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#Repost @international_animal_rescue This Endangered Species Day we want to thank you for your continued support.

Every single one of these endangered animals has been given a second chance at life because of YOU.

We work tirelessly to rescue and protect endangered species that are suffering as a result of habitat loss, the illegal pet trade, and the exploitation of animals for public entertainment.

Your support helps us to continue our life-saving work and make a lasting, positive difference to animals in desperate need.

Even just the simple act of tagging your friends helps us to raise awareness about our vital work. Thank you, together we are making a difference.

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#Repost @discoverychannel Endangered Species Day is a chance to celebrate the fierce but fragile beauty of the natural world. 🐅 Do your part to keep it alive by joining Discovery’s #ProjectCAT fight to help @world_wildlife double the number of tigers in the wild. #EndangeredSpeciesDay


#Repost @lionrecovery The future for lions presents binary possibilities. Business as usual is going to result in dramatic ongoing declines in the numbers and distribution of these magnificent cats. However, if African governments continue to invest the necessary land for wildlife conservation, and if African governments and the international community step up to the plate and provide the elevation in funding needed to tackle conservation threats on the continent, the future will be much brighter. The existing protected area network, if properly funded, could support 3-4x the number of lions that currently survive in the wild.
Perspective of the day from LRF Director, @peterlindseyafrica
Photo by @neilmidlane


#Repost @janegoodallinst Happy #mothersday to all of the spectacular, supportive and courageous moms, human and wildlife alike, and all of those living without their mothers (we see and love you), for all your strength and wisdom and love! Jane has often said “if I was a bird that needs feathers to fly higher, my mother would be my strongest feather.” It is Jane’s mother who gave her the best advice and always believed in her, helping her find her way and live her dreams of going to Africa to study wild animals. It is Jane’s learning about the unique and beautiful motherhood bonds of chimps that gave us a window into their complex personalities and emotions, and helped us learn more about ourselves. And it is the mothers of those @rootsandshoots youth and people of all ages around the world, and those that care for others who may not have a mother, or those who rescue the motherless like those chimps of our Tchimpounga sanctuary that we give our greatest thanks and appreciation. Thank you. Tag someone who supports and loves you! Photos Hugo Van Lawick | #janegoodall #drjanegoodall #chimpanzees #chimps #wildlife #mothers


#Repost @natgeotravel Photo by @amivitale. Wildlife keeper Kamara nuzzles an orphaned elephant named Nadasoit after she arrived at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary (@r.e.s.c.u.e)  Nadasoit is now healthy and strong and one day will be fully rehabilitated and reunited with their wild herds. Kamara has spent 10 years at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (@lewa_wildlife) and is an expert in caring for orphaned animals, from baby rhinos to lions, and came to Reteti to help raise an orphaned baby rhino. He also gives love to the elephants when they need it. Follow @amivitale and @r.e.s.c.u.e  for more stories about communities protecting wildlife.
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#Repost @amazonfrontlines This powerful photo essay (link in bio) presents an intimate look at life and resistance among the Siona of Putumayo, one of 34 indigenous groups designated at risk of physical and cultural extermination in Colombia. ⠀

For decades, the Siona of Putumayo have been caught in the crossfire of both the Colombian Civil War and the narcotics trade. It is their deep connection with their traditions and their spirituality that has allowed them to endure. ⠀

This week, the Siona are traveling along with two other indigenous nations from their rainforest territories in the Amazon to the Dominican Republic to present evidence before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights that the Colombian state has not only failed to meet its obligations to take measures to ensure their physical and cultural survival, but that it has put them at even greater risk by making deals with extractive companies that directly impact their territories. Stay tuned as we share updates from this journey. ⠀



#Repost @sea_legacy Photo by @nickhawkinsphotography // Marine Protected Areas can — and must — work for both wildlife and people. Recently, the Canadian government announced the Eastern Shore Islands of Nova Scotia as a potential Marine Protected Area (MPA). This unique archipelago of over 500 islands supports diverse coastal ecosystems, including rich intertidal areas, seabird colonies, and spawning areas for Atlantic herring. Communities along the Eastern Shore have fought to keep open-pen salmon farming from threatening these sensitive fishing grounds. An MPA for the Islands could be a win-win for these communities. It would prohibit salmon farming, while allowing low impact activities, like the lobster fishery, to continue. It could also promote sustainable tourism in the area, producing jobs for future generations. There’s no doubt an Eastern Shore MPA will work for both conservation and the local economy. Follow me @nickhawkinsphotography for more on MPAs #TurningTheTide with @ecologyaction @cpaws_national @cpawsnovascotia @wwfcanada @nsnaturetrust #Canada #MarineProtectedAreas #EasternShore #NovaScotia #100WildIslands #MPA


#Repost @africanwildlifefoundation Saturday, May 5, was African World Heritage Day. Wild lands across #Africa are home to rare, threatened, and endangered species of immense value to conservation, contributing to the common heritage of humanity.


#Repost @nature_org Cute Alert! Yaron Schmid | @yswildlifephotography shared this image of a lion cub stretching in the Serengeti, Tanzania. "I am an animal lover - without nature there's no life!" @billmarr comments: "Sometimes cute is enough… you've gotta smile at this." Check out more entries in the TNC Photo Contest at nature.org/photocontest. #ConnectWithNature


#Repost @wired Photographer Silvie De Burie had always loved water, but after she started diving, her 'waterlust' was born. Soon, she began to take her camera down with her. This photo series features close-up shots of a variety of forms of coral, highlighting their colorful and mesmerizing patterns. However, humans are killing these coral reefs—and destroying the ecosystems that rely on them. De Burie hopes her photography can bring awareness to the threats faced by coral reefs. In her words, “the more we are aware, the more we will care.” 📸: Silvie De Burie | @lensculture


#Repost @amazonfrontlines What do you do when the oil industry has polluted your drinking water? ⠀

In the northern Ecuadorian Amazon, indigenous communities are building their own solutions through systems that collect and filter rainwater. ⠀
You can help them reach their goal: link in bio.⠀



#Repost @natgeo Photo by @FransLanting A family of elephants with youngsters and led by a matriarch is crossing a floodplain in the Okavango Delta. For elephants this place is heaven on earth. Plenty of water and succulent vegetation--and they are left in peace. Botswana has banned trophy hunting and pursues poachers vigilantly. The Botswana Defence Force’s mission has been extended from defending borders to protecting wildlife. An idea worth spreading. Follow me @FransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom for more stories from Africa. @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #SavetheElephants #Africa #Botswana #Elephants #Conservation #Ivory


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