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There will come a point when
you have to ask yourself;

is this something that I want
to carry for the rest of my life
or is this something that
I can release to make more space
for what is truly important to me?

#LightenYourLoad #MakeMoreSpace #ForLove
Thank you @westintheworld for carrying me on your feet and playing yoga last weekend! Acro is something I’m still fairly new at but love to explore 😊 #yogawithfriends #partneryoga #yogaplay
Ps. Camo leggings are @aloyoga 💚


And when it feels like you are
being buried by the weight

of your mistakes, I hope you

remember to forgive yesterday
so that you can love today.
#LoveYou #YouAreWorthy #Dontgiveup #learnfrommistakes
Outfit by @aloyoga


Slow and in control.
99% of my videos are sped up many times, however, in my practice I am always moving very slowly. Because;

Slow is strong

yet slow is delicate

It is observant and
it is deliberate

You will feel more and

you will also release more.
Never underestimate

the power of slow.

Wearing one of @aloyoga old seasons of capris but their fall line is about to launch soon and I cannot wait to show you some of my favorite colors and pieces!! 🙊💘✨ Ps. Song is called Eternal Youth by Rude 🎼

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If I could dip my toes into the sky

I’d fly amongst the clouds
and never ask my heart why.
The spirit will yearn and dream
in many ways that the logical mind
simply can’t make sense of, or seem.
But to live through the heart
is how one can experience life,

as an enchanting work of art.
Flying in all @aloyoga 💙✨💛 #alwaysdreaming


There is a delicate balance
for inspiration. It cannot be forced
otherwise it doesn’t come off

as genuine. Yet, if your eyes
are not seeking it,
inspiration won’t be found.

I’ve been taking a needed break from my phone and camera these last few days. Soaking up as much of the present moment as possible, in this beautiful state with my love and friends before it’s time to fly back home. And it’s funny how after a few needed rest days (where I wasn’t feeling inspired), my mind is open and ready to create again! I hope wherever you are in this world, that you find the balance of resting and creating that works for you! Love you, friends 😘

Dressed in my favorite comfy @aloyoga with a special thanks to my hubby for snapping this shot! ❤️❤️❤️


You will not always be inspired,

motivated and energized.
You will have moments when
you are tired and doubt
your capabilities. Let it rest.
The sun burns so radiantly
because she allows the moon

to share her work.
White on white @aloyoga
Happy Friday the 13th y’all! 🖤💫🔮


Pay close attention
and you will notice it.
The world around you is listening.
It’s responding to each thought and

spoken word, every hope,
dream and fear; Each moment
that passes by, life is presenting you
with a situation to help you
grow and evolve into the person
you are destined to be.
You need only to hear the call
and respond to it with every ounce
of strength and love you possess.
#YouCanDoThis #LifeisOnYourSide 🖤 Outfit by @aloyoga 💙


Don’t just do it for them,

you have to do it for yourself.
Sincerity is the way to the heart.
Pink by @aloyoga making me feel all whimsical ✨💖🌸💖✨ Tune is Turtle soup by Dj food 🎼

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You can either let one thing
bother you for the rest of your life,

or you can simply change
the way you look at it.
#SometimesitsThatSimple #FindADifferentPerspective ✨ White on white @aloyoga ✨

Ps. Teaching a 2:30 pm flow & 4 pm beginner yoga class tomorrow at @blackswanyogahouston get some!


If you don’t work for it,
no amount of talent nor vision
will make ever your dreams come true;

For the easy path holds no victories,
only regrets.


#workyourbuttoff #andmakeyourdreamscometrue #ibelieveinyou
Outfit by @aloyoga 💙 #aloYoga
Ps. These are their seamless leggings which if you haven’t tried yet, are the SOFTEST leggings I’ve ever worn 💘😍💘 #justsaying #hashtaghashtag


Isn’t it wonderful that
we are all different? Each of us,
gifted with a talent that is so unique.
For this is the very reason

why our world is full of painters,
authors, singers and songwriters,
mathematicians, doctors,
scientists, and lawyers.
Like a piece from a puzzle,

we each serve a different purpose;

and when we come together
as a whole, it is because of all
of our differences that
this world full of wonders.
Thank you SO much @weronika.salach for using me as one of your muses. I am in awe of the beauty you can paint!


At times, even the elements
will stand in your way and make
even the smallest challenges
seem impossible. The secret is,

the path will only clear
for those who persist.
We got rained on multiple times the day @nayitavp and I went out to shoot this image. It got so bad that we had to run back to the car for coverage! Gotta protect our baby nikons 🤓
Just as we were about to leave the park, Naya said let’s go back and try one more time. I’m always up for an adventure, so we headed back, the clouds cleared up for us and we finally got the shot we wanted!
Never give up friends. If you have a vision, it is up to you to make it come true 😊❤️🙌🏼 Matching colors in @aloyoga 💘