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Singapore ✨💖💖🌴🌴✨ Pic and edited by ✨✨@dotzsoh✨✨
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Photo by @michaelclarkphoto // Yesterday was epic in so many ways. It was my first day on a jet ski with giant waves at Peahi, a.k.a. JAWS, on the north shore of Maui. In the early morning fifty-plus foot wave faces were rolling in on a regular basis. The waves were so big and were moving so fast that very few surfers could even catch them save for a few tow in surfers. I shot 5,331 images all told and it will be a while before I even get through all of them but until then here is one gem of a wave that rolled by right as the sun came up yesterday. What is hard to get across with this image is that a sizable house could fit into the curl of this wave. It was huge! #peahi #jaws #bigwavesurfing #emptywaves #maui


Between the Lines | Photograph by Fran Llano (@franllano_photography)
Mist surrounds the jagged edges of flysch on the Basque Coast in Spain. Flysch alternates thin and coarse layers of sediment, making for a dramatic landscape. But Your Shot photographer Fran Llano writes that the view is more than just aesthetic, it's informational. "Layer by layer," he says, "the rocks offer a unique vision of the geological features of this area, reading a rocky book full of information."

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“Nothing brings me more joy than watching this guy have the time of his life in the snow.” writes @lifeofkovu


January feelings

New York, New York

A suspension bring in the mists of Yakushima Island, Japan.

Yakushima is a place where you will find few foreign visitors. Located an hour ferry ride south of Kagoshima, which is the southern most city in Japan’s four major islands, it is a place which has a special place in Japanese culture.

The top of the island is old growth cedar forests which are often covered in clouds. The island was the inspiration for the 1997 animated film Princess Mononoke by Hayao Miyazaki. It is also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993.

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Yakushima, Kagoshima

#Dinamarca redefine lo que significa desacelerar, sentirse cómodo y disfrutar el momento. Esta forma de vida social, llamada "hygge" por los daneses, le valió la fama de ser uno de los países más felices del mundo. Sin embargo, no existe una fórmula mágica, se trata más bien de la calidad del tiempo compartido. Así que donde quiera que estés, disminuye la velocidad, ponte cómodo y disfruta el momento con familiares y amigos.
Foto: Eugene Sergeev, Alamy


Photo by J. Baylor Roberts: Children gather to drink milk from a federal program. Published in the March 1942 issue of National Geographic magazine. #vintage #retro #americana


Ueno (上野)

Tokyo, Japan

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