Phil, Niko & Milo@lifewithmalamutes

The largest Malamute account on Instagram come join the family! MCR🇬🇧🐝
2 malamutes; Phil & Niko & Mainemuffin Milomute. Mum - @emma.leigh.matthews

We found grandma!!!!


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Crazy dogs! The Grandparents are here!!! Watch them get flattened!


New toy time! They love these things (last no more than 2 minutes literally) but their happy faces are worth it!


Milo looking fierce today


Phil’ll bring you flowers in the pouring rain, being without you is driving him insane!! Complete the lyrics in the comments below if you know they😉


Gorgeous day spent out hiking the moors love this place it’s stunning if you look past its history ❤️ mum - @emma.leigh.matthews


Met through Instagram almost 2 years ago finally we got to meet our friends! Look at the Phil and Millie Romance!! Here’s to more playtime together @milperthusky ❤️ Malamutes on the left Husky’s on the right (videos to follow soon)


Sunny evening in the garden ❤️


The look of pure love


You've got to sleep with one eye open with Milo around


Phil doesn't like baths!! Full video on our YouTube channel link in our bio. We don't bath them often usually after walkies we just hose them down but it had been a few months so it was time to get some product on them. And before the comments come - yes the water was warm, no we don't use our own bathtub they destroy the bathroom when they shake and we then have to get them downstairs and out the house so we have an outside bathtub, and yes we rinsed off with a hose after the bath 😊


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