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We’re thrilled to announce the 2018 #AdobeRisingStars, a diverse group of photographers from all over the globe!

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Photos by @kevinwonka, @maddiemcgarvey, and @jonpauldouglass || For our final installment of One Tool, Three Ways, we feel it’s fitting to examine the tool that most consider the final touch in Lightroom’s editing process—the Effects panel. See why the last step in your post-production can become the first step toward uncovering the next in your journey to be #BeBoundless with three unique perspectives. Click the link in our bio to learn more.


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Photo by @mettelampcov for #AdobeRisingStars|| A boy relaxes in his family swimming pool in Malibu, California. During drought periods, water prices rise dramatically in order to discourage water use. Affluent communities can afford these increases and are less affected.

Most people living in urban areas in California probably don't really know where their water comes from and how it is transported as there is a big disconnect between the land and our resources. I believe if we spend more time outdoors reconnecting with the land, then maybe we can put more energy into preserving it for our future generations. Thank you for joining me this week during my Rising Stars takeover. I hope you learned something new!


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Photo by @mettelampcov for #AdobeRisingStars|| A girl slides into a newly formed creek that flows by her home. In June 2017, there was an early heat wave that brought record temperatures to much of the Southwest. This caused the snowpack in the Sierra Mountains to melt at an accelerated speed, creating flooding. California’s water system depends on the gradual melting of snowpack from spring to the end of summer.

After a five year drought, it was amazing to witness the snowpack melting during the first heat wave of June 2017. California is no stranger to drought and flooding, but it is the extremes of these events that are connected to climate change. The region went from having one of the most extreme droughts in recent history to having one of the worst periods of flooding.


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Photo by @mettelampcov for #AdobeRisingStars || This is a view of Mount Whitney seen from the Owens Valley as a snowstorm is coming across the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the winter of 2015-2016.  The snow that falls on the top of the mountains is what becomes snowpack, providing more than 60% of California's water supply.

As temperatures rise, the snowpack that has fallen during the cool winter months will start to melt earlier and faster in the hotter spring and summers. It’s estimated that by the end of this century, snowpack projection could experience as much as 48%-65% loss from its historical average.

Watching a snowstorm crossover Mt. Whitney is one of the greatest pleasures I have had doing this project. Having spent a large part of my research learning about snowpack and the essential role it plays in California's water supply, this is one of the moments that the dynamics of nature took my breath away.


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Photo by @mettelampcov  for #AdobeRisingStars || As the sky turns pink on a hot summer’s evening in the San Joaquin Valley, a woman is trimming and picking onions.

California has the perfect Mediterranean climate for growing fruit, vegetables, and nuts, and is the single largest producer of food in the United States, with a $7 billion worldwide export industry. The effects of climate change will include reduced levels of water supplies, heat creating more plant stress and fewer chill hours. Climate change will also impact the lifecycle of pollinators and is an increased risk for invasive species. Cross-pollination from bees is responsible for up to 30% of the world’s crops.

Onion picking is incredibly tough farm work, known for its severe working conditions. Onions are picked late into the night and workers are paid $1.30 per sack of onions, so the quicker they work the more money they make. There are two tungsten lights at each end of the field, meaning the workers have to provide their own lights and their own cutters. After being out in the fields photographing, bugs were crawling all over me because they were attracted to the lights.


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Photo by @mettelampcov for #AdobeRisingStars || Join me this week during my Rising Stars Takeover! I am a documentary photographer who has been working on a long-term project about climate change in California called Water to Dust. I have been looking at how climate change is affecting people's relationship with water, the changing landscapes around them, and how it affects them socially and economically. This project’s mission is to bring together personal stories and scientific facts in order to better understand and connect with what is happening in California.

A horse rider comes to a stop as dust rises around him amongst heat wave conditions. He is taking part in an event organized yearly in the San Joaquin Valley which draws attention to water issues and drought conditions affecting people living in the area.

The drought of 2011-2016 was the worst in recently recorded history. This image was taken in August 2016 after I had spent months working in the community of Three Rocks and Cantua Creek, CA. Both places have been affected by water contamination, and the people living in Three Rocks have seen their homes subside as groundwater has been depleted. As fields lay empty and farms cannot be watered, people have to travel further to find work.


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Photo by @sunnyherzinger for #AdobeRisingStars || Austria has some of the most spectacular mountains and lakes! Whenever time allows, I make the short trip over the border and go on a hike. This photo was taken in the early morning hours when the lake was totally calm. I have always preferred sunrise over sunset. When I come back from a sunrise shoot with some great shots, I feel like I have started the day off right, and I still have the rest of the day left for other activities. One of the things I appreciate most about shooting at sunrise is that it is so peaceful. Thanks for joining me this week!


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Photo by @sunnyherzinger for #AdobeRisingStars || A very important lesson that I have learned over the years is to not just photograph when you travel, but to also photograph in your home area. Often we get so used to the things we see in our everyday lives that we don’t recognize the beauty anymore. I try to force myself to find new, fresh compositions in my area at least once a week. But to be totally honest, I should probably go out and photograph even more often.


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Photo by @sunnyherzinger for #AdobeRisingStars || Traveling has become a big part of my life over the last few years. I especially love to travel during the off-season because it gives me the opportunity to see places without the usual crowds and in different weather conditions. This photo was taken in Montenegro, which is very close to the Albanian border. It was late spring, but the mountains were still covered in lots of snow. I was literally the only person to be seen for miles.


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Photo by @sunnyherzinger for #AdobeRisingStars || Fall is my favorite season by far. I just love how everything is so colorful and looks so different from the rest of the year. And because this lasts just a few weeks, it forces me to go out and photograph nearly every day. This photo was taken at Eibsee, where the calm waters produced a lovely reflection.


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Photo by @sunnyherzinger for #AdobeRisingStars ||
Hey everyone! Throughout the week, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite images that I’ve taken in my home state of Bavaria and from around the world. I’m 31 years old and specialize in landscape and travel photography. Living in southeast Germany gives me endless opportunities to photograph the alps and the surrounding nature. Over the past few years, going on hikes every weekend has become a habit of mine. I hope you enjoy the takeover!


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Photo by @ezachung for #AdobeRisingStars || Embedded within the city’s fabric, the Fulton Center’s flow of 300,000 daily users gives the Sky Reflector-Net a defining civic purpose. It’s been a pleasure sharing my work with you all. Thanks for following along during my takeover!