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Happy St Patty’s Day🍀
Hope it’s your LUCKY DAY!


Don’t strive for perfection, strive to be your personal best!
I’ve long since given up on perfection, lol...but perfect lashes just might be in my future!!! I found a natural product that I hope will give me longer, thicker lashes. You can find a lash kit & plenty of other natural beauty products at


There is a difference between listening & listening to understand. When we truly hear other people’s views, we can tap more profoundly into our own convictions.

Old Mill Park

There’s a fire in your belly....Don’t ignorance it. That might just be your gift to the world.

Sandestin, Florida

One of the best ways to feel empowered is by empowering others.

It’s International Women’s Day!

I am honored to join the @freskincare campaign #FREWomen to transform the lives of the Izourane Argan Cooperative women in Morocco. FRÉ plants Argan trees with the @highatlasfoundation to empower the women who harvest & produce the oil by hand & they’re helping these wonderful ladies gain literacy skills & become aware of their rights as women through a mentoring program.

We can help too!!!
For the next 48 hours, the amazing 123FRÉ skincare sets are 25% off & 10% of proceeds go directly to this cause. (See link in my bio & use code K10 for your discount & contribution towards empowering other women.)


Balance is something you don’t always work for, but if you pull back your scope you’ll find it in your life. It’s in the union of opposites - the good/bad, highs/lows, happy/sad, work/play, laughter/tears...They work together to keep you in check. So next time you start feeling like your life is out of balance, step back and look. I bet you’ll find a perfect tension working for your greater good.


The dream will stay a dream until you take the first step.
I’m the biggest dreamer out there. Ask me to dream & my mind goes crazy....but dreaming isn’t why I have so many incredible moments in the memory bank. It’s the actions that I took that turned them into my reality. Allow the mind to wonder! Then be open to opportunities, be deliberate in your pursuit & be passionate in your drive. You’ll look back 5 years & say, “Wow. Look how far I’ve come!”


Be open to new ideas...You never know when one could be life-changing.

So excited to receive my tea from @flattummyco today!!! This will be a great kick-start for bikini season!


Looking at things from an opposing perspective is the best elixir for self-centeredness.

Sandestin, Florida

It’s often in the stillness of our lives that we have the biggest breakthroughs.

Sandestin, Florida

I’ve heard it said that age is just a number.....I’m choosing to believe that!!! #powerofthemind

Sandestin, Florida

Did you know you have a unique purpose? Your past experiences, your talents, your hopes & dreams all work together to formulate your special gift to the world. Cultivate it & use it to better the lives of the people you interact with!