of Brazil are uniting to tell Brazil that RACISM IS NOT A JOKE!
This is a response to @cocielo
who is a popular YouTubers whose tweets were full of racist jokes.

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A gente adora dar risada, a gente adora gente bem humorada, mas #RacismoNãoéPiada

Na foto os youtubers negros Érica Ribeiro, Valter Rege, Robson Rodrigues, Ana Paula Xongani ,AD Junior e Fernando Barcellos


Onde eu devo estar.... Right where I should be...


It’s Senegal vs. Japan and I’m in the right place!

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It’s been 100 days since the assassination of Marielle Franco.