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Ok. I actually want to cry right now. Ok I am crying. This may not seem like a big deal to you. But I am SO happy. I was able to tell him how much I appreciate him, and he saw it and liked it. Even though they were simple words, and I could have written a whole book of appreciation for bratayley. I’ve been watching bratayley for years, I’ve gone through the pain, and the laughing, and crying. I appreciate Billy so much because he has put up the vlogs everyday and I haven’t missed one in years. I’m just glad i got the chance to know that he saw that I was grateful 😭 this may sound bad but I can’t wait for the day where I get to meet Caleb and the rest of bratayley in heaven and tell them how much I love them😂 miss you bubba #celebratelife #bratayley #hannie


“HaYdEn iS a LaDiEs mAn” #hannie #chickengirls


She armed and dangerous like #hannie #annieleblanc #bratayley


Glad I got to see my hayden in the vlog again @haydensummerall #hannie #bratayley


This little girl lights up my life @hayley.leblanc


This rlly sucks :( #hannie


Me @ the drama #hannie


I want to cry right now. The things I have seen today are just horrible. The amount of hate and drama that is going on just sickens me. This poor girl. All this drama going on is really just pointless and it only hurts people. Annie is sweet and amazing and she has really never done anything to deserve all this hate. Especially all these people saying she’s copying Kenzie. When it’s not even true at all. It’s honestly just ridiculous and it makes me so sad. But we can’t do anything about it because there is always going to be people who continue to fight and compare people and be over dramatic. I try to be as unproblematic as possible on this account and I think everyone else should try too as well, so we can get all this drama calmed down. We need to not fight with Kenzie stans and ignore any mean comments from them instead of fighting back, because that just makes it worse. Kenzie stans need to focus on their Stan. No one should be making posts that compare the girls. If you are, It’s petty and it just makes you look immature. #hannie #annieleblanc #jenzie #kenzieziegler #rockyourhair #bratayley


I actually can’t handle his cuteness @haydensummerall #hannie #haydensummerall