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Such a fun way to celebrate Summer Solstice with our BRING THE HEAT event! Over 100 people came out in spite of the nasty weather to work hard & sweat.
Love our fitness family!
Adorable leggings by @mpgsport


A few spots left for my summer body workout with @athleta.
This Sunday, 3pm
Come get your Father’s Day shopping done at Lenox Square Mall & reward yourself with a great workout focused on booty, core & balance. Bring the kiddos!
See REGISTRATION link in bio


Your perspective influences your behaviors. If you believe it’s possible, you’ll likely find a way to make it happen. If you don’t, you’ve almost guaranteed your fate.


To those who serve & those who have served, to those we’ve lost & loved: THANK YOU!
For the freedoms we so often take for granted:
Let us find thanks & gratitude not for perfection, not because we all agree...but because we live together, we love together & we balance each other in such a beautiful, colorful way!
Happy Memorial Day!


What if we could duplicate the positive thoughts and happy times in our lives...We can! Your mind has the power to recall & sustain the highlights of your life in a way that will carry you through the lows with grace & dignity. Tap into your blessings! The more you focus on the things you are most grateful for, the less capacity your mind has to retain the negative. This is the key to happiness!


If you want to be ordinary, do ordinary things. If you want to be extraordinary, allow your mind to wander, try extraordinary things, think outside the box, go places most people don’t, & carve your own path in life. Trying new things isn’t always comfortable, but no one ever did anything great by repeating the behaviors of everyone else.


Sometimes a simple & genuine smile is all it takes to lift someone’s spirits. We really don’t know the burdens people carry with them daily. I triple dog dare you to go out of your way today to look people in the eyes & smile....or tag a friend & tell them simply, “you matter”!
Happy “smiley” hump day!


The reflection of mom is simply WOW!
Thank you to all the moms out there....the ones who sacrifice themselves daily to pour into the lives of those following behind them. Know that you are simply amazing & your work, your focus on molding the next generation, is a treasure.
To the young moms who scurry into the studio after dropping the kiddos off at school or rushing them to childcare...Thank you for taking that small moment in the day to focus on you. You are valued. I love watching you leave your workout feeling stronger, better & replenished!
Finally to the moms that poured themselves into us & made us who we are today, there’s simply not enough gratitude in the world! (I have one of the world’s best! I love you, Mama @mykaky10 😍)


Good intentions alone won’t get you where you want to go. Focused intentions with a lot of dedication & hard work is almost a sure path.


It’s the balance between our highs & our lows that makes us who we are. One without the other would steal our opportunity to tap into our greatest potential.


If you’re always worried about what other people think, you may miss your opportunity to grow from your failures. Take risks. Look awkward. Fall on your face. Laugh at yourself....and you’ll find you’ve grown a lot in the process. Chances are, you’ll be doing things you never thought you could do in no time.


Just because you can’t do something now doesn’t mean you never will. The best accomplishments are those we work hard to achieve; and often the best moments are the ones that are delayed until the time is right....or until we are truly ready. Focus on the journey✨
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