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Lanky Strum #11b: I was mildly inquisitive about who would make the first double feature on here, and my curiosity has been quelled with Textasy’s ‘I’m The Needle’. The strutty adrenaline rush of old hardcore instigated by the fiery subwoofer lashings and crispy drum breaks - this is the rave I want to go to and fuck someone righteously up in. Probably my own self. Listen now, link in bio.

#textasy #craigieknowes #electronicmusic #hardcore #ravestyle #rave #oldhardcore #chicagohouse


Lanky Strum #10b: Is Mexico leading the way in delivering techno / EBM style disco (or the converse) with a consistency unmatched by other established electronic music scenes? The claim is debatable, and at this point only my opinion which is anything but objective but I have evidence sufficient for me to form it. A scene that was firmly embedded in rock, but instead of leaving it behind during its transition, it chose to marry it into its burgeoning electronic landscape birthing a novel sound full of rolling bass lines. This time it is elevated using what I suspect are Indian classical music Raga chants, not out of place at all but adding to the menacing funk and musicality. Listen to Mijo’s remix of ‘Primitive’ by Zombies in Miami. Follow link in bio.

#zombiesinmiami #mijo #roamrecordings #electronicmusic #techno #darkdisco #ebm #mexico #technomusic


Lanky Strum #9b: During my time in Goa, I regularly crossed an establishment called Avni Motel on my way to work. My brain would superimpose Avni Yotam over the name on auto-pilot every single time, in a very specific and inexplicable compulsion. Every single time. In a way, ‘Avka’ is the sonic manifestation of that weird phenomenon. The obsessive loping build-up is simultaneously indicative of what’s to come in the song and shrouding it in mystery. Drums almost like deep sighs roll into a thoroughly good techno tune, suffused with great ambience and punchy acid synth. Listen now, follow link in bio.

#yotamavni #preludetodybbuk #stroboscopicartefacts #electronicmusic #techno #technomusic #industrialtechno


Lanky Strum #8b: Camped out near a hippie commune (a self-sustained and volunteer-led open community but potayto potahto) for a bit to spend New Year’s Eve on the low, not expecting much of the music at all but found myself sprightly in presence of a DnB stage and decided to quit being a stick in the mud, and forego the presence of the ratchet and completely unnecessary emcee. This future classic reverberated over the crowds several times over the duration of the Skalator and YLS B2B, and I came back and tracked it the hell down. Listen to ‘Hey Judas’, by Ulterior Motive ft. DRS, follow link in bio.

#heyjudas #ulteriormotiveuk #drs #skeletar #fridayhappiness #electronicmusic #dnb #drumandbass #bassheavy #bassmusic #electronic


Lanky Strum #7b: ‘I Know’ is everything my limited perception of Hubie is not - evocative of desperate love and lingering loneliness. Hubie’s general patina of light-hearted raillery makes it seem like he tries not to take things too seriously, seemingly inconsistent with the hikikomori-type vibrations his music gives out, but only if you choose to believe that these two characteristics can only exist in isolation. There is an unsuspecting depth to Hubie Davison, a mere speckle of which is the gesture of donating ‘I Know’ for Needs 001. Listen to this lush and airy arrangement of classic house by following the link in bio. You may be inclined to wish the percussion was a bit crisper, as I initially was, but it soon becomes clear that the song’s delicacy wouldn’t have stood for it.

#hubiedavison #needs001 #electronicmusic #house #housemusic #mentalhealth #notforprofit


Lanky Strum #6b: « What the fuck is this fucking track??? » was my exact initial response, not out of exasperation but sheer pleasant incredulity and things remain unchanged a week thereafter. The record’s A1 is a Bappi Lahiri edit - a musician with a prolific singular legacy rife with disco teeming with acid-heavy basslines made for 80s Bollywood soundtracks, honestly a flourishing reservoir that hitherto remained embarrassingly untapped. Bappi’s maximalist style (he wears enough gold jewellery on his person at any given time to put the fear of him tipping over in you) is not aberrant with his music, which is also redolent with mind-melting rave potential. You can tell I’m excited by this. Listen now, follow link on bio, and buy the record -this is one for the books.

#afrobeat #amrec #am10 #indianacid #electronicmusic #acidbass #acidtechno #techno #technomusic #warehousemusic


Lanky Strum #5b: I hate sexually exploitative album sleeves even more than I do sharing a song older than a few weeks, yet here I am crossing off both set boundaries and that’s indicative of this record’s immense pull. Distorted digital noir, doused in filthy low-end, listen to Expropriation’s ‘Expropriate While U Can’ while you can. Ideal for working off at least a week’s worth of suppressed and internalized hostilities. Follow link in bio.

#expropriation #vanillarecords #industrialtechno #electronicmusic #ebm #athens #greece #disko


Lanky Strum #4b: I tend to oscillate wildly between incredibly restrained treatment of sound to all-out startling electro-clash, foregoing the middle ground more often than not. A suitable candidate for the former is the Sirius Incident EP, creating cosmic tempest by emphasizing atmosphere and texture. A very specific strain of subaqueous techno, the effect is mesmerizing - meditative, even. Listen to ‘Waving’ off His Master’s Voice’s latest for a gentle reprieve from holiday clamour. Mastered by Vril.

#hismastersvoice #siriusincident #schleifenrecords #schleifen002 #hannover #electronicmusic #techno #leftfieldtechno #deeptechno


Lanky Strum #3b: Full up to brim with tense distant rumbles, dramatic minimalism, throbbing delays, and with nary a gimmick in sight; I slept on Madteo, The Comedown’s ‘Kokie’s Place’ for an embarrassing number of months, but it has fortunately now eked its way into my waking life. Let it in to yours via the link in bio.

#madteo #thecomedown #blackorpheus #kokiesplace #williamsburg #electronicmusic #house #housemusic #dirtysub #techno #southsidenostalgia


Lanky Strum #3b: Let me begin by expressing how furious I am that the descriptive ‘bangingest’ has been used in context of this EP and I wasn’t the one to use it. Moving past that, which let’s admit it is near-impossible, this riveting acid-electro Sascha Funke edit of Dreems’ pré-existingly psychedelic ‘Coaster’s Retreat’ is a tremulous sensory boost capable of making your fingers dance across the table for hours, if you happen to be stuck sitting at a table as I am. Listen now, follow link in bio.

#dreems #saschafunke #multiculti #rosebay #electronicmusic #psychedelic #aciddisco #disco #electro #ethnoacid


Lanky Strum #2b: A good single is hard to find, but a worthwhile EP is even more evasive. Soulfully textured and encrusted with shy, sublime synth and moody basslines, picking a tune from this EP was a matter of due process but what I really want for you is to listen in to this gorgeous effort in entirety. Start with MR TC remix of ‘Echo Silent’ by following link in bio.

#fiberroot #correspondantrecords #dinolenny #mrtc #electronicmusic #indiedance #nudisco #deephouse


Lanky Strum #1b: Opening LS month three after a brief hiatus with a spectacular, albeit criminally overlooked, edit of Midnight Love by MR Given Raw for FKR, triple-tonguing build up included. Listen now, follow link in bio.

#mrgivenraw #fkr #midnightlove #electronicmusic #jazz #boogie #groove #deephouse