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The weather thankfully cleared out this morning, greeting us with a vibrantly colorful sunrise over the #Moai’s 🗿🔊🔊 @jacadatravel @danahrichardson

Easter Island

Just loungin’ with the locals at sunrise in #RapaNui 🗿 #easterIsland @jacadatravel @danahrichardson

Easter Island

Yet another reason to fall in love with #Patagonia 🙏🏻 Fiery sunrise over #lagunaAmarga illuminating the reflected towers in Chile’s #torresDelPaine National Park. @awasiexperience @jacadatravel @emintehess @danahrichardson

Torres del Paine

PLEASE take a moment to read this, we all need to take action on this very important world wide issue and STOP buying farmed salmon - Words by @cristinamittermeier- This is what farmed Atlantic salmon can look like: Deformed, covered in parasites (like the ones on this fish’s head), and skin lesions. The fish carry a much more dangerous pathogen, the Piscine reovirus. This very contagious virus is infecting migrating wild salmon, attacking the fish’s heart and making it impossible for wild salmon to complete the epic journey they must make upstream to their spawning grounds. Atlantic farmed salmon will be the end of wild Pacific salmon — unless we get these farms out of the water. Go to the link on my bio to join the campaign to get the BC government to act or visit Photo by Jane and John Doe.
#turningthetide with @sea_legacy. With @paulnicklen@molinadawson @cleansingourwaters #getfishfarmsout#fish #indigenousrights #reconciliationcanada

Planet Earth

Back-to-back-to-back-to-back 4am starts and late night finishes is starting to catch up to me, but the beauty here in #torresdelpaine is too good to stop! Here’s a quick one from this mornings windy start, great textured clouds and a little warm glow woke me up with a smile. To see a time-lapse of this moment head over to @natgeo 🎶 / @awasiexperience @danahrichardson @emintehess @jacadatravel

Awasi Patagonia

Nothing makes you feel content-fully tiny like the grandeur of nature. Patagonia is immersive, a landscape built by giants. @awasiexperience @jacadatravel @danahrichardson

Awasi Patagonia

Early this morning while tracking puma’s with @danahrichardson & @emintehess we came across a freshly killed #guanaco, clearly taken down by a puma. This #greyFox was warily enjoying an opportunistic meal, seen here sniffing the air in anticipation of the owners return. It could careless about us, comfortably aware that it could easily out run is with little effort. The Puma never returned, I even placed a remote camera for the day near the kill which produced a few photos of caracara taking their turn on the easy meal. Patagonia is truly wild, teaming with wildlife and open beauty in a ecosystem that remains untouched, i hope it stays that way. @awasiexperience @jacadatravel

Awasi Patagonia

It’s pretty hard to shoot a bad photo in Chile’s Patagonia backcountry. Yesterday @emintehess took @danahrichardson and I️ on a nice backcountry tour around the #sierrabaguales, we were lucky enough to see this fiery sunset. @jacadatravel @awasiexperience

Awasi Patagonia

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is getting to capture moments that mean so much to me – which is why I'm loving @SwiftKey's new Photo Themes feature that lets me put any photo I want as my keyboard background. I worked with them to put together some photography tips for their users, you can see the full video on their blog!


Today i am so grateful to be celebrating my one year anniversary with my lovely wife @danahrichardson. Dana, i am so blessed to have you in my life, here’s to a lifetime of adventure together❤️


Yesterday while driving to Torres Del Paine we made a quick stop in #puertonatales Chile. i was last here in 2014, very briefly passing through when I️ saw this scene of old wooden dock pillions poking out of the bay. i took a couple rushed mediocre photos, but never forgot the location. For me, there is nothing worse then having a vision in your head of a picture and missing it! Yesterday i had less then 10 minutes for a second attempt and managed to shoot off 2 frames. This photo is one step closer to what I️ had in mind originally. I️ might have to attempt a 3rd try someday if the opportunity presents itself! @jacadatravel @danahrichardson

Puerto Natales, Chile

So psyched to see this #caracara yesterday, I was lucky enough to photograph this beautiful bird of prey not 1 hour into arriving into Patagonia. Generally scavengers but also known to be voracious hunters, these highly intelligent birds often hunt in packs, even preying on sleeping sheep, attacking in a flocks! It’s going to be a good time down here- @awasiexperience @danahrichardson @emintehess

Awasi Patagonia

If you love waterfalls then you have to drive #Iceland's ring road, the waterfalls are endless! Photographed with the @DJIGlobal #mavic - small enough to travel with you, @DJIGlobal's foldable #MavicPro makes every sky your creative canvas. Never Miss an opportunity to capture the world in 4k with your @DJIGlobal #MavicPro.


