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Pres.Tompkins Conservation, former CEO of Patagonia Co. With husband Doug + TC teams created 11 new NatParks in Ch/Arg,13M acres. Fam, friends, flight

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Regrann from @tompkins_conservation - May 18, 2018: American environmentalist and President of Tompkins Conservation, Kristine McDivitt Tompkins, was designated UN Environment Patron of Protected Areas today, during an event at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

The former CEO of Patagonia, Inc., Tompkins is renowned for her outstanding environmental leadership, and particularly for expanding public protected areas and engaging the business community with the conservation of pristine mountains, grasslands, forests, and wetlands in Chile and Argentina. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 // La presidenta de Tompkins Conservation, Kristine McDivitt Tompkins, fue designada hoy Embajadora de Áreas Protegidas de ONU Medio Ambiente durante un evento en la sede de las Naciones Unidas en Nueva York.

McDivitt Tompkins, exdirectora ejecutiva de Patagonia, Inc. es reconocida por contribuir a la creación y expansión de áreas protegidas y comprometer a la comunidad empresarial con la conservación de montañas, pastizales, bosques y humedales en Chile y Argentina. Esta líder ambiental se ha hecho famosa por comprar vastas extensiones de paisajes en el Cono Sur y devolverlos a los gobiernos en forma de parques nacionales. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 #conservation #nationalparks #routeofparks #parquesnacionales #rutadelosparques #wildlife - #regrann


Rushing desperation hunting and gathering in gum boots tonight before the sun goes down! The normally full garden now put to bed for winter and a well deserved rest. Salvation found in the last place to look. Organic greens for our dinner....What a luxury this time of year. KMT #tompkinsconservation #patagoniapark #aysen #organicfood


Sitting here with Rodrigo Noriega, team bush pilot and one of the leaders of Tompkins Conservation since 1997. Looking at photographs of his float plane operation, in many cases the only way into some of the wildest areas in southern Chile. Best and most experienced pilot around. Astounding. KMT Photograph: Chantal Henderson.


Back to the places I know so well. Finally. After months away, flying today with Rodrigo in the 207 straight in to Patagonia Park. Early winter, the landscape stripped down to the bare necessities like most territories in high latitudes. The Chacabuco river with its edges freezing up, guanacos with their new heavy-weather coats on. Being with the team here brings such gratitude. Gratitude is my winter coat for all seasons. KMT.


Maybe this doesn’t translate well on this tiny screen but this was one of the most haunting scenes I know of; moon coming through a giant baobab tree, an unlikely warm wind that comes before a storm and the faint sounds of the Kenyan community gurrrring, croaking, rumbling, even birds calling to one another. We were caught up in a full on happening in the bush. KMT


Hangin’ out on the terrace on Via di Porto Pinciana with Granddaughter Wills in Rome yesterday. Her one day off from cooking at the American Academy of Rome - so proud of her...working hard and has figured out the great restaurants to go to and the absolute best gelato made in the city! She knows the freshest garden to table produce there is. Great seeing her and just being together! Birdy


Update on our infant jaguars. Future inhabitants of Ibera wetlands!!! I’m so proud and grateful to the CLTA team- wow. KMT #tompkinsconservation #conservationlandtrust #argentina #corrientes #jaguars


Day Two for the two little jaguars. Their birth cause for celebration in Ibera NatPark and throughout Argentina! First born in Ibera since the 1930’s. KMT #tompkinsconservation #conservationlandtrust #ibera #jaguars #argentina #corrientes


One afternoon this week at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, Samburu, Kenya. Young elephants turned orphaned by mothers being killed, or those injured, often by falling into water wells. Rescued and prepared to return to the wild once they are fully ready to do so. A long process requiring day and night vigilance. This was an education in persistence, patience, strategic planning bound together by the love of wildlife struggling. It was easy to join in by supporting them in the best way we can. KMT. #retetielephants


We are over the moon this morning! First displaced (no human contact is allowed as they can’t be human-habituated when they’re eventually released into the wild) photos of the first two Jaguar newborns of our jaguar reintroduction program at Ibera NatPark, Corrientes, Argentina. After four years of hard work of the TompkinsConservation/CLTA team we’re able to take next steps toward seeing jaguars back in the Ibera wetlands, extirpated since the 1930’s. Here in Kenya we’re celebrating this news too! Will be back there soon now! KMT


The River Mara, forming the border between Kenya and Tanzania, hippopotamus doting sections of the river all the way along until we got to the airstrip this morning. Taking off toward Nairobi, flying low over some of the best grasslands I’ve ever seen....Kenya, a gift from all the Gods. She will be much missed. KMT


A rare and special day yesterday, we were invited to a Masai wedding in a community that lies at the edge of Amboseli National Park, Kenya. In the morning the bride was accompanied by family to the wedding site walking over the grasslands. We returned in the afternoon for the celebration of the wedding with the entire community. Spending a lot of time with founders, Stephanie and Lila of Lion Guardians, a conservation model I knew little about and am leaving there today with my head spinning - how to apply what they’re doing in Kenya in Chile and Argentina? Blown away by what I saw of their work. It’ll take awhile to think it all through. This afternoon to Tsavo NatPark to visit more conservation work being done here in’s all so intensely wild and beautiful with the same shared conflicts and pressures we face everywhere. KMT


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