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So so happy to deliver ‘Lake McKenzie’ off to @itsjoshbradshaw and @charlie_karlsen this afternoon!! Adding a few finishing touches to ‘Soul Structure’ too so it’s looking 👌👌👌 Love getting to see my paintings in their new homes. Enjoy guys!

London, United Kingdom

S O B E R T H O U G H T S 2017 // This is a recycled piece from 2013 that was a piece titled ‘Neon Cathedral’ (Scroll right down to the bottom, you’ll find it lurking about somewhere) and it went to a couple of galleries but continued to then hang about in my studio, doomed to eternity. Then, around 2015 I went at it with black paint EVERYWHERE because I hated all the green. Two years later, over the course of this summer, out popped this! After all that? Took me TWO WEEKS. Done. Finito. FIVE YEARS in the making though. This is just how the creative process goes sometimes!! 🙈🙄💁‍♀️ #abstract #abstractart #abstractpainting #landscapepainting #abstractlandscape #contemporaryart #contemporarypainting #bristolart #bristoluk #londonartist #londonart #waterfallsfordays #tropicallandscape


Back to serious posting now.. Ooo white walls eh? So nice to get work out of my messy, paint splattered studio and onto a lovely fresh white wall! #artexhibition #artgallery #abstractpainting #landscapepainting #abstractlandscape #abstractart #contemporarypainting #contemporarypainter #bristolartist #modernart #artiststudio


I started a new painting this weekend. It started out by choosing a basic 3/4 colour palette and a squeegee type thing and seeing what landscape I could make from it. Two days later and it occurs to me that THIS PHOTO is pretty much what I’ve ended up painting. 🙄🙈😂 I think what this painting is trying to tell me is that I need to get my ass back to Thailand asap 👍🌅🌏☀️🌴 #subliminalmessages #itspeaksthetruth #loveapalmtree #landscapepainting #landscapephotography #thailand #krabi #bristolartist #londonart #contemporarypainting #contemporaryart

Krabi, Thailand

So this little piece here is currently on show at @artwavewest until 22nd Dec. (See bio) It’s titled ‘Mount Doom’ and this is because it is THE Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings, which I happened to climb 💁‍♀️🌋 Now, I may have painted a nice little picture of it, but it was legit one of the hardest things I have EVER done. This view of the mountain sticks in my mind though, it was FIRST thing in the morning, the sun was just coming up and I’ll be honest, from that view at the bottom, it looks too beautiful to be the scary, sweaty, physically exhausting, thing it turned out to be. No lie. So, this is the before shot. If I were to paint the after, it would probably be a black, angry mess of paint 😂 But there is a MASSIVE sense of achievement from that day nonetheless, so I had to fit a painting in from the experience somewhere!

Mount Ngauruhoe

1. S H A D E I N C O M M O N. 2017. This piece is a part of the 'A journey into the Abstract' exhibition at @artwavewest PV, Fri 10th 6-8pm running until 22nd December. If you're down in Morcombelake, Dorset, go check it out!

Artwave West

Top tip: When a piece is in transition from the studio to its new owner, store paintings in the bath away from curious animals 👍#thingstheydontteachyouinartschool #yourwelcome // #bristolart #abstractpainting #landscapepainting #abstractlandscape #abstractart #bristolartist #contemporarypainting #contemporaryart #londonart #artistslife