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🦹🏾‍♂️ When I fell in Ninja Warrior 🦹🏾‍♂️ When I fell in the 2017 finals of Ninja Warrior UK my only objective was to train hard and become fitter, faster, stronger, so that I could complete the course and win the year after.

Little did I know that actually ninja warrior would not call me the following year (2018) and on the last day of intakes, not many people know this but I had a psychological meltdown. What was my purpose? What was my existence about? I was training for one goal only and I was not being given the opportunity to showcase what I could do. What was the point? I asked myself.

What am I supposed to do with this skill set I have acquired and honed? In the middle of this crisis it came to me... I set out to become a stunt man on the British Stunt Register.

What I had achieved so far in my training showed me that I could do more. The possibility I could do more meant for me was worth a try.
The more we do I’ve realised, the more we can do! Our potential is limitless!

This time the training was going to be the hardest thing I would ever do! The time frame seemed impossible but I hung on to the fact that it was only improbable and set out to achieve my greatest goal to date.

Sometimes, I’ve realised, adversity that we experience is only a stepping stone in preparation for the next thing!

The year after I was invited to compete once again on Ninja Warrior All Stars (2019) for another 5 mins of fame! This time I declined as my sights were set firmly on my new goal. And thank god! Because that one ego lead distraction would probably been my downfall.

I think in life you should decide what you want, then find out what it would take to get there, then comes the hardest part... You have to do it without any excuses!

Now, if you “fail” you get back up and channel everything that you perceive as negative into something positive and KEEP GOING!
Because all the things you learned in that failure could be exactly what you need to be successful next time!

Also never take life too serious and remember to laugh at yourself give everything and if you are going to “fail” make it spectacular 😂😂 💦

Big up to all my Ninja Warrior UK family!!


Leon The Legend

As I sit here on poolside in Morocco working on my tan (I need to be a couple shades darker for this role), enjoying the benefits of being an international stunt performer I can’t help but reflect on where this incredible journey started.

Im not sure I can ever articulate what it’s like to go through what’s needed to be where I am now.
It’s been incredibly hard work but the rewards are starting to show and I am so proud of myself.

From my first fight choreography in London Waterloo to head shots in Marrakesh the journey goes on!
I am so excited to see where this journey goes from here!

Check out @wilfriedtah this guy is a true master of his craft! Thank you brother 🙏

Waterloo, London

Leon The Legend

🐎🐴Horse Riding Barbados🐴🐎 As many of you are aware I recently started to learn horse riding this year and a few people took the piss cause I was on a mechanical simulator rather than an actual horse. “If you want to ride a horse” they said, “Get on a horse!” Which does kinda make sense when you think about it. For me however I found it very valuable to start out getting my riding position correct before getting on a real horse so as not to cause any unnecessary discomfort and stress to the first horse I ride.
While in Barbados recently I was given the opportunity to go out on a Hack on the unspoilt Eastern coastline of the island, walk the trails, take in the views of the wild monkeys and see some of the rougher white capped waves the east side has to offer.

Although I thought that my riding position was comfortable for both the horse (Torpedo) and for me, My horse, who I can only assume must have been too relaxed decided that he also wanted to play/test my abilities to dismount.

Unlike the mechanical horse I had become accustomed to, my gymnastics skills were quickly put to the test as soon as we reached the sand on the beach. On no less than 5 separate occasions Torpedo decided to lay down and roll around in the sand while I was still on his back.

Luckily I managed to Jump off and get clear but I have no idea why this happened. Apparently something to do with him being born in the raining season!? Maybe we need to adjust the settings on my simulator to take these kind of horse misbehaviours into account?

All good fun though and what a great morning out!

Does anybody else’s horse do this or was it just mine? Why would he do this? Was it something I did? Or was he just... Horsing around? :)

Speightstown, Barbados

Leon The Legend

A few pictures of me doing my #padi #padisidemount specialty course in #Tenerife 🐠 Considering where I started I’m really getting a taste for this scuba diving thing, it’s quite addictive.
The problem is with so many new shiny bits of kit to purchase I think it might get a little expensive.
I’m thinking I’ll probably going to go down the #paditecrec route and now the only question to answer is... To #CCR or not to #CCR?


Leon The Legend

Leon Gabbidon, Rock Climbing Instructor

What an adventure!! I’ve learned so much about the outdoors and myself.
So much hard work went into this one. But to be fair the most of it was done by the people that had to suffer me during this whole process.

