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Born in the land of milk and honey, raised in Egypt, and since, my passion for traveling has begun! Joy! 🇸🇸 #Aweil 👻Kout-t 📍D{〽️}V

Happy birthday to my brother.. blood never turns into water! When you sit back and think about life, family really makes a difference- I appreciate you fam. May this upcoming year be a year where you fulfill your dreams and plant seeds for a bright future!


Imagine if I never met the broskies 💯💯💯


#tbt to my bday in Miami, I miss that weekend #stepBack #Miami #birthday


This weekend has been so warming to my heart- after my move to Dallas in January, I came back home (Annapolis). I came back to celebrate my brothers gradation, reunite with my family, and spend needed time with my nephews- they always find a way to bring joy into my life regardless of what else is going on... that’s love and I’m so thankful I was able to be here with them all! ❤️ #graduation #family #reunited #familyreunion #nephews #joy #love


This dude right here is my brother! Through thick and thin, he never switched up. We always look out for each other because that’s all we had for the ~15 years we’ve known each other. #BrotherFromAnotherMother #Real #RM2K18


#tbt to Christmas Eve with the fam, God knows how much I miss you guys! ❤️✊🏾


All these people here and so many more, thank you for giving me a birthday I’ll never forget- these memories we made will be cherished for many years to come. Ps. If you couldn’t make it, I knew you were with me in spirit! I’m so blessed with amazing friends and for that I’ll always be grateful!
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So thankful for another year added to my life, so thankful for the people I got to spend it with, and so thankful for the numerous blessings I continue to receive! Jesus, I’m in awe of your love!


Welcoming 2018 with excitement and gratitude!


2017 was a great year overall- I got to see my mom whom I haven’t seen in 5 years prior to this year. A lot of friendships were formed, a lot of lessons were learned, and my family grew a little (hint: look at the picture)
My nephew was born in September and made me and all the family beyond joyful! I’m thankful for every person that made an impact on me this year. Saving the best for last, Jesus- thank you for loving me unconditionally, especially when i deserve it least, thank you for carrying me through this year and i ask you to guide me this year before us!


Thank you Pete for this experience,
First time at an NFL game was fun to say the least! My team is the Packers but i had to root for the home team!
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The grief is immeasurable... #slavery is happening right now as you see this post in 2017 and the world isn’t doing enough to stop it. Spread the word or you’re just a part of what’s going on... #letsEndThis #lybia #prayforlybia #freedom #humans #repost