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Man Crusher Monday


It was a wild honor to play history's most demented feminist prophet, Valerie Solanas on tomorrow's episode. The latest season of American Horror Story is the first piece of art work to truly address the rampant pain and insanity of this post-election world. It's surreal and it's all too real. I've loved every second of the series, just like I loved every second of embodying Valerie- her pain, rage, fear, loss and weird hat collection. So much love to Ryan Murphy @mrrpmurphy for his boldness and for resurrecting Val, Brad Falchuk @bradfalchuk for asking me to go hard, Crystal Liu for the killer script and Rachel Goldberg for directing the tits outta this. I got to act alongside so many beautiful women. This one's for all my ladies crying out to be known as more than a shadow. This one is for the people who refuse to play the game. This one is for corduroy- I've never worn so much fucking corduroy❀️ #SCUM #AHScult


We all need mentors- but where do we find them when we don't see faces like our own in our field? Along with @ColeHaan, we asked the extraordinary Tiffani Bell how she found black woman mentors as a programmer. #extraordinaries Illustration by Priscilla Weidlein. Link in bio.


desperately sleepless with Susan


reminders for the collective self


Honored @jennikonner and I got to produce this super special romance by @saltyshep ❀️ #tokyoproject #lizzie #ebon - debuts on @hbo this Saturday nite at 7pm.


Thank you @gregoryrussellhair for handling my pompadour and for the hot smurfjob. Love you mean it πŸ’Ž


If you're like me & mermaids make you happy but also Traci Lords makes you happy, well, here's Traci Lords as a mermaid 🐚


When my parents had this baby, did they know it would be my favorite baby? Very tall baby, btw #sisterlife


Hey @jackantonoff remember your weird depression beard? Remember how depressed it made ME? Your vibe was very "just divorced my childhood sweetheart, getting into cigars and stuff." So glad that phase is behind us. So glad we've been together long enough to have phases. I miss you, come home soon.


Someone I love bought me a stuffed animal!


Link no longer in bio, emotions remain the same πŸŽ₯ πŸ’”


So @lennyletter is teaming up with our favorite illustrator @hallithbates to sell these original prints to benefit Puerto Rico relief. It's only 25 bucks and all proceeds go to the Hispanic Federation πŸ™ πŸ‡΅πŸ‡·


Who gonna get this done, ladies?