I’ve tied ropes to pretty much every piece of furniture inside and outside the house.
I’ve tied ropes to people who just came to visit the house. I’ve dragged whoever I could to climbing centres or outdoor crags and forced them to learn belaying and climbing through YouTube videos, DVDs and books or got them to book onto courses so that they can assist me in this goal.
This qualification and therefore this leg of the British Stunt Register process could not have been achieved without the help of some of my most committed family members and friends, who, really want to help me succeed. They have had to endure me at my most short tempered, stressed, tired, miserable, moody and bitter times.
With early starts, late finishes, missed meals, as well as no sleep (due to the fact that I have a habit of using my Nutribullet in a shared rooms at 4 in the morning). We’ve been hot, we’ve been cold, we’ve been wet, we’ve been dirty, we’ve been battered by wind and hail, dropped into trees, stuck on the side of the sea cliffs, nearly blown into the ocean, fallen down holes and argued... A LOT!! On the plus side we’ve had some epic adventures that have lead us up and down the countryside and beyond. Aside from the cuts and bruises, the tears, lost toe nails, stuck gear, bumped heads and wildlife encounters we have all come back alive and better versions of ourselves.
This one is for my family and my friends who stuck with me in an activity that would not have been posible without them. From the days of bouldering at White Spider, to Trad Climbing in the Peak District, we have grown as individuals and as a unit and I love you all so much for the help that you have given me in turning this city boy into an outdoor loving Rock Climbing Instructor!! #bmc #rockclimbing #traditionalclimbing #tradclimbing #rockclimbinginstructor #bsr #thebsr #stunts #stuntman #lifeofastuntwife #whitespiderclimbing #redspider

Brimham Rocks

Leon The Legend

🌱🌱Vegan or Plant Based?🌱🌱 I think that the advantages and disadvantages of having a plant based diet are well documented and first and foremost anybody would be at an advantage in life from making the decision to move towards a plant based diet.
I have started to move away from the term vegan because I have noticed that the word vegan has exclusive connotations. Arguments about who is the greater or lesser vegan are creating an idea of an exclusive club with a gate keeper rather than a lifestyle that we are all moving towards.
I’ve heard of some vegans unwilling to attend social functions if there will be non vegans in attendance!? 😮 While I feel that these radical views are a necessary evil to get a movement started I really don’t think it is inclusive and considerate enough for others who are starting out on this journey and this form of separatism could do harm to the vegan community.

Now more than ever, in a society where technology is bringing us closer and closer, I think it is important to be conscious of how our lifestyle choices affect ourselves, each other and our environment. ✨Love and Light ✨


Leon The Legend

To say I wasn’t confident in the water was an understatement

Having had 3 near drowning incidents in my life I started this journey with what most would consider to be a legitimate fear of open water. At the time, flying to Honduras and completing a 3 month course in scuba diving seemed like a sure fire way of getting myself killed.

I was so worried in fact that I might not be coming back that I travelled up and down the country and threw a leaving party before I left so as to say goodbye to my friends and family just incase of the real possibility that I wasn’t coming back.

I know that I have a habit of making things look really easy, so nobody will really be able to understand how hard this was for me, what I went through out there, and it is far beyond the scope of an Instagram post.

Put simply.. I had a very real fear, I faced it, overcame it and as a result have grown as a person!

Who would have thought that the discipline I was scared of the most would be the discipline I would enjoy the most.

Thank you to everybody that helped me make this transition into the underwater world.
Love you always

Face your fears, chase your dreams, live your passions!

#stunttraining #thebritishstuntregister #padi #padidivemaster #udc #thisisudc #honduras #utila

Utila, Islas De La Bahia, Honduras

Leon The Legend

🐬🐬Dolphins🐬🐬 When the Captain shouts “Dolphins” and starts turning the boat you have no choice but to forget all your fears of the open water. Grab your snorkel and your fins, sit on the deck and wait for the signal to slide in off the stern.
Once in the water your heart starts pounding as you frantically search for the dolphins which you haven’t seen since you sat down 4 mins earlier.
You can hear clicks and whistles as the dolphins communicate with each other but water carries the sound differently to air so you can’t tell where it is coming from?

Then, out of nowhere you see one🐬whoosh straight past you. Then another, then another, and you find yourself racing after a pod of dolphins using every ounce of energy you have hoping to just keep up with them for a few more seconds.

The clicks and whistles sound more personal now, like, somehow this is a communication with you directly.
Your legs grow heavy your lungs are burning “Please just stay a couple more seconds.” The dolphins slow as if to say goodbye and then with two quick flashes of their tails they are gone!
Disappearing into the blue!

You look up and realise you are alone, in a situation so far outside your comfort zone you didn’t know it existed.

