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YO! Night one w/ @jpblues at @brooklynsteel sold out awhiles back! Still tix avail for night 2 w @frankiecombos stoked to see yas sooooon ❤️ #kvandtheviolators


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@pizzamcq rides the freak train bass last night of tourio #belfast see ya soon USofA ❤️ #kvandtheviolators


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Sick last soundcheck in #belfast with @roblaakso @tommyttcat and others (aka violators and a sick crew of bros whom I’ll name perchance later, thanks brothers!) cyas tonite in Northern Ireland and cyas in the USA sooooon ❤️ Kv #violatorsworldtour #crewtilldeath


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Happy birthday to @neilyoung a massive hero to me and to many (to understate things just ever so...) Please read his article out today on @neilyoungarchives website about the fires in California, and climate change and much more at the root of our problems right now... my heart goes out to everyone dealing with this horrific scenario... one of many tragedies eating away at me lately... I want to extend my love to the utmost degree... thanks @doriengarry for reminding me as well... and hope to see all my California brothers and sisters soon... ❤️ Kv


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Thanks @zenyen1 for the tip and sending love to everyone in Cali dealing with this right now ❤️ Kv #woolseyfire


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Hilarious unofficial video for “mutinies” off the new album #bottleitin by my lil brother @sammyvile (shall we make it the official one?!!) Sam can also be seen on the cover of my first @matadorrecords album #childishprodigy PS shows are finally slaying hard out here love from the UK hope to see yas somewhere in the world soon Xokv


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Heyooo!!! Thanks to @telegraph / James Hall for a sick review. Cmon out tonite for night 2 at shayboo ❤️ kv


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Dearest USA...
Hello and much love to you all!
Please vote TODAY for a positive tomorrow. Now is the time.
I want to be part of a world of love where we are helping those in need, being good to Mother Earth, and working harder toward preserving our planet.
A world safe for our children.

NOT a world of spewing hatred and negativity. Not a world of turning people away and against each other... not one for building walls and bragging about barbed wire... or riling up hatred toward minorities and other groups, or fear of refugees seeking asylum... not a world of greedy corporations intentionally sucking Mother Nature dry for their own gain... There are so many nightmare anxieties at this point that I’m not sure where to begin or end... and I’m not gonna get them all down right now... But one thing is certain: these elections today are of the utmost importance. Now is the time to stand up and take action. We have the power to prevent but it’s truly now or never.

❤️ KV thanks for the image find @sarah.h.mckay art by : @garden_of_least_resistance


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Sick times and jams with #stephenmalkmus last night in the ‘Dam on “hunchback” dang, man, we are luckyyy... And killer times the night before with @official_jickstagram KV got to jam on “Kite” and other fine accoutrements 😎 thanks so much to Steve and the Jicks, fluffing on clouds all day, yehhhh... #violatorsworldtour #theboysarebackintown #kurtvileandtheviolators #stephenmalkmusandthejicks 🎥: @maryoverthere