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I'd rather my body be able to do the shit that I need it to do than look a certain way. Thanks for the snap and letting me steal your board @rollingliuk #mydubai


Don't mind me, just posing like a goon with my new board. If anyone's got any tips on what to do when you take a selfie send them through, I clearly could do with them.. (shot on the HUAWEI nova 3 with their nifty AI feature) @huaweiarabia #huaweinova3 #aiselfiesuperstar #ad #dubai #mydubai


I've missed this. Drenched in my own sweat. Trying to get something right. Probably a few extra bruises. Focusing only on what's happening right in that moment. My mind had a bit of peace and quiet for a few hours. #gopro #dubai #carverskate #surfskate #surfyourskate #whphidden


Full on selfie. Super weird and strange to have my face in yo face. But oh well. Been playing around with my new HUAWEI nova 3 and they've got this funky AI feature that makes your selfies look 🎉🎉🎉 (that means poppin' in my head). @huaweiarabia #huaweinova3 #aiselfiesuperstar #ad #dubai #mydubai


#tb to our mini bike meet in my hometown (village actually) in Austria, been a while since I've been on a road bike and felt that priceless feeling of freedom. Tomorrow is @motogp Sunday at the @redbullring, who's going to be watching?? #austria #brapp #experiencedifferent #wearesungod #gopro


Learning more and more to let things roll off like marbles down my back and give them a little hackey sack kick to send them off and keep doing my thing. I'm not here to live for others, I'm here to live. Full stop. Hashtagdgafwhatastrangerthinksishoulddo

#austria #brapp #gopro #experiencedifferent


I actually wasn't sure which way to rotate this picture 😂 but I feel this way makes the most sense... maybe. I'm back in Dubai and cant wait to spend a bit of quality time here ❤️Got a few cool things planned and a few beautiful friends to go and hug and convince to visit me in Vienna.. #mydubai #gopro #experiencedifferent #dubai #goprohero6


This little project has been exactly what I needed. Sounds cheesy but it's true. I got to learn a few new things from my dad, I got to distract my brain, slow things down, be creative and do something from start to finish. I bought myself some second hand @carverskate trucks and a €20 board from probably the 90s off a Serbian kid in Vienna and DIYed myself a new toy. Going to try and put together a video of the process, maybe some of you is keen to see a few fails and all that and of course the finished product because this stage of it was definitely not close to the finish line 😂

#diy #gopro #austria #surfskate


Still need to give my baby a little more TLC before I take him out properly but doing little bits and bobs when I get to my parents house. First up was switching out the battery for a new one, next comes going through all the bolts with a torque wrench 😒 and then comes a little (much needed) oil and filter change. Also want to switch the tank back to the stock MX size one and the list goes on.. And yes I'm wearing my new favorite swimsuit under those dungarees 😂

#austria #brapp #experiencedifferent


Came to the countryside to spend some time with my parents and most of yesterday involved mowing the lawn, cleaning the courtyard and scrubbing the pool (if you zoom in you'll see the sophisticated goggles and little brush I had to work with 😂). Also testing out one of the sweet gifts we got at the #goprocreatorsummit, the swimsuit from @jolynclothing and I am loving it. If you know me a little better you'll know I can't just buy whatever bikini, swimsuit, bra, etc that I feel like because small waist and 🍈🍈s aren't catered for with a lot of brands. Anywho I am in love with this swimsuit cause even though it looks all slinky it holds everything in place (I got it as a gift from @gopro and @jolynclothing doesn't even know I exist so rest assured my opinion is not biased, just want to share the love for a good product and maybe any other ladies might find it helpful ❤️) #gopro #austria #whplight


Coming in hot! Heading back to Dubai for most of August until I somewhat full time move to Austria (I say somewhat because Dubai will always be a place that resembles home and I'll keep coming back to it). I've got so much stuff and hugs to get through while I'm there, but please please share what's going on, where to go, etc because I've been a little bit all over the place (figuratively and literally). Ps. There's a really important landmark that you can spot in this picture and it's not the @burjalarab. My old house is somewhere down there right opposite it ❤️ #mydubai #gopro


@s_o_u catching me catching the beautiful Kananaskis sunrise. I'm not so big on hiking but this 4.30am wake up was definitely worth it. @travelalberta @gopro #explorealberta #gopro #goprocreatorsummit #goprohero6 #experiencedifferent