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Two beautiful things about Sundays "the sermon " & "the after pictures". And p.c goes to @i_williamz


An unplanned picture with a yet beautiful story , either ways its still a beautiful picture😂


I'm not going to write u a love story, ✋ Nope you don't deserve it 😝 , you way passed that one 😂 but I just want you to know that I appreciate every single moment I've shared with you tho You are annoying some times or maybe most times. Its been lovely moments +sometimes I attend lectures knowing that I'm going to see you again ( laughs)--that one is a lie -- and I pray these friendship never breaks , ❤️❤️ @veraa_________


Let's smile!! It's September🖤


Saturday morning with GUESS WHO? .Go check out @humans_of_cua .


THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY. And shout out my men @its_JFK x @oreziworldwide for this banger.t •video is out people .
you can watch and download video with the link @its_jfk . hey @toyinxx you gonna love this one thank me later 😉😉


Most people ask the question, what is the difference between tuxedo,a blazer and a suit. Well let me help you out with that one-
•TUXEDOS-The primary physical difference between a tuxedo and a suit is the presence of satin. Traditionally tuxedos have satin facing on the lapels, buttons, pocket .tuxedo are best worn for evening outings like galas, fund raisers etc.
SUITS - generally have matching pants with that top. They are Always formal and worn mostly for business meetings physical features may include single breasted, convertible flaps with a match of less accessories and a good leather round tip shoe.
BLAZERS- on the other hand are casual wears,they could be double breasted with no matching pants, it could be worn with A very nice sneakers or a nice shoe of choice. The image above is an example of blazer. CLOTHING by @CHARLESKOLZ coture they offer affordable coats blazers suits and tuxedos.
Write up by- EZEH COLLINS


Recently I have been working on an article "THE FAKE". Mainly its about a life of pretense and it connection to fashion. The fake life as we all know is common in many campuses as many tend to pretend to be who they are not or maybe and in this course forget who they really are But if we take a critical look in to this fake life style ,some questions tend to pop up .now that is where I come in ,to help us understand these questions
WHAT IS FAKE?, WHO IS FAKE, HOW DO ONE BECOME FAKE etc. Soon we will find out on @9jacampusstyle


It's the 6th edition of the NIGERIAN TEEN CHOICE AWARDS. And the big is news is that I got nominated in two categories one under the fashion and style ➡️CHOICE MALE MODEL and
under the personal achievement ➡️CHOICE MALE ENTREPRENEUR To vote just click on my Bio or log on to WWW.NTCAWARDS.ORG. Vote on Ezeh( KULCHI)..let's bring it home!!


Mark the date - 27th July 2017-
At THE BANK wuse 2, for more info on tickets
Go to @_ldi_official_.