Ryan Parmeter@konnor_ascension_wwe

A.K.A Konnor from The Ascension
Former 1/2 longest reigning NXT tag team champion
Former Deep South Heavyweight Champion
Loving Father and Husband!!

Today use to ALWAYS be just ANOTHER day for me. Until I woke up this morning it actually gave me a different outlook on the meaning of this day. There is no question that dads across this world who grind and strive to make our younger generation stronger are without a doubt my heroes. Kids give us a new outlook on life and only make us stronger!!! To all the dads out there I get IT!! #happyfathersday #dadlife #livingadream #TheAscension #welcometodadland


Without a doubt one of the best Pre workouts on the market!! #YouWillRise #TheAscension


#twinsies Starting to wonder!! #mylilmonster


Spending the day at @zootampa with @magicalmamalife and little #Elijah. #Zoolife #childhoodmemories


To my beautiful wife @magicalmamalife. It's been 12 wonderful years together. 12 years of growing and learning together. Would not change it for the world! Happy Anniversary babe!!


Just @gurvsihra_wwe and I making the flex while showing our pecks!! #goldsgym #tanktop


One sweet ass action figure! Thank you @ringsidec for the extreme detail and the work you guys do to create these figures! #Konnor #TheAscension #welcometothewasteland


The verdict has come to a final decision...A BIG happy Birthday to my little brother @judgejackkelley_ so proud of you and keep continuing to follow that dream. Passion,dedication and Love is the keys to success! Love You #Judge stay #Guilty of these 3 things and the sky is the limit!!! #happybirthday #TheAscension


Relaxing while enjoying a glass of @bnektar tonight. Sometimes you just got to take a moment and reflect, enjoy and appreciate in all aspects of our lives. What we were and what we have become. Be proud and keep grinding! #TheAscension #Konnor #WeWillRise


Getting my damn UK tour on!!....and of course Spain!!!! #TheAscension


Happy 1st Mothersday to my beautiful @magicalmamalife and to all the moms out there!


What can I say....im family friendly! #theascension


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