Absolutely fucked you drag yourself back onto the boat... You’ve come a long way!

#utila #thisisudc #utiladream #utiladivecenter #utiladivecentre #faceyourfears #outsideyourcomfortzone #dolphins #snorkling #tusa #overcomingfears

Utila, Islas De La Bahia, Honduras

Leon The Legend

When you’re stood on the edge of a 10m high dive platform you can learn a lot about yourself. You can learn a lot about yourself on the solitary 60 second, 50 stair, climb up to that platform. You can learn even more about yourself when you hit the water below at 35mph.

The interesting thing I learned about diving is that it’s your belief in your own abilities which will ultimately dictate just how the dive will go. Fear, doubt, hast, delay, overthinking have no place on that platform with you, or in life for that matter. Emptying you mind, believing in a higher purpose, and trusting in your abilities are what will ultimately leed to success. Whatever success looks like to you.

I didn’t pass with “flying” colours but I deserved it and thoroughly enjoyed the process if you look closely I’m sure you can see me smiling on the way down!

Most importantly I learned just how much I want this!

#stuntmanintraining #thebritishstuntregister #britishstuntregister #highdiving


Leon The Legend

🙃🎉1 3/4 Front Somersault Tucked, Barani Ball out Tucked 🎉🙃 The first time you land a move is always a special moment!
Normally you don't see the first time someone does something because it looks scrappy (like this did) or the camera wasn't rolling etc etc. You can't imagine how much prep goes into this amazing feeling!

How many times you have to fall, re-evaluate, and fall again, genuinely over the moon with this so I thought I would share.

#morethanasport #stuntman #trampolining #stunttraining #fitfam #ninjawarrioruk #legendsarentborn #ninjamode


Leon The Legend

I trained with a brand new pair of hand guards yesterday.
If your stomach can handle the first section of the video the rest of the vid shows me trying to break them in.

The tears happen right at the end of the session.
#gutted #gymnastics #morethanasport #britishgymnastics #stunttraining

Woking Gymnastics Club

Leon The Legend

From Hero to Zero! 😂

Initially I thought that the problem here was the springboard but if you watch it closely you can see that the vault table actually drops 20cm on the block out. Great fun at #Woking #Gymnastics Club though!

#stuntman #stuntraining

Woking Gymnastics Club

Leon The Legend

🥇2017 British Men's Artistic Gymnastics all around Champion!!🥇 30 years ago at the age of 4 I started gymnastics, I quit soon after at the age of 11 because I dislocated my neck attempting a move and this lead to a syndrome known as “The Fear” This basically is a paralysis of the mind that blocks you mentally from doing anything that you fear will lead to a similar outcome (basically I lost my balls). At the age of 17, like most young men I found my balls 😜and attempted a gymnastics move which lead to me breaking my back (L3). My doctor callously, without looking up from her pad told me that I would never be able to play any sports again, I would struggle to walk without a cane, and that my back would hurt every day for the rest of my life especially in the cold.

Heart broken I decided to do everything in my power to learn about the human body, the power of the mind, and the resilience of the human spirit to change this.

Since these times I have made a living by pretty much running around, jumping and encouraging other to do the same. I have represented my country in Basketball and competed successfully in international Gymnastics, and Body Building. I have climbed mountains, swam oceans and been featured in newspapers, magazines, and on television. All for my ability to run, jump, and encourage others to do the same. My goal here is not to brag, but to show what can be done if you stay true to yourself.
Although my back still does hurt sometimes after a long day, I am able to sleep very well because I know truly in my heart that regardless of what anybody has told me or whatever life has thrown at me I have always been following my dreams and living my passions.

This month I won the British Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Championships (Adults) a journey that started 3 decades ago, and I cannot begin to express in words what that means to me (I could literally flip out), not only that but I overcame my fear and performed the same move that I broke my back doing all those years ago.

It has taken me a long time, but step by step, success by success I am beginning to realise that the possibilities in this world are infinite, and...


