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September 21-23, 2018. ☀️ Music. Art. Taste. Ideas.

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Scream, shout, let your weekend out. Happy Friday, friends! 💃

Downtown Las Vegas

“One thing we can focus on that’s an incredible positive thing is what you guys are doing – your voices and actions are resonating around the world – the youth are changing the world right now. Whether you know it or not you are, with your sense of acceptance, love and kindness. Thank you for making a greater, more healthy environment for people who are unique that feel on the outside. You guys are pretty incredible and keep changing the world.” - @danreynolds
We couldn't have said it better ourselves - positive voices and actions can change the world, and they will. We were honored to be part of such a special moment in our community. A moment where collectively we were all able to help students continue to use the arts as a way of creating a culture and world we are all proud to be part of.
Serving as the kickoff to our fifth annual festival weekend, Toyota & VH1's Save the Music Grant was presented to 3 Las Vegas area high schools. This grant will allow the schools to provide year-long support to their music education programs and resources.
Thank you @Toyota, @VH1savethemusic and @imaginedragons - we are humbled to be your partners in this program.

Ed W. Clark High School

Here's to creating a life you're proud of. Spread all the love today. ❤️


"The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic than to love others" - Vincent van Gogh


DTLV is our community and where our movement began. We couldn’t be more proud to call Las Vegas home.


This is the reason we do everything we do. Love and inspiration is contagious, make sure to spread it. Thank you @amnthewilderness


Believe in community. Believe that we can make the world a more beautiful and loving place. Gather strength from these ideals and come together to support and love one another. We will overcome hate and divisiveness together. We will lean on each other and move forward. We must create a world in which love is the only option.

Las Vegas, Nevada

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THANK YOU ALL for the 5th and most beautiful year yet! We are blown away by all love, energy, and positivity from last weekend. This would not be possible without all of you, and we are so excited to see what the next 5 years will bring! See you in 2018✨💃✨ #lifeisbeautifulfest #DTLV 🎼 credit: Cameron Calloway - "Everywhere"

Life Is Beautiful