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A peek into our pre-dinner kitchen set up @arlogreyaustin .. #sundaysetup #teamworkmakesthedreamwork


Check out @arlogreyaustin where we like to take pictures so you can follow along (and tag us so I can see what you’ve enjoyed about our home. 📸 @superweather)


One of the greatest parts of what we do is meeting some pretty spectacular people. Last week the Hittman family came into @arlogreyaustin for a quick bite. They stopped me and said hello and from that point forward I saw them every day of their family’s time with us in Austin, popping in for a quick dinner for their 3 little girls or just for a “see you soon” hug. They came this day, running into the restaurant so excited to show off their new order pads. This photo was snapped while the girls were taking the orders of the kitchen team working their way down the line to each person with so much pride. They called their order out and with a resounding “YES CHEF” from the kitchen I couldn’t help but live in a moment of a true exchange of gratitude, kindness, and appreciation from both sides. I feel truly fortunate to have these times to soften the everyday grind of self critiquing a new restaurant trying to make it “perfect.” This was a gentle reminder to take it a little easier on myself because we are doing more than ok with moments like these which fuels the push to be better each day. I needed this and I couldn’t have been more grateful for it. Thank you @erinhittman and your wonderful family.



Today is your day. Memories are plentiful and you are the definition of care and kindness. I have learned to give because of you, working hard at that everyday. I have learned that the definition of love means listening with a soft ear, that giving time and space is strength, and smiling with heart is the best way to say I love you. I have memorized each detail of the time you gave in teaching, sharing, and moments of hard. You lead a full life by showing up for us and most importantly yourself. Your presence is felt near and far and you challenge me to be the best imperfect version of myself. I strive each day to say I got it from my dad. Thank you for being so wonderfully you, I am so proud to say I am yours and you are ours. I love you. Happy birthday. (📷 @kteig)


When Mom and Dad send paper hugs ❤️


It’s a pasta wrap.. Check out @arlogreyaustin and the story to see what kind of pasta I was making 🍽️👋🏼 (📷 @cactus_jacq)


Delice and summer truffle con uovo @arlogreyaustin #happyplace


Less than a week in and our first #Saturday service @arlogreyaustin. Thank you for all that have come to share in our story. #austin


It was a weekend of firsts, an immense amount of excitement, adrenaline, and education during friends and family. The kitchen is a sense of calm regardless of the (organized) chaos or challenge. Guests were fed, stories were told, memories were made. Thank you to our teams @arlogreyaustin, @sydellgroup, and @thelinehotel #austin for creating a space to do the one thing I feel gives a true purpose to my life. Now accepting reservations 🙌🏽 #tobecontinued #lookingforward


Bun Love #comingsoon. 🍔 Check out @arlogreyaustin for updates on our opening (📷 @superweather) #TheCountDownIsOn


My forehead vein pops when I partake in bunny therapy. This morning was so necessary... thank you Dorsey @hausbarfarmsatx #nowbacktowork #arlogreyaustin


Elbow macaroni is a pasta shape that immediately brings me back to my childhood. I’d cook the blue box with skim milk (that’s what I grew up on) and added double the amount of butter, crumbling potato chips over the top for a little added crunchy texture. Pulling inspiration from my upbringing into dishes that remind me of my childhood is a frequent occurrence as I develop new dishes. This shape to me, is a reminder to see the world through the eyes of a child. Growth, acceptance, and curiosity. I’m thrilled to support @delicacies_jewelry and purchases of this pendant will go to help @keepaustinfed. Check out Delicacies Jewlery for my “Mac and Cheese” recipe and a link to support a great #austin charity. (📷 @superweather)