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Pres.Tompkins Conservation, former CEO of Patagonia Co. With husband Doug + TC teams created 11 new NatParks in Ch/Arg,13M acres. Fam, friends, flight

We have lost one of the giants of conservation in the last days, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz. The best images I have to honor him are found in this tiny video of the two offspring of Tania, one of the females at our jaguar breeding center, Ibera wetlands, Argentina. Alan was a beacon, the god father, for large cat conservation around the world and leaves behind a legacy at Panthera, WCS and for people like us who trust his opinions and observations to their core. In the deep forests, across vast grasslands and through the wetlands we join the mournful cries at this tremendous loss. KMT #tompkinsconservation #rewilding #conservationlandtrust


Today’s update on our first-born baby jaguars here in Ibera wetlands, Corrientes, Argentina. They represent a critical role within our Rewilding Program, working to reintroduce species gone missing within our conservation projects in Chile and Argentina. In Ibera the list of species the team’s been working on there for the last twelve years is long - Giant Anteaters, White-Collared Pecaries, Tapirs, Green-Shouldered Macaws and others. What you hear in the background are members of the team going through daily footage, they’re amazing at what they do and as you can hear, we’re all very enthusiastic about the daily footage! I never fail in my pride for the Rewilding team and all TC teams in Argentina, Chile and the US.....KMT #tompkinsconservation #conservationlandtrust #jaguars #ibera #rewilding


Moving between Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons for the last ten days and hearing over and over about the delisting of Grizzlies and wolves outside the parks, leaving hunting quotas on their heads. Someone steered me toward the Mountain Journal to get up to speed on what’s happening in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and I’m so impressed by their content which casts a wide net of stories and articles on a broad range of subjects. I’m wondering how to create such a body of ongoing work where our conservation areas are in Chile and Argentina. Every region needs this! These are not issues that belong to locals only, these are iconic species that all Americans need to be up to speed on and use your voice to move against these trends!!! Based in Bozeman, MT - All life has intrinsic value and at its core stands our responsibility to protect them if they have no voice. KMT


Last evening here at the American Prairie Reserve in northern Montana - just when we’d about given up on seeing bison, there came a herd traversing one of the undulating folds of this rare and recovering mixed grass prairie. One of the great sights in the American West! Your heart speeds up in juxtaposition to their lumbering saunter. We watched them cut across in front of us and when the bulls calmly glance in your direction you’re highly aware that you’re the visitor, not at all in charge of how things will go. They are the iconic North American species around the world and there’s no doubt about why....Western Meadow Lark singing her version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. KMT


A tiny funeral. Driving with Joanne Dornan toward eastern Montana this morning. We turned around to take him out of the middle of the highway and tried to put him in a dignified place. Always takes a piece of our hearts when this happens.


Peter K Noone, we take your heart and carry it forward. It’ll go fishing with some up on the creeks you love, birding with others, to work at Patagonia with many, and is forever etched into the hearts of your family and friends. We honor your army of angels, especially KL and NH. Love out into infinity. KMT


I had the great honor of being invited to have a private audience with His Holiness Pope Francis this week at the Vatican in Rome. We spoke of the conservation of lands and seas and of the necessity to insure that neighboring communities find direct benefits from protecting or restoring ecosystems to their full expression. I asked him for his thoughts on rethinking Peace, the necessity to include Peace between the human and non-human world as well. In the absence of a healthy fully-functioning ecosystem there can be no high quality and dignified human communities for all people. I congratulated him on the Encyclical he wrote in 2015, he reminded me that it was written as a social document, I said I was certain that it was, nevertheless his thoughts on the importance of protecting biodiversity and other shared values had great impact on conservationists around the world. I spoke for all of our team members when I expressed our gratitude for his interest in our work in conservation, Rewilding and activism in Chile and Argentina. I won’t forget this moment in my life. On my birthday. KMT #tompkinsconservation #conservationlandtrust


Forced to leave the coliseum at closing time, just as the light is at its best! The man on this ethereal drum lured us in and may others as well. A kind of cosmic mantra floating around into the air while buildings thousands of years old sway in the background. KMT


The ceiling of the Gods as we entered the Borghese Museum yesterday afternoon. The same colors to be found in a Patagonian sky, but far fewer angels. Being there, situated in the middle of one of Rome’s largest parks, witness to the great unfolding of beliefs, faith and devotion I thought to myself that regardless of where each of us finds our cathedrals, it’s impossible not to see the beauty and willfulness of these walls. KMT


The Venturi Effect - Winds speed up as they’re pushed through the narrower confines of a valley, such are the conditions as we work this last week on the Lucas Bridges museum at the Chile/Argentine border at Patagonia Park, Aysen, Chile. Sub-zero temperatures made a whole lot colder by winds picking up speed as they cross over into Argentine grasslands. We salute the early ranching pioneers of the Patagonia region by restoring the original home, galpons and horse stable - great research and work being done by Tompkins Conservation team in the park in order to relate these stories of early settlers to all who visit the park for decades to come. KMT


Our team’s meeting with Chilean President Sebastián Pinera last evening to speak of the process of the donations of the new national parks, how Tompkins Conservation might help support the conservation goals of his administration and other topics. President Pinera created Yendegaia NatPark with us in 2013 and we’re honored to be working with him and his administration once again. KMT


Sitting here working before the sun comes up around Pumalin Park and I’ve just looked up to find a winter’s theatre unfolding. The Tabiques mountains, El Amarillo, Chile. KMT