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Last night walking through my favorite NY landmark I captured this. I love how focused they are on each other and present to their moment in one of the busiest places in the world. I want to get back to seeing what’s before us that is simple and beautiful. ❤️

Grand Central Station

Allison Strong is a future bride whose only worry might be her zany family... or maybe just the Dads! Guys... @singalongstrong gets to call @adamsandler “Dad”! And she had the time of her life doing it. We are so pumped for you all to see it!!! 👰🏻🤵🏾 #theweekofmovie #netflix #comedy


🎀 Ahhhh!!! Finally the day! Tune-in tonight at 8pm for the new DCOM, Z.O.M.B.I.E.S. on Disney Channel at 8pm starring Meg Donnelly as Addison! The soundtrack is already available. Enjoy! So proud of you @megdonnelly 🎀 #rolemodel #dreamscometrue


Wishing you a random and wonderfully surprising week. Be ready for anything.#motivationmonday #Superbowl #selfie


Save the date...April 27th coming to Netflix! Allison Strong is getting married and Dad’s not quite ready for it... but we are! Congrats @singalongstrong !!! Check out @adamsandler for full teaser link in his bio! 👰🏼 #theweekofmovie #netflix #comedy #allisonstrong #adamsandler #chrisrock / @sherifaye


Lovie Simone is Sundancing with the cast & creative team of @monsterthemovie !! And of course, looking fabulous. I can’t wait to see @loviesimone_ in this amazing supporting role, plus, I miss your face in New York! Thanks @thompsoncory for being the Buchwalder on the ground! | @davejmck

Sundance Film Festival

@michaelcharlesroman is shocked by the new season of @graceandfrankie !! Enjoy! “Adam” loves you... maybe. Not really.


March 27th on ABC. They. Are. Back! Meet our nugget @amesmcnamara as Mark. Yup, that smart looking fella in front with Grandma Roseanne and next to Mom “Darlene”. I had the pleasure of sitting in the audience for a taping and let’s just say.... this legendary series is more than back, it’s kicking the damn comedy door down and no topic or issue is safe. America.... buckle up! Best writing I have witnessed in a longggg time! Hysterical! Way to go Ames!!! 👍🎉


Ok, fun fact...I’ve been sugar-free for nearly 9 years. I am also strictly low-glycemic and 4 months ago... I was insane enough to cut out dairy, beef & chicken. 😱 Sugar makes me feel sick! Truth! So... what’s left to eat? In this photo is one of my favorite sweet breakfast concoctions. Quinoa with baked apples....and a glass of almond milk. #lowglycemic #sugarfree #glutenfree #vegan #veganrecipes #cozyhome


Happy New Year! Did you miss us? 😂

Upper West Side