Leon The Legend

Throwing in bits from the fridge, asparagus, mushrooms, tomatoes, a special grilled veg mix I've preprepared (aubergine, courgette, sundried tomatoes, and sweet peppers) next add fresh herb salsa preprepared (spring onions, basil, coriander, lime juice and jalapeños) mix in pasta BOOM! 🍝

#vegan #quickdinner #offtraining #stuntman #ninjawarrioruk


Leon The Legend

About 3.0m #lache @urbanninjaoc good day all round was just missing a bit of atmosphere. I ran the "tame" course with my good friend @mrkinche fellow #ninjawarrioruk finalist and #ninjawarriorfrance finalist!
Completed all the obstacles on the #insane course but no juice left in the tank to complete them in one run 😟

Some more videos to follow! From #fitfam to #ninjawarrior to #britishgymnastics to #stuntman my climbing skills definitely paid of on this day#legendsarentborn


Leon The Legend

This is what a handspring full looks like from my perspective 👀 #handspring #vault #gymnastics #ninjawarrioruk #parkour #tricking #warmups


Leon The Legend

Bit of a fun way to warm up at gymnastics. Next time I'll just have to spot the landing 😜 #britishgymnastics #warmup #fitness #fitfam #ukparkour #ninjawarrioruk


Leon The Legend

"The many faces of a Monday massage"

Ever wonder what you look like when you're getting a #sportsmassage?
This one is for all the #sportsmassage #therapists who enjoy inflicting pain on us till we scream. Well this is what our little faces squashed into that hole look like trying to not let those screams out!
Happy Monday you sadistic Bastards 😜


Leon The Legend

🗝🗝Key Lock Hang🗝🗝 Thanks to the wonderful people at @ultimateninjauk for putting this together a great competition. It was the first time I've seen this obstacle and my first attempt at it. After a shaker start I was more than relived to make it to the end.
Special thanks to @fred.dorrington for the invite and all the work it takes to set these events up. Shout out to
@dannnymorgan @chris.destefano @mrkinche @queengabbidon @ugniki777 @jhbailey @saffronninja @the.ninja.life for the support and sharing in the fun of the day!

Hopefully catch you all on #ninjawarrior #ninjawarrioruk in the finals!
#legendsarentborn #keylockhang #ninjawarriorukfinal

Ultimate Ninja UK

Leon The Legend

What do you do when the temperature gets a bit high in #London ?


Leon The Legend

A picture speaks a million words❗️ A couple of those words are #pain & determination‼️This is why my dad calls me #lionheart 🦁❤️ Never ever ever quit!‼️My suit was so slippery that I had to use my face and fingertips to get any leverage on these #windchimes but I didn't quit completed the obstacle and still made it up the #warpedwall. @rochellehumes @officialchris_kammy @benshephardofficial @ninjawarrioruk I'll be back... in an even better costume just wait and see 👀
Leon "The Legend" Gabbidon Name Earned!
#legendsarentborn #ninjawarrioruk


Leon The Legend

Climbing is like life really you set your goals high, aim for the top and pray for success. Inevitably you will fail and fall, but through that failure you are learning. As long as you keep learning and keep trying you are making progress towards that goal no matter how small. Eventually, you will learn enough ways of not achieving your goal to attain the ultimate goal... success!

Now, In life and in climbing none of it would mean anything if the goal is not set high and you don’t have your friends helping work through problems, supporting you in your failures and congratulating you in your successes!

Thanks @hells08russ and @mattbrash123 for helping me become a better version of myself!

#nevergiveup #success


Leon The Legend

My body is absolutely shot from #gymnastics, #climbing and #ninjawarrioruk training so I decided to do some active recovery in the pool 🏊🏾 Lots of fun using the #Speedo Biofuse Power Hand Paddles you travel so far on a single stroke but the added resistance will result in a much higher intensity workout.

Also gave me the opportunity to work on one of my weakness which is swimming.

Getting up early meant I had the pool all to myself Bonus!! Feeling better already!😀

David Lloyd Clubs

Leon The Legend

Working on my Ninja Warrior application for season 4 and I found this! Classic! Who else watches themselves on TV like this 😂😂😂😜🤣 Something clearly different about me hahha



Leon The Legend

Rings routine coming along for the British Gymnastics Vets Competition this Aug.
A few more elements to add and tidy it up should be ready! 🏆

@bosh30 @helen08russ my coaches!

#goingforgold #britishgymnastics #rings #calisthenics #lilleshall


Leon The Legend

Shooting some hoops at the #sandalsresorts in #ochorios #jamaica last week. Looks like I still got that range 😜 hit 7/9 from this range then I had to stop for a #rumcocktail 🍹

#range #3point #shootingguard #🏀 #basketballtraining #trickshot #trickshottuesday

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Leon The Legend

Another HUGE #dyno on this V5 over @whitespiderclimbing yesterday!

A good couple of weeks, a lot of smashed knees, ankles, hands, and knocked head a couple of times in this cramped corner but it finally went yesterday 👊🏾

White Spider Climbing

Leon The Legend

This one is for @mattbrash123 😜 #campusboard #dyno