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Lotus Earrings in rose gold are back in stock!
Like a lotus flower we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world. The lotus symbolises how we too can overcome obstacles on our journey towards enlightenment ✨

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Girl power and hoops 🙌🏻 Our Soul Star Earrings are so light you’re barely notice wearing them.
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Hoops for the weekend! 💞

Soul Star Earrings in blush and black rainbow are so light you’re barely notice wearing them.
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Spotted ~ Beautiful @turiapitt wearing her Lady Fox Spike Necklace in mint. Love it styled with a crop top and her gorgeous bump. ✨✨ Shop via link in bio 😘✨


Here are your goddess messages revealed for the New Moon in Libra ✨ Full messages in comments below.
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The New Moon today falls in the sign of Libra and is guiding us to find balance in all areas of our lives. This could be balance in our day to day routine, relationships, balance of our heart and mind or balance of divine feminine and masculine energy within.

This new moon I was guided to bring some Goddess magic to the reading. Let’s see what messages the goddesses have for you at this new moon. ✨
Take a deep breath. Think of a question in your mind and choose a card below which you are most drawn to. Comment below with a number. I will reveal the answers later tonight 😘✨🌙


Someone’s eyeing off the Lady Fox gift voucher from the @demillinery showings! @mimamochi your beautiful kitty @mochifashioncat is so adorable ❤️ #repost


This morning on my walk I had this little guy posing for a photo at sunrise😂

White cockatoo (Illumination) can be seen as a messenger of the light at the end of the tunnel. The new moon is tomorrow, we have all been through some intense times over the last few years. I see this as a message for us to know the light is here and we have come through the intense times stronger than ever.
Cockatoos wisdom includes: ability to survive harsh conditions, understands power of sunrise, communication skills and beauty.
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You are Luminous ✨🌟✨ #repost 👏🏻 @_mataki ❤️


Add a little elegance to your Spring Racing outfit with our Princess Earrings in black.
We love her styled with lace.

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New Arrival - Infinity Bracelet in white leather with rose gold!

I’ve made these slightly larger in size, only limited stock available.

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