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“More fun and less stress” is Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello’s (@camila_cabello) New Year’s resolution — alongside making albums she loves. Tune in to our story to tag along with Camila in Los Angeles as she celebrates her debut album, “Camila.” 🎶

Los Angeles, California

Portrait by @andy_bardon /// After a morning spent visiting the 16th Street Baptist Church and Kelly Ingram Park in Birmingham, Alabama, we made our way to the town of Selma and sat down with Annie Pearl (pictured), a foot soldier during the civil rights movement who was arrested during the famous march with Dr Martin Luther King across the Edmund Pettus bridge just blocks away. A fiery advocate for civil rights in the 21st century, she met us at the Selma Slavery and Civil War museum where she works tirelessly to inform people, especially in the African American community, to “know your history.” To her, this means tracing roots back to the great accomplishments of Egyptian dynasties as well as more recent black histories which instill a person with pride and ownership of culture. The road from Birmingham to Selma is not long. A hair under two hours due south utilizing state highways which cut through patches of humble Alabama forest. For our caravan of musicians, scholars and filmmakers though, our experiences in these two cities were quite different. Not a world apart, so much, as two parts of a deeply complicated world. Our crew has taken this trip through the wintry south to continue work on @omoiyari_songfilm, an innovative documentary which follows musician @kishi_bashi as he travels to sites of WW2 Japanese Incarceration in hopes of illuminating the largely unknown stories of these American concentration camps through musical exploration and reflection on his own identity as a person of Japanese descent living in the United States. A large part of Kishi Bashi’s vision for the Omoiyari film is to use art as a means to explore relevant social issues in the United States, today, and find commonalities across racial and class divides. With team @jtaylorsmith @maxreggieritter @andy_bardon @thenonoboyproject @takenobumusic /// Words by @thenonoboyproject

Selma, Alabama

Photo by Roland W. Reed: Portrait of an Ojibway, or Chippewa girl in Minessota. #nativeamerican #portrait #tbt #throwbackthursday #profile


Todos somos humanos, pero pensamos distinto. ¿Qué es para ti la #libertad? Comparte tu opinión con #TheStoryOfUs. Estreno domingo 21, 8 PM PE / 9 PM MEX-COL / 10 PM CHI y lunes 22, 10 PM ARG.


“Blizard? What is a Blizard?” writes @chantal_and_gulliver


Photo by @babaktafreshi
A caravansary, countless memories… By the morning twilight the Caravan gets ready to depart, on its long journey across the desert. Reminds us the stories of One Thousand and One Nights, caravansaries were the motels if you were traveling several hundred years ago in the Middle East and central Asia, the roadside Inns to safely rest overnight.
Here in the morning blue hour, Mars shines brightly in Taurus, the Bull, near Pleiades (the Seven Sisters star cluster). Perseus is on top right. This was in 2005 when I was slowly shifting from film to DSLRs. Rests in Kavir National Park, 4 hours drive from Tehran, this is known as Qasr-e Bahram (or Bahram Palace). Not visiting there for 10 years now I have beautiful memories from this caravansary, my teenagehood first stargazing nights in early 90s to a morning like this when I met my future wife.
Caravansary (pronounces Caravanserai) is a Persian word comes from caravan and sarāy “house”. About 500 of them are remained in Iran (and others in neighboring countries) and listed as protected historic monuments, some are even updated to working hotels. The earliest examples were the stations along the 2500-km long Royal Road in the Achaemenid Empire, some 2500 years ago but most of the remaining Caravansaries are built during Shāh Abbās I of Persia, about 400 years ago. The network was built to support the flow of commerce, information, and people on trade routes covering Asia, North Africa, and South-Eastern Europe.
Explore more of the world at night photography @babaktafreshi.
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Kavir National Park

Cappadocia - Turkey ✨💖💖💖✨ Picture by ✨✨@tiebowtie✨✨
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#Repost @natgeoyourshot
Top Shot: Winter Morning | Photograph by Nina Lozej (@ninalozej) . .
#YourShotPhotographer Nina Lozej captured this image of the church of St. Andrew watching over the foggy winter landscape at dawn. The church is located in a remote part of the Slovenian countryside. This image was selected for the December 22, 2017 Daily Dozen by Your Shot Producer Matt Adams (@themattadams)

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#Followmeto Bali with @natalyosmann. ✣ This island is like a chameleon for me. First time we came here was around four years ago and we didn’t really understand the island. The problem was that we only went to the touristic spots and stayed mostly in Seminyak. ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ To really understand the island - you have to feel it and to seek for some hidden gems - you will see that it has a lot to offer: from the beautiful beaches of Uluwatu, to the peacefulness of Ubud. We managed to see the temples we haven’t seen before (though I regret, not waking up for Lempuyang temple on sunrise), managed to experience the ceremonies with local shamans and drove bike everywhere even it if was raining cats and dogs, found some really cool cafes in Seminyak with which we fell in love. This island is forever in our hearts. ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ Share your experience if you been there and how it changed if you came several times? What are your favorite places there? 🎵parcels: gamesofluck

Bali, Indonesia

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