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Emo is back. If these dudes were in a boy band what would they be called?


Next stop ICELAND! I love this country, this will mark my 9th visit to this beautiful place. Every trip here is different, you never know what you’ll stumble upon, how the weather will act and what beauty will unfold; I’ve never been disappointed. I shot this carousel of photos here in 2015 on an aerial recon with @chrisburkard - a random dude from California that has the potential of being a decent photographer someday if he ONLY APPLIED HIMSELF 😜 For those 10 people that will read this and don’t understand sarcasm I’M JOKING! Chris is a beast, insane work ethic and has a deadly eye with a camera. He’s basically the Mayor of Iceland, I can’t think of another photographer that lives outside of the country that has a more thorough documentation of this strikingly beautiful place. When ya gonna drop an Iceland photo book on the world Chris??? I want a hot copy, which in the magazine world means pre-release! ✌🏻


Bath time / Why do birds take baths? Primarily to remove dirt and parasites from feathers, which require a lot of maintenance and preening. It’s also to cool down and well, just cause it feels good. These are great moments to take photos of birds, their guard is down and the photos can often be explosive. Swipe to see a carousel of birds splashing around. This mix of photos was taken on assignment for @natgeo @natgeotravel and @nikonusa


Last day for me here in beautiful #catisland Bahamas, a trip I won’t soon forget. Here’s a photo of the boat anchored at sunset, my home the last 5 days. I’ll definitely be back to explore these waters again someday soon. It’s great to see a country like the #Bahamas prioritizing their marine life and keeping shark fishing illegal. These misunderstood animals are essential to a healthy ecosystem and there is still so much we don’t know about them. @sea_legacy


Nice place to watch the sunset - #catisland #Bahamas @sea_legacy


An #oceanicWhiteTip #Shark gliding near the surface and curiously investigating me and my camera. These sharks are the wolves of the deep, essential to the oceanic ecosystem. Over past decades these beautiful animals have suffered a population decrease of roughly 90% due to by-catch and illegal shark finning. This is a completely unacceptable number and we can do better, we NEED to do better. It’s been an amazing week free diving in the water with these animals, one I won’t soon forget and hope to do again and again. Huge thank you to my close friend @andy_mann and @zodiacwatches for this experience. So many of these missions in the water working with apex predators have been with Andy, a man who is so dedicatedly passionate and talented in this realm. I’ve had adventures all around the world with Andy, from big wall first ascent climbing, jungle mayhem, harsh deserts, African safaris, arctic sufferfests and underwater adventures, so grateful and looking forward to many more years of this to come! If you aren’t familiar with @andy_mann’s work check it out, you won’t be disappointed. Additionally, huge shout out to @seabacon, a total bad ass free-diver and dedicated conservationist, for his knowledge and passion of our oceans. Looking forward to more water adventures to come and the ongoing mission of spreading the word on the importance of oceanic preservation. @sea_legacy


Heres to those photo finish sunsets that stay with you - @diegocolombiabirding enjoying a mellow evening after a few long weeks of 3:00am call times and filming birds in beautiful #Colombia. The exhaustion is nothing compared to the experience and unforgettable moments, life is too short! Film is underway by the ultra talented team at @wherenextlife - more soon! @greggbleakney @julianmanrique @federicopardophoto @edgardogarces @_josecastano


I’ll take questionable weather over blue bird skies any day. 4 minute exposure before the storm hit - #AiguilleDuDru, #chamonix France @natgeotravel @nikonusa


Home for the week ❤️ / #bahamas @andy_mann @zodiacwatches


Summer is drawing in fast and with it those beautiful high mountain views. Looking forward to some backyard Rocky Mountain adventures! Sunset on #loganPass, @glaciernps / for @natgeo


So amped to be droppin back into the blue this week with @andy_mann ! @zodiacwatches 🤙🏻


A #cactusWren perched on a very thorny #chollaCactus with a speared dragon fly in its beak. These remarkable birds nest inside cactuses and can move around nimbly among the needles. It’s the perfect defense from predators and great habitat for nests. Taken with a remote camera in SW Utah.


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