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I had the opportunity to see many species of wild animals at Maasai Mara National Park of #kenya 🇰🇪 with @fairmontmara @citizenfemme @spotlight_coms @uniquehotels


Cheetah🐅😍Exploring #kenya with @citizenfemme @spotlight_coms & @fairmontmtkenya


Doğum günlerimi fazla önemseyen biri değilim. Bu sene biraz da şansa Kenya’da denk geldi. Kutlayan herkese teşekkür ederim, iyiki varsınız😊🙏🏼
Normally birthdays are nothing special to me. This year my birthday happened to coincide with my visit to Kenya. Thank you all for all the good wishes and birthday messages.💙


Floating Boat 💙
Melissani Cave, Kefalonia, Greece


DREAM Provence, with mystical scent of South France!
‪7-14 July 2018‬
Lead by
Dream Tours & Workshops introduce you this mystical scent and texture of Provence this July! Invites you to the unbeatable lavender fields of France to the awesome shades of purple. Get ready to photograph the georgeus little villages, turquoise valleys, bulls and wild white horses in the nature that have preserved their authenticity for centuries with unique touch.
The real photographic experience awaits you!
Join our Tour!
Beauty is waiting for you!! .
Several stunning spots of South France - Provence ‪in 8 days‬ and you'll be learning how to capture them in a perfect way!
For further details;
Mail to ✉️
DM to 📝 @dreamtoursworkshops


Sunset from #hungary
@ritzcarlton Budapest
#RCMemories #RCPartner


Prague with @carloivda #carloiv #thededicaanthology 😊🇨🇿


Amazing view from the Buda Castle
@ritzcarlton Budapest
#RCMemories #RCPartner


Night time in #Prague with @carloivda #carloiv #thededicaanthology 😊🇨🇿


Exploring #Prague with @carloivda #carloiv #thededicaanthology 😊🇨🇿


My first visit to Prague and I really love the architecture, life and atmosphere😍 with @carloivda #carloiv #thededicaanthology


A beautiful, cosy corner in #rovinj with @shareistria #shareistria