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The beast. A dark and menacing #supercell drifting over Ralls Texas / #stormchasing


Juvenile #GentooPenguin’s standing near a #blueWhale skeleton graveyard on a remote coastline in the #Antarctica peninsula, relics from the whaling years over a century ago. Scenes like this are a haunting reminder of the devastating impact humans can have on an ecosystem. Blue whales, the largest mammal to have ever roamed the earth, are currently listed as endangered, their population numbers have never recovered as a result of being over harvested. Shot #onassignment for @natgeo @sea_legacy / @paulnicklen @cristinamittermeier @andy_mann @craigwelch @ianvaso @shanemoorefilms @pattersonimages #CCMLAR2018 #turningthetide


A small cabin and an ocean of stars. Nothing puts our size and position into perspective like gazing into the beauty of the heavens. @alpinestartfoods


An ethereal underwater atmosphere, beautiful to see but the signs of an unhealthy ecosystem. What you’re seeing here is the early stages of an algae bloom- small tendrils forming from a combined excess of phosphates and nitrates in the water mixed with the heat of the sun and slow moving water. These chemicals are generally introduced into the water from fertilizers and aren’t easy to remove once introduced. The result is a stagnate body of water that smothers out aquatic plants and marine life. Algae blooms only subsided once the water temperature cools down and the algae dies off. This global issue is one that is only getting worse as temperatures continue to increase. Photographed on assignment for @natgeo #climatechange


Ever since I was a kid watching an electrical storm has been one of my favorite events in nature. Anytime one rolled through Colorado Springs, the town I grew up in, my dad @dougladzinski would take us out to see them roll across the front range of Colorado. It was always exciting, a simple pleasure watching the skies open up into an electrical explosion. This photo here was taken this last May, one of hundreds currently sitting on a hard drive waiting for a home! It’s part of an obsession to photograph #lighting that I’ve had since I first started shooting photos. Swipe over to see my first ever lighting photo from 1998 shot on Fuji #velvia, I still remember how psyched I was when I got my film back and saw this slide. ❤️ Can’t wait for another chase next year! @krystlejwright @tobypike @skiparmstrong @nampix


Dust storms, one of the most photogenic yet miserable things to be in when #stormChasing. It’s absolutely brutal on your eyes and your gear but the visuals are insane. Here’s a 20 second time lapse of what it’s like to be in the mix when the dirt wave hits, this one actually blackened out the sky! @krystlejwright @tobypike @skiparmstrong @nampix


A river of car lights revealing #TrailRidgeRoad at twilight in @rockynps. The orange glow in the distance is light pollution from the densely populated front range of Colorado, extending from Denver to Fort Collins. This road is the highest in the park, a high altitude mountain pass across the continental divide that connects Estes Park into the Grand Lake entrance. Photographed #onassignment for @natgeo


60 seconds of beautiful #Svalbard, this is a small collection of video clips I shot run and gun style a few weeks back while there with @naturalworldsafaris. Music compliments of my friends @boniver ✌🏻


A #littleAuk coming in for a landing in Spitsbergen #Svalbard. These little birds are primarily aquatic and spend most of their time out at sea fishing and foraging for crustaceans. From a photography perspective they’re pretty damn cute, animatedly flying in large flocks and socially interacting in colonies. We only had about an hour and a half to photograph a colony of these cool little birds, it definitely left me wanting more! I took this with a Nikon #D850 and 500mm f/4 lens wide open at f/4. Good times in the arctic with @naturalworldsafaris @andy_mann @benjacksonnz @wikstrom_photography


Dodging the waves and sea foam, sunset over #paparoanationalpark - when the sky and ocean collided. #NewZealand @natgeocreative


Starring into a #PolarBear’s eyes from a couple feet away was something I never imagined I would do in life, thankfully it was from the safety of a boat. It didn’t change the fact that I knew exactly where I stood on the food chain! This was a powerful moment and a real highlight on a trip to #Svalbard last month. Swipe over to see a photo @andy_mann shot of my position looking down on this beautiful bear and a couple other frames I snapped from our 2:30am encounter. Also check out Andy’s feed to see an even more intimate encounter that he had! There’s nowhere like the arctic ❄️/ @naturalworldsafaris @benjacksonnz @wikstrom_photography


A mesocyclone, spinning and rapidly moving across the sky. These powerful super cells are a recipe for tornados and an extraordinary sight to see🌪️ / @krystlejwright @skiparmstrong @tobypike @nampix