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Lanky Strum #24b: A good compilation – a worthwhile compilation – that doesn’t feel slapdash OR is not obviously contrived to throw down with names du jour in the electronic music hivemind, is enough to rouse me into action. Patina Echoes’ running theme is supposed to be mechanical sounds that sound organic, and honestly I can’t be arsed to testify to that — because that is irrelevant compared to the sheer joy it affords me. I enjoy melody. I enjoy rhythm. I enjoy emotion. However each of these seem to be repeatedly attributed by artists and imprints alike to songs that are ‘soft’ and ‘serious’, instantly disqualifying everything that does not identify itself as such, which let’s admit is bullshit. Give me a compilation to work up a sweat to. Give me something that puts my teeth on edge. Give me something that that serves as reminder that ‘serious artistry’ is a fucking sham. A thing that soothes my nerves by attacking them relentlessly. My picks off the comp are by Metrist (link in bio), Simo Cell, Chekov, and Neinzer, which is not say that every other track on here is not worth your time. Already sold out through their Bandcamp, all that is left for you to do stream and wait for your order.

#patinaechoes #timedance #simocell #batu #metrist #chekov #rroxymore #neinzer #electrocmusic #techno #organic #experimental


Lanky Strum #23b: Bontempi instruments have long since been associated with a kindergarten sound, sometimes with affection and more often in derision. Legowelt’s tryst with the Bontempi BT805, however, could at best be kindly called an homage to strange children’s movies. Sometimes it is the bewildering finale to the investigation of a black hole and a derelict ship, and sometimes the tale of a child uncovering the witches’ plot to turn children into mice; on all occasions, I promise, it is unnerving. For ambient music to be evocative of anything at all lately, considering the utter lack of imagination prevalent, is a victory in itself. For it to be so lucidly building a variety of scenes with a common running sense of unease is trés wondrous. I suspect it is because Wolfers did not set to create an ‘ambient’ album, but only to play. Listen to ‘Avec Moi Dans Le Jardin de Nuit’ off Legowelt’s Berceuses Pour Sara as Bontempi 666, find link in bio.

#legowelt #bontempi #bontempi666 #electrocmusic #ambient #electronica #spacejazz #lofi #techno


Lanky Strum #22b: This Vril edit of Session Victim’s ‘Puzzle’ is being heralded as not quite a dance floor shoo-in - although I am inclined to disagree. While the groove is dialled the fuck back, it seems to add to the dancefloor experience than rob one of anything. There is a shimmering momentum and weightless drifting, like pillowy vapour trails you can ride to a higher, more serene, vantage point above the dance floor. Nothing I say about it, however, will ever come remotely close to the ‘deep house goes Twin Peaks’ descriptor on @junorecords. See for yourself, follow link in bio.

#sessionvictim #vril #penandpaper #germany #electronicmusic #house #housemusic #deephouse


Lanky Strum #21b: I have been spending a lot of the last few weeks with the new Mr Fingers record as the background, tried to reconcile the typically pristine soundscapes with the anomalous (for Larry Heard) lounge music vibe that it seems suffused with. My pick off the record is ‘Crying Over You’, which I favoured against my first choice ‘Nodyahed’ — which didn’t qualify because I seem to remember it as a re-release. Heard favours some delicate song-writing here, imbuing the song with melancholia I am not used to hearing in his records. That typical Mr Fingers Chicago house percussive energy has been replaced, to an extent, with this alien cadence resisting rules he himself set in place. I like that. Immensely. Listen to ‘Crying Over You’ off Mr Fingers’ first full-length album in 25 years, follow link in bio.

#larryheard #mrfingers #alleviatedrecords #electronicmusic #house #housemusic #deephouse #chicagohouse


Lanky Strum #20b: Been roused from my hibernation for Denis Sulta’s D_K_Y (But I Do) has finally seen the light of the day with an official release, and all my life force is stored in successfully executed gospel house. Hope lies in house. Listen now, follow link in bio.

#denissulta #electronicmusic #sultaselects #house #gospel #housemusic #soulful


Lanky Strum #19b: The recent switch up from face -chewing bangers to simple, uplifting disco and house continues with K&F’s Persies A-side - so soulful, you’d want two bodies to simply accommodate it all. Returning to primo-hedonism and giddy thrills, this is all thumping kicks and sonic trix. Vinyl already shows sold out on Bandcamp but at least you can hear it in full. Follow link in bio to listen to ‘Goin To The Disco’, K&F edit.

