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@antonierobertson from @advroad on the clicker for this sick shot of the @ducatiuae Supersport S. I got the opportunity to demo this bad boy for a few days and write up a little review for @thenationaluae. Once it's out I'll be spamming you guys with it! #ducati #supersports

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

What. A. Hectic. Weekend. I am loving these sunglasses I got to customize from @we_are_sungod (I don't mess around when it comes to sunglasses and sunscreen for those that don't know me closely so I only recommend brands I trust). If you guys want to grab yourself a pair at 20% off drop me a DM or comment below and I'll send you a code (it's only valid for 48 hours so hop on it). Shipping is super speedy (for real) and when you pick out your lenses make sure to get the polarized ones! (These are the 'classics' in case anyone is wondering). #adventureproof #somanybrackets #yallagopro

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

@kitezonedubai sending it while I'm chilling on the @magicfloatme mat 🏄🏻‍♀️ check out my stories for the shenanigans we got up to 😂 Last time I posted something with this mat a bunch of you asked me about it and @magicfloatme are going to be at the @dibshow so go say hi if you guys want one of these bad boys (they have a tendency to make you jump back to being 10 years old 😂) #yallagopro #mydubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

My face when I think about the wind we're supposed to be getting tomorrow 😬 going to be a late night working to make sure I can enjoy some time at the beach 🌊💨 #yallagopro #kitelife #walu

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Mini adventure with @vosloolife trying out some drones and shiz. The desert really is my safe place #dji #mydubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The perfect finish to a work heavy weekend. Managed to squeeze in a quick little sunset session yesterday. Thank you @dukite for making it happen! #yallagopro #airush #keepitdirty

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Wouldn't mind a little storm passing through this weekend.. what's everyone getting up to? Always love hearing about your weekend plans! #yallagopro #airush

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I think I've posted this before but what the heck. This is the week for throwbacks because I'm sick as a dog, I've drowned myself in work and life.


#tb to last summer playing around in an almost finished pool. Really need to get myself one of those nose clips so I don't keep getting a nose flush when I try underwater shots. #yallagopro


Happy weekend friends! Would love to hear how you're spending it? Anyone trying something new? #yallagopro #mydubai #airush

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Free your mind kid. Let it run wild and see what comes back to you #random