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A lightning strike illuminating the inside of a cloud formation nicknamed the ‘Whale’s Mouth.’ It was wild to feel hot air rush past us feeding into this approaching supercell and then suddenly feel freezing air push back out just as the front would run over the top of us.
Learning storm terminology from @nampix is damn fun. Wrapping the edit and excited to see the series with @canonaustralia come out soon(ish). @skiparmstrong @tobypike @3stringsproductions #stormchaser #supercell


📽️: @benthouard // Happy 20th birthday @aquatech_imagingsolutions!!! As a kid, I had the cult classic Dollarmite Commonwealth Bank account where I would save a few $ here and there until the ripe ol age of 18. Without hesitation, I spent the entire savings on my first Aquatech housing setup for a @canonaustralia 20D + 15mm f/2.8 fisheye. I was instantly in love and would swim out in any type of surf on the Sunshine Coast to shoot to my hearts content. I owe a lot of gratitude especially to Phil Gallagher at Aquatech who would fix my dome ports (or help replace) after I would duck dive certain waves and suddenly find myself face planting the sand bank. It’s been a wonderful ride of 13 years of being apart of the Aquatech family and many more to come 🙌🏼🌊✨ #aquatech20years #underwaterphotography #surf #teahupoo @dafinaustralia


📷: @benthouard // For the past 12 years, I’ve established myself an adventure photographer where I’ve wholeheartedly believed that I could earn the right respect in this industry through producing high quality work and letting that speak for itself. Last year, I finally created a chance to head to my dream location of Teahupo’o as it is a wave of dreams I’ve longed lusted over in surfing magazines as a kid. After explaining to others of my intentions, I was often met with immediate criticism that I would surely not understand the power of the wave and wouldn’t dare consider shooting photos in the water. I understand that we should always question each other especially when we do not know the background or skillset we each excel at. However, I proudly own a ‘stubborn son of a bitch’ attitude where I take great satisfaction of proving others wrong but I also wish that sometimes, I wouldn’t be met with such cliché skepticism. @aquatech_imagingsolutions // @canonaustralia // @dafinaustralia #adventurephotography #surf #teahupoo #female


One of the most spectacular afternoons on the plains in Texas a few weeks back as a fiery sunset lights up a lightning storm and mammatus clouds above photographer @nampix. Heading into the editing cave for a week in Sydney with @tobypike to wrap up a pretty damn special project for @canonaustralia. // @skiparmstrong @3stringsproductions #stormchaser #mammatus


Jungle Mountains // Kauai


And somehow the awesome ride continues as Where The Wild Things Play picks up ‘Best Short Film’ at New Zealand Mountain Film Festival and the ‘Audience Award Narrative Short’ at the Bozeman International Film Festival. ⚡️🤘🏼⚡️ If you find yourself searching for excuses to skip getting outside today, here @skidiva, whilst 8months pregnant at the time of shooting could still rally for a pre dawn ski in Jackson Hole and find the fresh stashes of pow before anyone else. // @outdoorresearch @aidanhaley


It’s been a damn good week to tap out & explore Kauai. Back down under to kickstart the next phase of projects 🤘🏼⚡️🐨🇦🇺


Ridge exposure. #kauai #sturgewave


The scenic route.


When I was younger, I never really understood the concept of a holiday. All of my travels were designed around some sort of creative purpose as it gave me reason to be there. But in the last couple years, I’ve hit severe points of exhaustion. One friend witnessed me unable to move from her spare bed for a week whilst barely being able to digest any food. It wasn’t any illness, it was utter exhaustion as I had pushed myself beyond reason. I was reckless and naive thinking I could always be operating at full steam. So in the last couple years, I started forcing myself to take actual time off. As a creative freelancer, it’s a surprisingly hard thing to do as so often we feel guilty for taking time off. Being your own boss may bring a lot of freedom but there are still a lot of sacrifices in that // Exploring the muddy ridge lines of Kauai with @chelseyanneunson 🤙🏼🌺🌴


A flash of lightning can heat the air around it to temperatures five times hotter than the sun’s surface. Cinematographers @skiparmstrong and @ladzinski documenting the late night show above the Midwest plains. Needless to say, as the lightning came closer, it does shake the nerves a little. Especially with tripods. // @nampix // @tobypike


‘The Running Man’ - Double Island // Sunshine Coast.