A pair of #JamesFlamingos strengthening their bond in a show of affection. @jacadatravel @danahrichardson

Atacama Salt Flat, San Pedro, Chile.

I'm really excited to be working with @SwiftKey, a smart keyboard for Android and iOS phones. They just launched Photo Themes, a new feature that lets you set any image as the background on your keyboard. I curated a gallery of my favorite pictures and they've optimized them for the SwiftKey Keyboard.  Check out their blog to learn more about the app and how to create your own personal Photo Theme. (link in bio).


Sunrise in #GeyserDelTatio was explosive, so much beauty to experience in #Chile’s #Atacama desert!! @altoatacama

Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa

Twilight over the #atacamaSaltFlats yesterday evening was another great desert experience here in Chile. I decided to mix it up with an in-camera #doubleExposure of the iconic #Licancabur volcano. 🌋 @altoatacama

Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa

A flock of #JamesFlamingos, huddled to stay warm at sunrise on #Bolivia’s high plateau. This bird was thought to be extinct until the mid 1950’s when a small flock was rediscovered. Although it’s numbers have grown since then due to protection, it still remains the rarest flamingo to see. This extraordinary bird lives year round at high altitude, through the extremely harsh Andean winter, feeding on brine shrimp and algae in the thermal pools. @jacadatravel @danahrichardson


Sunrise at Bolivia’s #redLagoon, so good we had to go twice 🇧🇴 @jacadatravel @danahrichardson

Red Lagoon

Moon rise over #bolivia’s high desert sculptures 🇧🇴 @jacadatravel @danahrichardson


Sunset over the #uyunisaltflats is a unique experience and one I’ll never forget. The large crystalized salt takes on a whole new appearance, reflecting the colorful evening sky. The patterns, left behind from evaporated pools, go on for miles and miles. @jacadatravel @danahrichardson

Salar De Uyuni - Bolivia

Bolivia’s #redLagoon exceed my already high expectations this morning as we arrived at twilight. The colors here are surreal. The high altitude lake sits in a bowl of volcanos, the water is thermally heated and full of nutrients. The lake gets its name from the resident red algae and sediment, which provides food to numerous aquatic birds, including the James Flamingo which lives here year round.


A 900 year old #chipaya mummy sits preserved in a cave at the foot of #coqueza mountain high above the Uyuni salt flats. Archaeologists determined that this women likely died of old age in this cave which was once her home. The body is remarkably preserved due to the high elevation of which it lays, 4,000 meters above sea level, and to the dry air of the salty region. Within this high plateau of #Bolivia, thousands of mummies have been discovered, many of which still remain. I used a headlamp to light this photo inside of the small dark cave, a unique and fascinating experience to see history preserved and untouched. @jacadatravel @danahrichardson

Salar De Uyuni - Bolivia

Iceland is no stranger to beauty, or rain! 5 days of straight rain is enough to make anyone restless. @jessrosskelley shaking off the cobwebs with a run as the storm clouds roll out. Photographed with the @DJIGlobal #mavic - small enough to travel with you,
@DJIGlobal's foldable #MavicPro makes every sky your creative canvas. Never Miss an opportunity to capture the world in 4k with your @DJIGlobal #MavicPro.


The road through Bolivia’s #uyunisaltflats, this place is unlike anywhere I’ve ever seen. Set at 12,000ft elevation, the Uyuni is the worlds largest salt flat. Driving though here is otherworldly, starkly beautiful with harsh fluctuations in temperature. Hot days are filled with deceiving mirages followed by freezing temps at night. This place is a photographers paradise, looking forward to sharing more photos in the coming days! @jacadatravel @danahrichardson

Salar De Uyuni - Bolivia