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Last week we threw a contest for the Grom’s in San Jaunico. Such a fun day. I gave my board to Diego who won the comp and I’m excited to see him shred it! @scenic_route_to_salina @kalu_shapes


Posted. @scenic_route_to_salina


This was a couple years back on a dreamy day in Puerto, @austinmeetsworld on wave 1 and me on wave 2. @peter_mel took me to Puerto Escondido 15 years ago for the first time and I fell in love with it. I’ve been back nearly every year since but have flown in every single time. Today I’m leaving in my truck with a few of my best friends and heading for Puerto. Fully inspired by Baja runs and the traveling Aussies I’ve met in Mex over the years doing the mission on land. Excited for the adventures to come. Follow @scenic_route_to_salina to keep up. 🎥: @perrygershkow


Hard day at work @treehousevisual


A lot of people write these things off but when the last time you were completely frothing to surf in a storm like today? 🎥: @curiousclementine @gofoil @goon.bunny #loyaltothefoil


It’s almost this season again. @sacraficialamb


A few months ago my friend @robbwilson_photo asked me to help him tell his story. “Still Here” is the story of how surf photography helped get him his life back. Link to the full video is in my bio. Music score by @walkerguitars


Had an awesome trip to South Africa last week. thanks to the @positivevibewarriors and @instagrahamnash for bringing me along to shoot the video and @wavesforchange, @mikeyfebruary and @twincaleb for showing us around. What a rad project and epic crew! CANT STEAL OUR VIBE coming this summer.


Lucky to have this beautiful girl in my life! Here's @tessistess a few weeks back in panama.


I think about 50 percent of the time I kick out stoked on my wave @austinmeetsworld is on twice as good of one behind me. This one here was no different! 🎥: @mike_cochran


Drove a couple thousand miles with a few of my best friends and rode some fun waves last week. Thanks for the clips @mel__lani


I'll never forget when I was probably about 13 years old and my dad referred to a 25 year old as a kid. I remember saying he's not a kid he's 25, and my dad replied "your a kid til your 30". Well I'm not sure what happened to all the time but I guess I'm not a kid anymore as of today. At least I still feel like one! Stoked to spend my birthday in Panama with all these legends!


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