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My best friend asked me once “how did you get here emotionally?” She was making a reference to how I was able to keep my cool most of time.
I was a very emotional child and teen but it was only when I was home. If I was upset I would tear down anything in site. Screaming was not out of character. Slamming doors was not unusual. Around 16, I got into a huge fight (all one sided) with my brother and when I went to bed I cried for hours. I then realize that anger is a very expensive emotion. So I started to meditate. I did not know I was meditating but I was.
Every night before bed, I would go over my feelings, I would dissect them, I would do this over and over until I found the root cause of them.
My sadness was disguised as anger and my anger and sadness were from my insecurities. As years went by I kept on doing this before bed. I allowed myself to feel what I needed to feel and refused to let those feelings drown in something easy to express (anger)
I share this because we all have a go to negative emotion or habit we use to camouflage the fact that we refuse to just feel what we need to feel. Your pain has a story to tell. Listen to it! Don’t shut it up. -
What’s your go to emotions?


If you need a #wcw look no further.
Real talk will follow. First, thank you @jeanterry for the skills 📸!
My photographer has patience, calmness, a vision and skills.
I have spent many hours listening to people and their issues. I do it because I think it’s extremely valuable. -
One of the saddest things I’ve realized is that when we let insecurity take over for too long we can convince ourselves out of all our dreams. I’ve heard women and men convince themselves out of wanting something important to them because they were too impatient with themselves and with life.
I learn a lot from listening to others, a lot of their struggles I’ve had myself so I recognize it. It’s also a reminder that I need to walk in my truth and stand by my own advice.
You can learn from anyone. Anyone can learn from you.


I have never been opposed to long distance relationship, but with time I realized that it is not ideal. When my son was younger it felt very difficult to juggle a love life and a mommy life. Long distance love felt like a solution. Leaving my son wouldn’t be a regular thing and I would still have someone to share my day to day with.
That said, realistically, to built something solid with someone you need more than FaceTime and sexting, you need the day to day ordinary exchanges. I am grateful that I am very independent, but if my car breaks down I rather not wait until my man need to fly out to save me.
That said, American men though. 😍


The thing about quotes and poetry is that you can see it from your perspective and it will never be necessary to argue about it. Like anything, it will reach you at your level of self understanding.
Everything is debatable but ain’t nobody got time for that.
Modeling the heck out of my @413_apparel top.


Is that you or your ego?

Is that you or your insecurities?

Is that you or your anger? -
Are you reacting or responding?


New week ahead. I’m excited. My coach will help me organize my time so I can be more efficient. We are meeting up to get my schedule together and set up accountability meetings to make sure I stay on point.
It’s important to find ways to keep myself on check. Growth is important to me and I need to make sure I put everything in place to keep growing.
It’s your story, you have the responsibility to edit the pages and update the roles of the characters. Take back your power.


You can talk a good game but at the end it goes down to what do you sit there and accept over and over?


Go to poem for focus.


Some drown you
Some meet you where you are
Some uplift you
Some inspire you to be the best version of yourself.


Lost souls meet each other during nights of poetry.


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