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Soaking in the symmetry☀️
After being wined & dined @rcbacarasantabarbara, the day after called for some hydrotherapy. Pool vs. beach is always a tough one - which one are you drawn to?? @ritzcarlton #SantaBarbara #RCMemories #RCPartners


Up up and away🏙️
As of late, I’ve been walking the line between roots and wings and right now, I feel the urge to fly :) It’s only fitting that I started my California trip yesterday on the 1st day of summer with @ritzcarlton and I know one thing’s for sure -
life on the road is the life for me!
Heading to all the summer hot spots: Santa Barbara, Half Moon Bay & Lake Tahoe! Do you have a favorite?! All suggestions welcome! #RCMemories #RCPartner
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She wasn’t given wings to see the world from a tree✈️
instagram —> reality 😜
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the road Les traveled✨
A personal fave with @mollycophoto


I squinted real hard and felt the familiar warmth of the Italian sun and the sweet sounds of Venice behind me🌞...but nothing brings you back to reality/America faster than a Harley Davidson sign in illuminating lights😂
Talking first trip to Vegas on The Road Les Traveled today! Thanks for all yours suggestions fam :) @venetianvegas #vegas


I’m back in LA going through all my photos from my first ever trip to Vegas. I found myself gravitating towards posting another photo from this pool day because my chest looks so strange here. It does funny things when I do anything requiring the upper body to flex - working out, opening doors, lifting luggage into overhead bins, holding really heavy watermelons doubling as cups😂Sometimes I get self conscious about the dents, but most of the time I’m able to remind myself that I did this preventative surgery for a reason and I’m healthier for it. Now I’m left with fake, happy, cancer-free boobs and a weird party trick🤷🏼‍♀️and that’s pretty cool to me. When life gives you lemons, have an operation that can give you melons ;) Then drink out of one and invite the pineapples to join too b/c everyone’s welcome.🍉🍍🍈🍋 #selflove @palazzovegas


Not having fun in Vegas? That’s a stretch😜
First timer in Sin City! How has this place evaded me for 30 years?! Please give me all the advice/suggestions! And thanks for pimping my ride, @palazzovegas :) Can’t tell you the last time I was in a limo (Prom ‘06...The Bachelor...) #vegas #firsttimer #isbritneystillplaying #whataboutcher #orceline


ǝ ʌ ᴉ ʇ ɔ ǝ d s ɹ ǝ Ԁ

Switch it up from time to time :)
I often get questions on how to stay in shape when traveling b/c that breakfast buffet isn’t going to work off itself😋Talking (and showing) hotel room workouts today on The Road Les Traveled - link in bio!
Photo: @mollycophoto


Waited two months for the crowds to die down and the heat to rise up, but Coachella 2018 is off to a good start🔥
Pool by @parkerpalmsprings
Photo by @mollycophoto


Brightening up my summer wardrobe with all things yellow, including but not limited to clothing, jewelry and hair by @kelcey901 💛.
Heading somewhere in Cali today for an exciting project...and it’s going to be HOT. Any guesses?!
📷by photographer extraordinaire @mollycophoto


Home is where the family is, where my Wi-Fi connects automatically, where my pants aren’t, where I can put the camera down and where my cup runneth over with lotsss of bubbly. Home = these people, wherever they are in the world, but yeah mostly inside the Natural State♥️Happy bday mom :)
Photo cred: Dad


A few years back I walked into a little shop to try the best Bánh Mì in the world according to Anthony Bourdain. I ventured to the blistering hot town of Hoi An and ordered my first Vietnamese sandwich, completely trusting the man I watched on TV for so many years and this particular episode throughout Asia was no different. After savoring a few bites he goes “that’s a symphony in a sandwich.” It was exactly that, a compilation of different elements that I had to experience for myself...tastebuds screaming to tear into the crispy baguette brought over by the French with a fusion of meat and pickled vegetables to top it all off. I went, I saw, I ate and...I quietly thanked him. For far more than cold cuts and breadcrumbs.

Tony remains inside kitchens and in regions of the world that would otherwise remain parts unknown if it weren’t for his thirst for adventure. He showed me what real travel looks like, he reminded me to take risks, and he taught me to always seek difference in myself and in places around me. I loved him for his rawness, his lack of ego, his wild creativity, his ability to bring people together and his unapologetic nature. He was a symphony of love and light in a complex world. We’ll miss you in the friendly skies. Safe travels beyond♥️.
We are never going through something alone on this earth. Tell your story. Be known. You are safe here. You are loved. We’re all in this 𝕥𝕠𝕘𝕖𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣.