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Kirsten Zellers

Just casually dressed like I’m in a wedding party, so if anyone’s throwing a surprise one let me know. I’m totally down to fly to Paris..


Kirsten Zellers

Someone was mad that I made her sit in my shadow.. @littlebabeolive


Kirsten Zellers

First one to laugh loses..


Kirsten Zellers

Let’s pretend I meant to have a nice shiny patch between my eyebrows. Didn’t you know it’s the new place to put highlighter..


Kirsten Zellers

TGIF. Oh wait.. @officialsbiccafootwear


Kirsten Zellers

When you’re this clumsy you have to watch where you walk. And have your dog watch too..


Kirsten Zellers

I learned yesterday that a hummingbird’s heart beats 1000 times per minute and it makes a nest out of spiderwebs.. #themoreyougoogle #randomcaption


Kirsten Zellers

Trying out IGTV for the first time.. comment below whether you prefer Instagram tutorials or Youtube! 💛

Full tutorial:
Bungee elastics:


Kirsten Zellers

Becoming an expert at pretending I’m somewhere tropical in my mind.. 🍋 tutorial in my stories for these prettiest beach waves using the @sultrabeauty 1.5 inch curling wand available at @ultabeauty #sultrastyle #ad


Kirsten Zellers

When you go on Pinterest to find hair inspiration and realize all the ones you choose are from @habitsalon..


Kirsten Zellers

The amount of times Olive has startled people because they think I’m carrying a stuffed animal.. 🧸#27yearoldcarryingateddybear @littlebabeolive


Kirsten Zellers

Once again starting with one accessory and then quickly going overkill..