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On all levels 〰️


Let your goals be—what they need to be 〰️


🕊️Your love, your wisdom, your nurturing, and vibration, are all stronger than death.
Being by your side, loving you, and nurturing you as you released the shell of your physical body and transitioned into your glorious spiritual body, was one of the most painful, yet spiritually-beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed and experienced.
Journey on with The Divine, mother. Thank you for all you’ve given me, taught me, and shaped my siblings and I into. Eternal peace, divine light, and love to you in the heavenly realm.
Thank you, to each of you who have been calling, sending kind and thoughtful words, praying with me and my family, sending flowers, thank you to friends and family who came into town to be by our side over the last two weeks, who cooked us meals, to all ordering/delivering meals via Uber Eats, who have been graciously serving our family, holding us up, who took my son out for a fun play day, to all sending us cards and love gifts, and/or who have been vibrationally present with me, helping me to hold my heart, breath, and spirit in place, as I journey through the grieving process, and enter a new reality and life chapter.
Thank you all, for helping me and us all to find the strength to carry on and vibrate higher daily, in your own gracious and thoughtful ways.
Feeling inspired to become stronger, more courageous, and more in alignment with purpose daily.

As supportive of my writing and work as Mother was, I wish she would have been here to read my first book. Now her spirit can witness and guide me from a higher, more divine place.
May it be well with my soul.
Thank you Mother for leaving your children and grandchildren such beautifully written and heart-moving journals to read through, have, and always cherish your wisdom, hope, and love for us.
I love you forever, my newest ancestor and angel.
Fly free — in the highest vibrations.
((( 🦋 ))) 👑🕊️🙏🏽


Most of the times, optimizing where we are is a huge part of the process — forward.
Get the lesson of wherever it is you are in Earth School. Lean into it. Growth from it. Move forward more empowered — because of it 〰️
P.S. // IG Live this Sunday at 2 pm cst. Join me and Hibiscus Escapes @imanilani as we talk about the yummy Vibrate Higher Retreat in Bali + Q&A. Come thru! ✌🏽〰️ .
Link in bio to learn more about the retreat and to register🌊🌴


Vibrate higher daily💫// These excerpts from the @sylvestermcnutt’s healing book, ‘Care Package’ are so real. Care Package is such a relatable book on Healing for our generation.
Follow @sylvestermcnutt for more daily raw gems.


Ready for some major vibes, self-care, nurturing, recharging, and TLC?! Of course you are!
You’re invited! Yes, yes, yes!
Join me in Bali, for The Vibrate Higher Retreat!
Created and curated with high-vibrational love, mindfulness, and intention.
For seven days and six nights we will step out of our daily lives and come into an enchanting world where we celebrate our highest vibrational selves in a sacred and radiant land.
We will cultivate new skills, explore culture and ritual, boost our creative energy, marinate in the sweetness of sisterhood, increase our mental clarity, and indulge in the deepest layers of rest and self-care. 〰️
See all the divine details via link in bio.
10% off discount now until Friday 11:59pm (pacific time). Use discount code: VIBRATEHIGHER
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Payment plans available.
In collaboration with Hibiscus Escapes.
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This is my prayer for you 〰️


Living on purpose means living in divine timing 〰️
Divine timing is guidance. And time is a womb 🌱💫
Class 5 Video: Divine Timing, is up on the site.
Learn how to journey empowered. And learn how to master and optimize the time-cycle and season you’re in.
Link in bio 〰️


Are you trusting the timing of your life? Are you being patient with the process? Are you fully present and making the most out of this season and process you've been assigned to?

Most of our mistakes, bitterness, discontent, impatience, and unhappiness we experience in life, is due to not
knowing how to “wait on God”, not knowing how to
honor the Divine timing of our life, by moving prematurely, and/or by not optimizing the season you've been assigned to.

Tomorrow I’ll be teaching the empowering art of (high-vibrational) waiting and trusting divine timing.
👩🏾🏫 12 pm cst | join live or watch the recording.
We'll be learning more about divine timing, how to have patience on your journey, how-to discern timing, when to be still, when to move on, when to release, when to take action, how-to develop and grow where you've been planted, and how-to win and elevate, by optimizing THIS season you're in 💫
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When you love yourself: what you allow looks different, who you allow to share space in your soul looks different, who you allow your thoughts to focus on looks different, where you allow your attention to go looks different, what you hold space for and how you show up in friendships, relationships, and the in world looks different.
When you love yourself you live, journey, process, grow, and operate from a place of honor.
When you love yourself, choices, opportunities, relationships, and friendships, are based on vibrating higher daily.
When you love yourself, you remember who you are and you take your power back.
Self-love is the way 〰️ 🌹
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This is my prayer for you 〰️
Last Saturday’s class was “Relationship Cleanse”.
(Video class link in bio.) I taught about this post and about all variations of relationship dynamics and cleansing from them and vibrating higher while in them and/or while attracting them.
If you’re looking to vibrate higher and to become more empowered and fulfilled in this area, this is your class 🤗👊🏽🌹 〰️ Come thru! Link in bio


The right people hold space for what’s on your heart, soul, and mind 〰️📢 🌹👊🏽


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