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πŸ“· by @blackmarketnz: Go on....... you'll love it 😍🍷


πŸ“· by @legardienduvin: Neuras winery is one of the only wine producers in #Namibia (and the only one with a resident leopard on the premises). All profits from their sales go towards the conservation of wildlife in Namibia and the social advancement of the San Bushman in the country. Surprisingly good wine with a soft finish!


πŸ“· by @adrianjroberts: Outstanding and everything I have come to enjoy about Dry River Pinot Noir. A stand alone quaffable delight - the colour is dark and inky, diluting to a red cherry at the rim. On the nose a tempest of plum and spice coming off the glass. The fruit notes are dark, deep and ripe. Here's where this wine lifts away - it posses outrageous structure and balance. This combines with those intriguing secondary notes of spice, Christmas cake and a little moist tobacco showing up as a third layer of flavour. To me this is great Martinborough Pinot Noir, just gorgeous. Time down will yield yet a lot more I'm sure. #nzpinotnoir #nzwine #pinotnoir


πŸ“· by @nzwineuk: To be savoured with CrΓ¨me BrΓ»lΓ©e after a morish Sunday roast. #nzwine


πŸ“· by Spice. Supple. Seductive. #nzwine


πŸ“· by @candice.searsnz: This @cloudybay '14 is lightning up a moody #chardonnay #nzwine


πŸ“· by legardienduvin: Quite probably the best winery with the best view in the whole of Hunter Valley, Audrey Wilkinson also offers some great wines, with a special shout out to the Merlots!


πŸ“· by legardienduvin: Pictures of our #huntervalley visit are coming soon! While there, had a lovely lunch at @enzohuntervalley, loved the pork cheek terrine!


***What's your favourite Australian wine?***β €
Stop number 2! We're visiting Australia this month, and would love to check out your favourite wineries across the country! Let us know in the comments where we should go next! #australianwine


πŸ“· by @legardienduvin: Beautiful wines in an amazing scenery, especially loved the 2011 Pinot Noir! @peregrinewines


πŸ“· by @legardienduvin: Had a great tasting today at @villamariawines - loved the Reserve Chardonnay and the Ngakirikiri signature wine! Thanks Bonnie for guiding us through the wines!