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So grateful for His Grace🙏💜


I never thought I would like lifting but I am LOVING it! I started low and have slowly increased my weights and have seen results faster than any program I have tried before!
It’s very rewarding to see and feel your results and becomes your motivation! I will definitely do this program again once I complete the 8 weeks. +
Completely flexible and only 4 days a week💪🏼


Looking at this picture is like looking at my heart on the outside 💜
Thank you @seanstevensphotography for AHMAZING pictures and memories


Just finished week 4 of a 8 week at home workout program🙌🏼. I am so excited that I have stayed consistent and of the progress I have made. I have tried many workouts,different programs,classes and gyms but this works best for me. +
I have THREE days off a week that I can use whenever. I have the freedom of doing the workouts in whatever I happen to have on and don’t need to worry about what Im wearing or how I look. I can workout around our crazy busy schedule and STILL make progress 🙌🏼
I’m going to repeat this program again because it is THAT effective and the results are no joke! Join me! We can hold each other accountable and get amazing results with only 40 min (or less) a day 4x a week. Lets Get It💪🏼


A little confession time
Despite never have been what’s considered “over weight” by others, I have always struggled with my body imagine. Picking apart and obsessing over things I could easily change with diet. +
When I was younger I was way worse and even went threw a time where I thought throwing up my food, diet pills or skipping meals was the answer🤦🏽‍♀️Of course, now as an adult and health coach I know better, but I still struggle with my self image. +
I would feel insecure or self conscious about something and instead of doing something about it,I almost found comfort in just complaining about it. Forgetting I had the power to change not only what I didn’t like but the way I feel. +
There are SO many things we can’t control in life but we CAN control the way we talk to and how we treat ourselves. If you put yourself last on your priority list then your health and well-being will suffer. Committing to working out and eating healthier has given me more confidence and the community of friends I have cheering me on holds me accountable. +
Health is not a number on a scale or a clothing tag. It’s an inside job and something you have to make a priority not an excuse. If you have any questions about my journey please don’t hesitate to message me💜


“Donuts For Dudes & Divas” at Haley this morning🍩 +
This was Zae’s first school function! I am so very blessed and thankful to be their mom and beyond fortunate to work from home so I don’t miss out on things like this💜


Something I am trying to teach my kids. It can be hard to hear negative opinions and to remember it is just opinion not fact!


Okay, you guys have heard me talk about my new workout program and we have talked about clean eating. Next week there is a 7 day group all about clean eating and it will give you a peak into some of the different workouts available (there are a lot of options).
So, starting next Monday Aug 13th we will discuss how to incorporate clean eating into your lifestyle, workouts into your busy schedule and share recipes, tips and motivation🙌
Nutrition is such an important part of our health, in fact I believe it is everything and in our World today people want fast, cheap and convenient. I want to show you that you can still get a great workout in 30 minutes and eating clean does not mean spending all Sunday meal prepping or breaking the bank. +
This is going to be a fun, casual week long group and I will be there every step of the way. So, whose in? Who is ready to commit to their health and put it into motion instead of just talking about it🙋‍♀️


#23 on the court and #1 in my heart! Let me brag on this kid for a minute. His level of commitment and dedication to basketball blows me away. +
He will not miss a practice or a game for anything (unless I make him of course). We can’t ever be early enough to games or practice for this kid. You won’t hear him complain about his schedule or missing Birthday parties or school events because of it either. Basketball is life to him. +
He has a love and respect for the game that continues to inspire me. What I have seen him play through brings me to tears. The sportsmanship he shows not only to his teammates but to the opposing team makes me one proud mama! +
Kyler-I love you, I’m proud of you and extremely blessed to be your mom!


What’s your #1 reason for not working out regularly? +
Mine use to be time, not wanting to workout in front of others or take my little man to the gym,not wanting a monthly gym payment and laziness honestly. +
I reminded myself how good I felt when I use to workout regularly but for awhile that wasn’t enough to motivate me. +
Then I reminded myself I can do workouts at home in front of noone while my kiddos play wit their own toys at their own house and I show them it’s good to invest in yourself. +
Nobody is gonna do it for me,I had to suck up my excuses and invest in myself, if I wanted different results. Believe it or not I found a program that works around my crazy schedule with only 4 workout days and 3 rest/flex days.🙌🏼I’m on week 4 and loving my results, both on the inside and out💪🏼


We may not be responsible for other peoples words or actions but we are responsible for how we react to them. +
Blaming others or our circumstances does not remove the blame from us it only robs us of growth.


This cutie had a great day! This was the first morning,he didn’t cry before going in and my heart could not be more grateful!
They are only little for so long and I have been extremely blessed to have been home with him! Now I get to help out in his class just like I did for his sister and that fills me with SO much joy!!!