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This bad boy is cleaned, packed up and ready to go. A lot of you asked where he's going (thank you for the concern about his well being 😂) and he's heading to Austria 🇦🇹 We are looking forward to trying out some muddier, rockier and more forest-y terrain 😂 Personalized threads are from @sunsandsports, have you got your jersey yet for the @fifaworldcup?

#showthemyou #footballbysss #riseforglory


Stoke city 🌃 Managed to squeeze a few more sessions out of the season before I'm off and we even had a bit of rain out in the water that day, that was pure magic. Thanks @rollingliuk for letting me use your stick! And @ing_gots for being a little beach paparazzo 📸 #mydubai


Austrian bike, French shirt, UAE weather. With the @fifaworldcup coming up, which team are you supporting? Where are you going to be watching from? Have you got a sweet shirt customized by @sunsandsports like I do 😂? (No special treatment here, anyone can get it done at Dubai Mall 😉) #showthemyou #footballbysss #riseforglory


Things have been a bit chaotic in my little world. I'm packing up the room that I've lived in for 25 years and I'm prepping for a 2 month trip to Malawi in June where I'll be helping out in an orphanage that's home to 19 kiddos. What comes after that is a bit up in the air and I can't wait to find out what it is ❤️ #yallagopro


Sometimes I like saying yes to random things. I.e. @nawstyk was looking for someone to wear @rageshopdxb threads and photograph them and I said yes 🤷🏽‍♀️ It ended up being a fun evening coming to terms yet again with the fact that I am not made for the modeling industry (not like it ever wanted me anyway). I also got to hang with some cool kids so scroll through to see what @nawstyk came up with and check out @rageshopdxb for some more shots he took (scroll to the end to see my modeling at its best). Thanks again for a fun night dood!


Still posting photos of Bali from Dubai, but not for long, soon I'll be posting them from somewhere else 😏 I'm heading somewhere for 2 months in the next few weeks and it's going to be somewhere super remote. Any ideas where I'm off to?


Austria isn't really so big on football so when @sunsandsports asked me which jersey I'd like to wear when I watch the Football World Cup I went for France 🇫🇷 🎉 Which team jersey would you go for? And speaking of all things French who watched the French MotoGP today?
#showthemyou #footballbysss #riseforglory


If you ever get the chance to stay in Uluwatu do yourself a favor and stay the night at @dreamseasurf in room 16. It's the one with the best view in the joint #yallagopro #whpgetlost


Cheesy couple photo 101: find yourself a waterfall and ask someone to take a photo of you (in this case @krisnadj happened to be there)


Life's good when you're actually a really crap surfer and manage to come out of the water alive in Uluwatu 😂


I have no idea how people would get around Bali without a scooter... #yallagopro


Hello? Anybody home? (Sorry guys can anyone think of a better caption? 😂)


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