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Honoring Venus Day by celebrating this special lady @mollyoaustin iiiii caccckled so loud on my morning commute, I’m also inspirited to finger paint with my man juices.... thank you. #period #venus #mollyaustin

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Still having a #TeaParty w/ @tawnymlara creator of @sobrieteaparty. Such an honor it’s been to witness Tawny step into her calling to curate space for real conversations about recovery. I was one of 6 brave beautiful #queerasfolk speakers. I spoke on being a survivor of Narcissistic Abuse, how recovery has informed my holistic choices, my learning and my growth how no one is genuinely immune to the targeting and vampires of a #narcissist and how it’s not just a badge of honor to claim to be an empath, it’s a rite of passage to learn how to wield higher levels of compassion and fortify your base of power. We have a responsibility to ourselves to remain open, outpouring and most importantly present to receiving. The narcissist will pull and take and never return the light you give them, simply because they do not know what to do with it, they do not know how. If you identify with being a compassion leader or giver, please, please give and fill up yourself first and tune into the ever present breath that will never ever fail you. Gratitude to the team of #ReadingsOnRecovery y’all are so beautiful and so brave! I see you, I feel you, I’ll protect you, but I won’t baby y’all ;-) imma tell the truth when no one else will from love towards more love, together we KEEP RISING!


We don’t have to forsake our empathy to the external calamities in order to protect our inner sanctum of serenity. In fact it’s human to err, it’s godly to forgive, its quite remarkably cosmic to live & let live.




⚡️ Tonight I’m bringing the spiritual BUZZ as a storyteller at a mocktail party, that is the @sobriteaparty. Hosted at @lululemonnyc #Hub17. This is their 3rd gathering of which Ive been a support and ally for since the beginning. As an advocate for total lifestyle wellness I must say being able to speak amongst open hearts doesn’t require courage, but it does awaken courage. What it requires is depth within your truth & follow throughout the storytelling. My journey as a #SoberAlly navigating around not so sober environments as informed many of my life choices. It’s fortified my overall tolerance & is why many of my clients, students, and businesses are in support of #SoberCommunities. I am grateful to be a representation of balanced living without needing to claim an authenticity that speaks for itself, as it should through action, grace, and alignment.
I am honored to be amongst these other guest speakers all soul picked for #PrideMonth. I am grateful to witness their living truth & journey through their testimony & celebration of life. Please KNOW the invitation to come join us is there. As my good friend Ruby @the_numinous says it’s okay to be #SoberCurious. This is an important event for me because sobriety doesn’t just have to be abstaining from drinking, drugs, or sex - one could be called into other realms of systematic recovery. I know my truth, and I trust the truth will do what instagram captions can only gather a pinch of. Sometimes it takes that pinch to bring out the full flavor of the whole dish. May you be guided to be present where your mind needs fuel, your heart is valued and your listening is inspirational. Sign Up is free via @sobrieteaparty (Link in bio) As Always Keep Rising!


Honoring the complexities of my ancestry.
At least within this physical form.
So many year without questioning
The fireworks of July 4th 1776 to corroborate a freedom celebration that took another 89yrs to truly reform. Some may argue even further from that.
Though many of my genealogical relatives, relate to still feeling they haven’t won... a greater than 27% feels the winning has just begun. I haven’t ever truly questioned when I speak to the ancestors who is listening today, what color they are. I don’t limit myself when dancing and humming on the astral plane. On the other hand I’m finding bliss in their glistening. Through their rays of wisdom & unique light, and innovative darkness. Over on the other side all is one. Out in this physical contrast I’m honoring the glory soon come.
Happy Juneteenth, 150yrs of African American identity clarified as freedom. A clarification we need to be reminded of by laws and standards of this present American society our freedom’s reach finally knows no limits. There only limitations left are upon ones’ on character. Ones own behavior, ones own perception of otherness the enemy of separation would believe they can push into the space of their enemies energy, stab and maul and feast upon what is worthy of their attention. The energy of togetherness is transmutation ... acknowledging what you genuinely find of value and power in OTHER and speaking it into life of support, empowerment and shining a light on their strengths. I guess it takes defeat to truly tell the truth about who we feel is best and who belongs to stand in front or kneel at our step.
Happy Juneteenth may this very personal day that energizes African American Identity uplift you, if it pertains to you and clarify for you if you forgot. #blackamerica #pridemonth #juneteenth #liberatedminds #heartlove #imrootingforeverbodyblack #creole #morethansoulfood


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M O N D A Y issa MOON day not to be misinterpreted as mooning aka show ya ass before noon day. Kindness matters, humor heals, so does breathing. Figure your muck out and be good to each other. Inspired & elated I get to .gif my friends. S/O to @mjrodriguez7 of @poseonfx #houseofevangelista #posefx #beanicehuman #checkyourself #noattitudehere #6deepbreathsormore #backtfup


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