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I cook and eat and write and travel and stuff. Cookbook 📚 KRISTEN KISH COOKING. Restaurant 🏢🍽️ ARLO GREY @arlogreyaustin ..coming soon

Bun Love #comingsoon. 🍔 Check out @arlogreyaustin for updates on our opening (📷 @superweather) #TheCountDownIsOn


My forehead vein pops when I partake in bunny therapy. This morning was so necessary... thank you Dorsey @hausbarfarmsatx #nowbacktowork #arlogreyaustin


Elbow macaroni is a pasta shape that immediately brings me back to my childhood. I’d cook the blue box with skim milk (that’s what I grew up on) and added double the amount of butter, crumbling potato chips over the top for a little added crunchy texture. Pulling inspiration from my upbringing into dishes that remind me of my childhood is a frequent occurrence as I develop new dishes. This shape to me, is a reminder to see the world through the eyes of a child. Growth, acceptance, and curiosity. I’m thrilled to support @delicacies_jewelry and purchases of this pendant will go to help @keepaustinfed. Check out Delicacies Jewlery for my “Mac and Cheese” recipe and a link to support a great #austin charity. (📷 @superweather)


Marking the day...first thing I’ve prepped on the line in my new kitchen. #arlogreyaustin #comingsoon #whatafeeling (📷 @b4bianca)


The Arlo Grey Bar is beautifully crafted by Michael Wilson. Give @arlogreyaustin a follow to stay up to speed on our progress. So many new things taking shape each day. We can’t wait to welcome you into a space that is brilliantly created by so many inspiring minds and hard work. #arlogreyaustin #comingsoon


On your birthday I’ve decided to post one of my most favorite pictures of Us. Steph has been my biff for 12 years. We’ve gone through many phases of life together and this particular picture wasn’t one of our easiest days individually but coming together, it became exactly what we needed. Not much was said but we were there for one another in a quiet space. My best friend and family.. Stephanie, you are a constant in my life and I say thank you for being you and always being what I need even if I don’t seem to know it for myself. Love you Boo. Happiest birthday ❤️


It’s official.. my sous chef Alex and I make the same tweezer-ing face. #itwasmeanttobe #recipetesting #testkitchen #arlogreyaustin P.S. We’re hiring 🙌🏽, visit the link in my profile


Sunny ☀️🍳 (side up) kind of morning back in #Boston...for a day. #mademyselfbreakfast #doesnthappenoften #friedeggsandlabne and bread from @flourbakeryandcafe. View courtesy of my dear friend and amazing designer @beauchemingrassiinteriors 🌿


Test kitchen with these beauties today from @hausbarfarmsatx. Thank you Dorsey 🙌🏽🌸🍃#ArloGreyAustin


Me: Hey Steph.. I’m moving to Austin, ya know, to open my restaurant on the.... Steph: 😴 #ThisWentOverWell #IKnowYouCanStillHearMe #IWillMissYou (Also, huge shoutout to @bodaskins for this jacket that bounces between Boston and Austin perfectly)


I’M HAVING A BABY... well sort of.. So excited to have partnered with the brilliant and supportive @sydellgroup and @thelinehotel to introduce my very FIRST RESTAURANT. I’ve named it Arlo Grey. I came up with it when, in a non restaurant related conversation, a friend asked IF I had kids what would I name the first one... and that was it. Appropriately nervous, confident, and excited. It’s sure to be a challenging and extremely vulnerable experience but one that came together through a fitting partnership with Sydell and a desire to say yes. I’ve probably put it off and really followed through for many reasons, one being nothing seemed to feel right until this one. And the bigger one being fear, a complex and often confusing emotion to sort through but without it, it wouldn’t be worth doing anyhow. Outside of great food and service, it’s about all the little details that leaves a guest feeling full from the moment they walk in our doors. So much gratifying hard work ahead in order to figure out what and how we’ll define that but one that is underway and I’m already so very proud of. I am truly looking forward to being part of an amazing community in #Austin and welcoming you All to Arlo Grey. #foodislove #ArloGreyAustin To be continued...
(Click the link in my profile to apply to join our team)


I don’t hand feed anyone very often but with a face like that how can you not??... I mean... 😍 #Thailand #thatoutfittho


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