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“Get This Look” by embracing all things bold — @visitbatch really knows how to use pink properly🌸 Check out their showroom in SF to see more brands like @getmozaiko OR shop our interior accent plants online to recreate this blushing look! 📷: @rbradleyphoto


HAPPY EARTH DAY🌎 — what a warm + beautiful day to celebrate all things green! It’s also a suiting time to send another plant care tip your way & this one is all about humidity🌿 Many of the indoor plants we have come to love dearly originate from tropical or subtropical regions! Here are ways to create a similar atmosphere for your leafy friends:
Grouping: plants release moisture through their leaves, so grouping them together can create the sensation of a condensed growing area and a humid microclimate
Misting: fill a spray bottle with clean water and spray the leaves. This is a nice refresher in between waterings — especially on hotter days
Humidifier: the easiest way to create that humid tropical feeling. This small investment can go a long way in maintaining your plant’s health and happiness💚
Need additional advice on plant care? Our plant doctors are available 24/7 for ongoing support. ✉️: Email us anytime plantdoctor@leonandgeorge.com


That’s right friends! We have two events running this Sunday in celebration of Earth Day🌎 Come check out our gorgeous greens at our urban greenhouse in SF from 12pm-4pm, or at Platform LA in Culver City from 10am-5pm🌿 And if you already have plans this weekend.. have no fear! We’re always online💚


NEW plant alert: The Desert Cactus🌵 Minimal and modern or boho-chic, this cactus is hands down the easiest statement plant to care for. All you need is sun☀️ Shop now and bring some desert vibes indoors!


Are you a sucker for a cozy workspace? Then “Get This Look” by adding some leafy textures to your home/office☕️🌿 Our Pink Rubber Tree will round out any creative space with its charismatic charm🌸


A NEW product has arrived at Léon & George and it’s a beauty🌸 The Magenta Triostar is a striking and vibrant accent plant with leaves that close at night and open during the day! Shop now & spruce up your interiors with this colorful gem🌿


This week’s plant care tip is all about when to repot your greens🌿 If you purchased your plant with us within the last year, it's unlikely that you'll need to repot your plant this season.
The main reasons to repot are to refresh your plant's soil or give them more room to grow🌱
Here's what to look out for:
Crowded stems - your plant has grown rapidly and no longer looks proportionate with its pot size
Unruly roots - you have roots poking out from the pot or starting to look congested
Dreary leaves - overall the plant's leaves are looking sad and discolored then a refresh of its soil would really help🌿
Consider the above before reporting your plant! Need additional advice on plant care? Our plant doctors are available 24/7 for ongoing support 💚✉️ Email us anytime: plantdoctor@leonandgeorge.com


This Friday’s “Customers Got Style” post is dedicated to @jilliansipkins and her gorgeous LA interiors🌿 Keep tagging us in your L&G product pics for your chance to be featured in the future! Happy weekend💚


Big news! We’re having our first LA Pop-Up Shop in celebration of Earth Day🌏 Join us from 10am-5pm on 04/22 at Platform LA - a new hip shopping/hangout spot. Meet our plants in person, pick yours out & we’ll deliver🌿 Check out this url for more event details: tinyurl.com/yblw8oel


Thinking of ordering some gorgeous greens?💭 Then you should know that at L&G we take pride in preparing every plant for its journey. Each one is pampered & delivered with the utmost care💚 And if your green thumb confidence is lacking, have no fear! Our plant doctors are available for ongoing personalized support to keep your plants happy & thriving👨🏻‍⚕️🌿


Here’s another @visitbatch inspired “Get This Look” — with a mix of bold, fearless pinks and vibrant, fresh greens you too can accomplish this stylish Spring vibe🌸 Shop this look online at L&G, or #IRL at Batch in SF🌿💕


This April, for every 2 plants you buy from Léon & George we'll give you a FREE plant sensor🌿 The Mi Flora sits in your plant's soil & gives you real-time information about light conditions, soil moisture and minerals, as well as temperature! Shop now - link in bio.


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