🥀...2 ®️.Uzi London SemiColon


Uzi hurry up and drop 🤧🔥


The Riyadh Drop ⛰️ . I know @liluzivert will coming back stronger than ever. U Gotta believe me U have to believe In Us 3;-) I don’t understand how Uzi doesn’t get hurt I think he is supernatural or already dead.


Hi My name is Deyah Gilbert and I never heard a song like this in my life. Tracy sound so amazing Uzi sounds perfect. Please Make More Country Music. #countrymusic


We need Uzi back ASAP ..
I know he will come back stronger & wiser 😢🔑


Selling Uzi Songs For cheap Dm 💾


@liluzivert Notifications are so annoying I can’t believe this kid has 6 million followers . I must say I will be a umbrella anyday before the rain so Rock On !!!!! Signing off Srt8 Man


Been lookin threw Uzi messages.
I feel bad for the kid he has so many platinum plaques and charting songs but for some reason he is still Broke.
I’ve been going through his messages and he has some good songs in this thing it’s ashamed that his bosses won’t let him put any content out . Honestly I care nothing about the guy but I hate when people get took advantage of . I typed SoundCloud In Uzi messages and every password came up . Thank me later Uzi I’m leakin songs for your fans 💾.


So I finally listened to this kids music not bad @liluzivert He needs more videos for sure .


😔 (281)-330-8004


Dude like 20 people has to have Uzi Instagram.He wrote his login name password and iCloud in a tiny bathroom at a massage room/Brothel. I wanna @ myself so bad dude but I don’t want anybody to know I attend that type of activity .


Hey Uzi Told me to tell y’all He Really doesn’t exist and neither does you in the next person eyes. Uzi said if you think of a notepad and pen it will appear in days write “Hello” on the paper lose it on purpose and you will see the word “Goodbye” everywhere Forever unless you have more paper . He also said put these emoji 🤯🍄.
This Nigga Weird but he my mans so Fuck it .


Posted from @mean.w phone Uzi is currently working on the best music in his and your life so he does not have a phone New Music soon📠🔥 ps this is my phone Uzi had 2 white iPhone X ....he will be back in a few weeks Maybe he says .


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