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Thissss happened. I made in Essence ya’ll😭. With all the words in me I cannot express how encouraged, supported, honored, and moved I feel by being apart of Essence’s list of “33 Self-Care Sistahs That Helped Redefine Wellness in 2017”. I love this work and have dedicated my life to it. I’m so grateful for this path as a way to show up and serve as we’re remembering who we are, vibrating higher, and taking our power back // So many of my beloved sister-friend-comrades are also mentioned. Article link in my bio to read more.
🙏🏾 Gratitude bow to @sdirshe and @essence
Self-care is how you take your power back 〰️


Remember who you are 〰️ 😌


❝We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society.❞ – Angela Davis
Vibrate//higher//daily 〰️

New Mexico

I’m praying for you 〰️🙏🏾🤗


Some of the best moments of your life haven’t even happened yet. How divine 〰️ 🙏🏾 Swipe for a celebration dance☺️💁🏾✌🏾🤗
Vibrate//higher//daily ♥️💃🏽#MaryJBlige

New Mexico

25 days and counting 〰️
✌🏾😌🌻✨🗓️⏳⏰ Vibrate//higher//daily


This is part of self-care 〰️


And therapeutic too. Boundaries are very therapeutic in that they open the doors and give space for higher vibrations, better experiences, and more positive energy to enter in 〰️


Feelings 〰️
When you feel like feeling, feel
Enter into it. Honor that process
And may you vibrate higher, as a result 〰️ 🌵

New Mexico

Outside influences —
have an impact on your energy and vibration. 🌻
The key to lasting inner-healing, inner-growth, inner-peace, and transformation, is vibrating higher. And a huge part of vibrating higher is staying mindful of your day to day outside influences and knowing who and what does and doesn't promote or support your inner-success 💛
Vibrate//Higher//Daily 〰️


It’s divine how this happens.
Vibrate higher daily 🤗〰️
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Stay encouraged 〰️


Gratitude 〰️


Pay attention to it 〰️


Peace, light, and success to your process 〰️ ♥️


The feeling of dainty/delicate/minimal jewelry has been my vibe for some time. I’ve released and let go of so many material possessions these last couple of years while detoxing my life.✨ This has birthed a more intentional me and a more intentional/purposeful way of doing life, relationships, home space, and belongings 🤗🙏🏾 As we go further into the holiday season, mindful, intentional, and conscious buying and giving is a great way to buy and give in a way that goes beyond impulsive shopping and/or simply acquiring more stuff.
I turn down opportunities to work with brands often as to keep this space minimal and focused on my message of vibrating higher and not a space to promote more ‘stuff’ that has no higher impact, vibration, or intention.
When approached by @VraiAndOro to collaborate with their mission called Humans For Humans and we discussed their mission and how they’re an ethically sourced jewelry/slow company who’s not into fast fashion or harming the environment, this immediately resonated with me.

These are the companies I stand behind and support. These are the companies who are changing the game, are woke, who care about social issues, and not just profit, who desire to give back and are doing their part in honoring the environment and collective. Conscious/woke/high vibe companies for the win.
The Link necklace that I’m wearing here is a symbol of unity in our communities. With each mindful purchase Vrai & Oro will be writing a letter to the buyer's local congressman about one of five social justices issues which can be chosen at checkout.
The project is called Humans For Humans.
I’ll be wearing my necklace as a sign of unity and solidarity with our communities, environment, and the earth.

The Link necklace is available today thru Cyber Monday. It’s a way of doing this season of shopping in an intentional and conscious way that gives back to our local and greater communities.
Vrai & Oro asks when’s the last time I felt connection:
I answered:
I feel connected each day by sharing the message of vibrating higher and by sharing space with you all as we vibrate higher daily and journey collectively 💞
Peace and joy to all 〰️
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〰️ Vibrating//higher//daily


Strength doesn’t only come in what the norm is. Strength also looks like taking your power back: quietly, energetically and vibrationally 〰️


Let’s all settle down and detox 🤗
Vibrate//higher//daily 〰️


Every time
🌬️ Remember who you are 〰️


Shed. Rebirth. Become new 〰️


Until you’re you again 🍂〰️🌳


Maybe this will free someone up 〰️ 😘
🌬️Vibrate//higher//daily ✊🏾


Self-care is how you take your power back. 〰️Self-celebration is a form of self-care.
I celebrate for every time and everything I’ve overcome, transcended and released in order to vibrate higher towards healing and into this work, my writing, teaching, and the launching of my up coming website. I celebrate vibrating higher daily on my journey and how it has since interconnectedly become both my path and my work. Through self-determination, lots of self-care, vision, and spiritual practice, resistance couldn’t hold me. I give thanks to The Divine for grace, guidance, support, and direction, as I continue journeying, growing, and unfolding into myself, this path and work. Celebration is acknowledging and showing gratitude for a higher power and purpose at work in our lives. #ICelebrateBecause all of these things.
// Thank you @hellolaurenash of @blackgirlinom for the nominating me for #ICelebrateBecause. Now I nominate you all!! What do you celebrate about yourself?💞
#CelebrateWithBGIO #3YearsInBGIO


Vibrate higher daily for it 〰️
This applies to all aspects of life ✨
Get ready//Do the work//Prepare//Make space ✊🏾 ♥️


I know how you feel, but we can’t stop.
Not here or now.
Vibrate//higher//daily 〰️


Day by day. Win by win 🌿🦋
/It’s/a/process 〰️


Every cell in your body requires oxygen to function properly. Fast and shallow breathing disrupts your body on a cellular level and heightens the risk of stress, anxiety, illness, dis-ease, depletes vitality, traps toxins, suppresses higher brain function, and all that there 🙅🏾
On the other hand 🤚🏾, deep and slow breathing balances the nervous system, strengthens the immune system, increases vitality, heightens brain function, heightens creativity, removes toxins from the body, and nourishes you on a cellular level.
// The quality of our breath controls our life 〰️ 😌
Spend more time with those who help you to breathe lighter, deeper, and easier ♥️


Remember/who/you are 〰️ 🦋


Vibrate/higher/daily 〰️ 🙏🏾