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2+2 is 4 minus 1 that’s 3 quick maths
Jokes aside that’s how simple weight loss is yet so many people over complicate it! What’s even worse is people with a good following are some of the biggest culprits!
Calories in < calories out = calorie deficit / fat loss
Then we see people massively over complicate this which then makes weight loss go from


Confusing right? Over complicated at least anyway!

In real terms this is basically the conflicting advice you’re most likely surrounded with on a daily basis! Be that
*The shredded body builder who swears by only eating meat and veg to get lean
*The guys who say carbs are bad for you
*The big weight loss clubs who restrict certain foods
*The PTs who only know how to do things one way *The paleo crowd
*The Herbalife, Juice plus salespeople
*The Keto dieters

All of the above will work because they all do the same thing, create a calorie deficit!

The principle is the same just the methods are different!

All that happens is you get confused because there is so much conflicting stuff out there

If anyone claims their way of dieting is the ONLY way you’re going to lose fat, unfollow that person as he or she is an idiot. β€’
Some of the people genuinely believe what they say, for example the bodybuilders who swear by the chicken and veg diets
Then others jump on the bandwagon of what is currently trending because it’s a new sales avenue
Be aware of your social surrounding as you may be getting influenced or confused without even realising it!

Everyone is different, what works for one person may be the worst possible way for someone else because of lifestyle or mindset issues
Take home points
- There are millions of ways to get to 4, the least complicated being 2+2=4
- There are hundreds of diets that will get you to lose body fat, the least complicated is understanding that eating below your maintenance will get you there

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Getting your macros right is key to staying in shape. Transforming our body can appear complex but really is just a math problem. Calories in vs calories out will always govern weight gain and weight loss. Whilst our macros % will determine the quality of that weightloss or gain. In general a diet with a high protein macro content will help us hold onto muscle (when low cal dieting) recover quicker and train harder.

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