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Siem Reap, a place that has completely captured me. Not because of the temples or the pretty hotels, the food, or the “things” you have to see out of pure beauty but its people. The stories behind their eyes, the warm aura that makes me crave getting to know more. It’s the type of eyes and frequent smiles that when you look at one another, it lasts and lingers longer and more genuinely than even the greatest encounters you can remember. Many times and places it can feel uncomfortable or someone breaks away first. Here.. it’s more of a transfer of kindness and never seems to last long enough. No words are spoken but so much is shared, a full curious conversation had in only a split second. Regardless of class status, age, materialistic rating, a nervous skepticism, or wanting something in exchange, it’s simply the gift of an honest interaction with another human. Each encounter is different but so wonderfully similar. It doesn’t matter if in the city or the canals that pass through a village, the sweet, curious welcoming glow is felt as an observer or a willing participant. Completely and gloriously enamored in less than a day of being here. All you have to do to unlock it is smile with present eyes from a heartfelt place. A welcomed challenge to strive for even more than I ever thought I knew how to do. It’s a lovely soul that is as thick as the street filled motor bikes or the hued dust that blows in the air.

Siem Reap Province

Mom, your birthday today was perfect. We did all the things you would have normally done and let me just say... you have quite the social calendar. I love that you drink wine in the afternoons with your beautifully kind friends, you laugh until you cry, and are surrounded by a community and a space that encourages you to relax and take in each moment as slowly as you desire. I get it now why you don’t answer my calls as often, I’m ok with it 😉 My heart smiles every time I see dad open a door for you or slow down his pace so he can walk beside you or smile at you so big as he brings you your favorite birthday cake this morning. I love that you are a recipient of that kind of love, you deserve all of it. As a child to my mother, I think.. I’m glad you’re here because without you I wouldn’t be here and think about all of what you have done, celebrated, worked hard for, and sacrificed for us. You’ve done a miraculous job at that but what a brilliant moment for me to be able to take a few steps back, observe you in your space, and notice all those phenomenal qualities of your being that gorgeously make up all of your glowing titles. You say it’s been your life’s greatest pleasure being our Mom...for I’ve gotten old enough to recognize it for what it is, it is my life’s greatest pleasure seeing you be you. You are so deserving of each smile I was privileged to see today. No matter how short of a visit or how far it is to travel, I’m always just a plane ride away for you. Happiest birthday. I love you Mom. ❤️


I fell in love today... #babybunnylove #farmvisits


Always grabbing at non-real realistic things and making it a reality @samsungcanada @robaisy thank you for having us 🙌🏽

CF Toronto Eaton Centre

The look when your refrigerator challenges you too hard... 🤔Check out the link in my profile for details for a fun night with @samsungcanada tomorrow 7-11pm. I’ll be cooking up a few of my own interpretations of Korean food (challenge accepted) in their beautiful demo kitchen. #Toronto 📸 @robaisy

Toronto, Ontario

@hedleyandbennett and I are so amazed at all of the delicious looking food and kind stories of your childhood. You’ve inspired me to share one of my own. This dessert is a sprouted grain cake, peanut butter-caramel-chocolate mousse with a salted vanilla custard ice-cream. Breakfast before school much of the time was whole wheat toast, peanut butter, maple syrup, and a cold glass of milk. I’d find my way downstairs to the chilled wooden empty bar stool in the kitchen with wet hair, sleepy eyes, and a brain that hadn’t quite caught up to the school day ahead. The toast perfectly crisped and just warm enough to melt the peanut butter. Aunt jemimiah syrup was sweet...appeasing the candy loving me and cold milk was the perfect chaser. I can still smell the house, hear the morning news playing in the background, and feel the cool counter tops on my arms as I was too lazy to sit up straight. A breakfast made out of rushed mornings and a way of feeding me some protein to a dessert that brings me right back to my smaller self at first bite. We’ve got 2 days left in this year’s #GITK2018 challenge. Check out the other challenges by @juliejessecook, @babyboybakery. Every entry is a chance to win our @williamssonoma prize pack 🙌🏽


Briefing for our last event here at #sundancefilmfestival. Ro and I had a blast this weekend with Chase Sapphire. We beat the snow, fried up 🍩, cooked up some of our favorite dishes, and fed some awesome people. #Sponsored #SapphireOnLocation

Sundance Film Festival

Don’t let the snow hold you back...I'll be doing a cooking demo (with tastings) of a lobster and truffle dish at Chase Sapphire On Main at 1:30pm MT and it's open to the public. Afterwards I’ll be heading back to the food truck to serve up more donuts from 3-5pm. (See previous post for location) Hope to see you then. #Sponsored #SapphireOnLocation #sundancefilmfestival

Chase Sapphire Lounge

I'm here at #SundanceFilmFestival with #ChaseSapphire. We’re giving away ricotta donuts with candied lemon, malted milk & vanilla at the Chase Sapphire food truck. Come on by the Kimball Art Center at 1401 Kearns Blvd, Park City, UT. I'll be here Friday-Sunday from 3-5pm. Hope to see you 🍩 #Sponsored #SapphireOnLocation

Kimball Art Center

I'm partnering with this powerhouse boss lady @ellenmariebennett & @hedleyandbennett for this year's Get In The Kitchen Challenge. I'm hosting one of the challenges and this is it: Cook a dish that reminds you of your childhood and tell us the story too. I pull so much inspiration from my childhood and am curious to know yours as well :) Cook, use the hashtag #GITK2018, and tag me & @hedleyandbennett so we can see 🤗 Winner gets a prize pack from @williamssonoma that'll definitely inspire you to spend more time in the kitchen. Can't wait to see what you guys whip up 👩🏻🍳 #walkdownmemorylane


It’s no secret that it’s brutally cold outside and after all of the pre new year going out “celebrations” (🥂🥃) you feel kinda tired so why not go food shopping because your refrigerator looks like this, stay in, and feed yourself. Sweatpants, make homemade healthy winter chicken soup, soft music, high heat, slide around on the floors with fluffy socks, and dive into a good book.. sounds charming, no? Well it was for a short while but now I’m sweating and no longer want to eat what I made and just want chicken fingers and ranch dressing while I open a window to cool off. New year-new me... no thanks, not today. But I’ll try again soon and the soup will be a wonderful addition to my other items 👍🏼😅 #thesoupisdamntastythough #cooklife #cookingforotherpeopleismorefun #2018

Boston, Massachusetts

I'm kinda annoying myself buuuut here we go with a not so shameless post to say, I really like my book and think you would too.. and "Wouldn't this be a perfect gift to yourself or those cooks in your life?" "Last minute gift idea?!" "So many wonderful holiday recipes inside to try on your friends and family!" I have a dozen more of these but I'll spare you 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 Let's be honest.. I'm just saying that I'll be doing a last minute signing session @stirboston tomorrow (or order via the link in my profile) (also Stir sells and ships signed and personalized copies, give them a call) from ***Noon-until we sell out*** before I take a break from self promotion to be with my family over the holidays, the ones this book is truly written for ❤️ #kristenkishcooking #boston

Boston, Massachusetts