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Today, Delilah got his hair shaved! No more evil mats! I also found out he had stage 2 kidney disease. That made me cry. Both Oscar, and Snowflake died of kidney disease. The difference is we didn't catch it before it was too late. Delilah has a lot of time, if I take care of him right...and you know I will. πŸ’–πŸ’–


Here I am, just home from the hospital again. That's 2 seizures in less than 24 hrs. I feel exhausted.


Obligatory ER selfie. Early this morning I had my first seizure in like 6 months. Hurt a bunch of stuff. They had just given me some IV Benedryl, that's why I look like I might drool any second. LOL! Let's just say the care I recieved was "interesting" But as always the first responders were amazing. And all my injuries are minor, Baruch Hashem!


Fair warning...this is a rant, it will likely have four letter words and anger...................................... I finally had my appointment with the headache clinic...it was 3 months or so ago that I made the appointment. I had so much hope, I should know better with doctors by now. She was a bitch from the time she walked into the exam room. She asked me a bunch of questions, that I had already answered on the 12 fucking sheets of forms they sent me. And they never asked for a med list. So I put it in there anyway. They are also in the system already. So after she asked me all those questions she started asking me what worked and what hasn't as far as meds go. So I told her all the meds I've taken that have worked. It's a short list, and one of them is no longer manufactured, which blows because it worked the best. Nobody ever prescribed it over all the new meds, so no money, no makey. She was: rude, dissmissive, bitchy, and I am 99% sure she has never had a headache in her life. She sure as hell didn't seem like it anyway. She had to look at the computer screen constantly. She told me to follow up with my primary care doctor. I already know what she'll do, send me back to the headache clinic. I got there on time, waited in the waiting room for over an hour, then waited a good 20 mins in an exam room before her royal bitchness graced me with her presence. She saw me for less than half an hour. Oh and she told me to get more exercise. That one got me. The old you're fat you must eat a ton of junk food, and never exercise. I just gave my evil die bitch die look and said, "I either use the eliptical or run on the treadmill for 60 mins, 6 times a week. How much more do you think I need to exercise?" She looked taken aback, so I added, "I've lost over 100 pounds too. Made no damn change in my headaches" she congratuluted me in an I don't mean this at all voice. Please bitch, I invented that voice. When I left her office I was too stunned to even start insulting people. I went into the bathroom, and couldn't even cry. When I got home, the serious rage happened. I wrote it all down...and I will either be complaining to her boss, or patient advocates!)


Going way back for this #tbt I was five days old. Fist in the air, like the protester I would become. ☺️


Me in 1982, second grade. And proof that I was originally a red head. And I still have the temper to go with it. πŸ˜‰


No words needed.



So, the hair just had to go...my hair was getting thinner and thinner, it stopped curling, and I am sick of clumps of it coming out! This is not the first time I shaved my head, probably won't be the last. It feels so much better!


Delilah amd I just wanted to pop in and say hi! My knee is a mess, my shoulder is fine. I am assuming that the reason my shoulder is feeling peetty good, is the CBD I take twice a day. πŸ˜ƒ I think my knee is too much of a clusterfuck tfoe the CBD to do anything! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Hope everyone is doong well. πŸ’•


My mum took a picture of me dyeing eggs, and I don't hate it...so...I'm share. Happy egg day!


Ladies and gentlemen...I present my parent's my parents scruffy Dog, The Easter Westie. He did not like the ears, so I took one quick shot and took the ears off him.


I sprained my knee...again. I was walking through my apartment, my foot stayed put, my knee did not. This knee has been givimg me shit since Jnr high. 20 years ago I had to have surgery, hasn't been the same since. Plus, I get the added bonus of no cartilige in that knee. 😑


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