#krywaldandfarrer #persies #electronicmusic #vinyl #disco #housemusic #discohouse #soul #soulful #house


Lanky Strum #18b: My attempts to not make the obvious choice here by featuring Parrish’s new record have been begrudgingly foiled, as I despaired over a general lack of fulfilling releases that exist outside the emerging spectrum, which in turn only served to push me closer to the former for I adopted it as a sort of private litany hoping to manifest better music. It didn’t drag me out of that predicament, but it made me contemplate roots and engage in auto-hypnotism by way of clever vocal and clap layer overlapped to accomplish exactly that. At least something works around here, eh? Listen to ‘Gullah Geechee’ now, link in bio.

#theoparrish #soundsignature #ss071 #electronicmusic #housemusic #deephouse #funk #soul #vocallayering #funkmusic #soulmusic #roots #housemusiclovers #housemusicallnightlong


Lanky Strum #17b: Gonna take a moment to savour the fact that we are no longer at a point (largely) where for a song to be heard the repetitive beats must be leavened with words. That ‘Around The World’ was a jab at this insouciance is a commonly held belief and the reason I am talking about Daft Punk suddenly is because this cheeky post-disco bassline reminded me of it, along with the hint at campy eurodance revival, colluding with Physical Therapy’s pre-existing hardstyle sensibilities. But that’s just one song, and God I had trouble picking out just one. Time Saving Tips for DJs Vol.1 is a workout dance hole-in-one in its entirety. Listen to my pick ‘Down Down’, follow link in bio.

#physicaltherapy #exoticdancerecords #electronicmusic #housemusic #techno #technomusic #nycmusic #house #hardstyle #postdisco


Lanky Strum #16b: Not knowing stuff drives me nuts, and in this specific instance I know nothing about this record - not the artist, the collaborators, not even the label. I know, however, that the Side A1 has a peak time vocal sample dripping with soul making it near ecclesiastical. I know that rolling, chugging, bordering on mariamba-ing workout to this disco beat is exactly what my day warrants. I also know that whence I hear this sexed up beat pour out of a proper soundsystem when I least expect it, I will surrender to it entirely no questions fucking asked. Listen to ‘Hypochondriac’ off the Hypochondriac EP, follow link in bio.

#hypochondriacEP #electronicmusic #housemusic #house #disco #discohouse #groove #marimba #soul


Lanky Strum #15b: When musicians really step into their own, sliding into the little niches they carved through tiny experiments and letting these envelope them like gloves, as opposed to their previous playful flirtation are moments to be relished. Lakepeople’s Amrint Keen identity is seemingly designed for exactly that, venturing beyond his usual repertoire into more daring electro sounds, deconstructing and integrating warehouse + bleep techno elements in a very satisfying way. The sheer abundance of microhouse clones has very nearly driven me mad, each one more similar to the last than ever. I hope this transition remains and strengthens, but if wishes were horses... #lakepeople #amrintkeen #uncannyvalley #electronicmusic #electro #technomusic #techno #bleeptechno #berlin


Lanky Strum #14b: This past week? Not the best, discovery-wise. Everything began to sound the same, no new friends of sound. A bulwark against this prevailing doom-mongering attitude is UK resident Sameed’s sample-heavy white label release for Spy Edits 03. Joyous gospel sound, sampling Shirley Brown and Billy Brooks - brimming with dusty bluesy basement-deep house grooves destined to creating heaving dancefloors. I think things will be okay again. Listen to the sampler, follow link in bio, and order vinyl off of Bandcamp which is a bonafide steal at 10 quid.

#sameed #spyedits #spyedits03 #electronicmusic #whitelabel #housemusic #house #funk #blues #groove #limitededition #disco #discokiller


Lanky Strum #13b: It is inherent to the process of making things to want to be taken seriously. All artists, without exception, chase after this fantasy: to become part of the wider view, deliberately or through sheer chance. Carl Gari has already overcome this by attributing a sense of history to their music. They weave dubby, delayed kinesis and psychedelic progressions and ambient squalls, but beyond that their records are innately lucid in their abstraction, a quality most rare. The staunchest critics will be hard put to deny the indelible impact of their first record, but with this follow-up mini-album, Carl Gari have also proven to be consistent, meaning that the first was no accident. Listen to ‘Dysfunctional Love’, follow link in bio.

#carlgari #permavac #shipster #electronicmusic #ambientmusic #krautrock #experimental #dub #psychedelicmusic #psychedelicdub


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