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Good morning from San Francisco! We are 1 week moved in here to the city and I’m a month in to my new job. Lots of change and I just have not been posting lately- not only am I crazy busy but I actually don’t need to cook as much since my work provides all lunches for us (and actually has amazing healthy options- salad bar is 💯💯💯). So for now, I may post sporadically on the weekdays and some weekends- time will tell. I’ll miss you guys but this is not goodbye forever! Just a little distance. For now I’ll leave you with my mermaid smoothie bowl I had this morning.
1/2 cup mango
1 banana
1 scoop @e3liveaustralia Blue magic
1 tsp ashwagandha
1/2 scoop @vitalproteins Collagen peptides
Cashew milk (I used homemade with vanilla extract, dates, and cinnamon)
Topped with buckwheat groats, pomegranate seeds, and @nutiva coconut butter

San Francisco, California

Breakfast this “Monday” morning was the usual- sprouted grain toast, egg, avocado, and berries. I think I was awake last night for more time than I was asleep so getting through today intact is my goal 👍🏼

Redwood City, California

Yesterday I found an adorable little farmer’s market in Menlo Park and stocked up for the week. It makes me feel inspired to cook when I go the farmer’s market before the week begins. I truly notice a difference in the freshness of farmer’s market versus grocery store produce. It pops. Anyone else notice think so?

Menlo Park Farmers Market

Wow I missed cooking this week. First weeks of new jobs (and new cities!) are hard.
If you are into mushrooms (oh you’re not? Kindly leave 😉) you MUST make this mushroom toast. Avocados may be trendy but this is on par if not above avocado levels.
Chop up 3 mushrooms per toast, doesn’t matter the size@of chop, whatever you are feeling. Sauté in a pan sprayed with @chosenfoods avocado oil. Move them around the pan once or twice till you see browning happening. Add a squeeze of lemon (should sizzle), salt, and pepper. Then add a tsp of @fourthandheart ghee. Place on top of bread of choice that has been coated with a layer of @kitehillfoods almond cream cheese (I got jalapeño flavor). All products available at @wholefoods. SO GOOD

Redwood City, California

Hi!!! Sorry for being absent this week. It’s my first week are new job so things are hectic. Here’s what I’m doing to stay sharp and on point this week despite 🤯. Hope you are having an amazing week and crushing it!
• drinking my bone broth every morning (made a big batch on Sunday); this helps me get some protein in straightaway along with vitamins, minerals, and collagen
• Limit refined sugar; sugar dulls your mind and causes slumps and irritability
• Big breakfast with protein and fiber (think eggs and spinach or sprouted grain toast)
• BIG salads at lunch; fuel for the day without weighing me down
• Tea throughout the day; I drink green mid-morning and non-caffeinated in the afternoon
• Snacks full of fiber and healthy fat, low in carbohydrates; like hummus and carrots, 70%+ dark chocolate, nuts or nut butter
• Daily 10 minuet morning meditation with the Calm app which I LOVE, just tried it this week!

Redwood City, California

Go sports! Win the points! @avokween you crack me up. I’m just here for the commercials 🙋🏼‍♀️ Found a yoga studio a mile from my temporary housing and then came home and cooked up this brunch of queens (or kings 👑). @foodforlifebaking sprouted cinnamon raisin english muffin, no added sugar at all, asparagus and @kitehillfoods almond jalepeno cream cheese, egg, avocado topped with hemp hearts. Who else enjoys veggies at breakfast? Try it once, you may surprise yourself. Roasted cauliflower and eggs, asparagus, sautéed spinach, eggs on mixed greens, sweet potato rounds. So many possibilities. #eattheveg

Redwood City, California

Lunch in Santa Barbara at my favorite vegan Californian cafe. Who else loves a good macrobowl? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️ Grains, greens, fermented foods, all lightly steamed for easy digestion. Plus got this yummy rose petal tea. Happy. Road trip of dreams has turned into road trip of food (not you even know me?). Check out my stories for full scoop.

Mesa Verde Restaurant

Lunch at @bondiharvest_usa was a nice retreat #plantgamestrong today despite the parking nightmare. Chopped cauliflower bowl with herbs, avocado, halloumi (grilled sheep’s cheese), and yogurt sauce (second pic). I ate at restaurants for both lunch and dinner today as I was completely on the road but I feel amazing. Luckily we have amazing healthy Restaurant options in LA but it’s also about what you order and how it is prepared. Eating at home is nearly always healthier but if you have to eat out you CAN make healthy work :)

Bondi Harvest Santa Monica

Beautiful sunshiney morning in Malibu and my last day in LA. Sprouted English muffin (from Delices du Four stand at @marvistafarmersmarket), egg, avocado, and blueberries. Off to a busy but super fun day of yoga, meeting the tenants who are moving in to our house, getting my hair and nails done and then massage. Pretty much the best Friday ever...yay!

Malibu, California

This @erewhonmarket plate had me like 🤗🤗🤗 today. It was a crazy day of moving so I grabbed a quick smoothie in the morning then didn’t eat again until 4pm when the grocery store of dreams came to the rescue. Organic coconut crusted turmeric chicken tenders, brussels sprouts, and kale and radicchio salad. OMG. So happy.

Erewhon Market

Todd and I went to one of our favorite LA ice cream spots, @jenisicecreams (our other favorite is @vanleeuwenicecream). Going to miss it so much! They use milk from Ohio grass-grazed cows, don’t add stabilizers or additives, and have amazing flavors like this Coconut Cacao in a homemade waffle cone.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

We have been making our way through the fridge and freezer this week eating some random combinations to get through all the food we can before the move to Northern California. I can’t believe we only have a few more days in this house and kitchen and city 😢
Lunch was @sietefoods tortillas with @buyranchdirect pasture raised beef, guac, salsa, @siggisdairy yogurt, goat cheddar cheese, and @brightfreshmicrogreens. And duh, hot sauce.

Los Angeles, Venice Beach