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I had a wonderful time participating in a workshop with @avantgardevegan who ‎demonstrated a breakfast recipe inspired by the newly launched plant base @AdeZGB dairy free ‎fruit and seed smooth, drink. Here is my replication of the recipe at the event 😍😍😋 @AdeZGB is available from ASDA and boots #Wonderlish #Vegan #VeganFriendly #AdeZ #ad .
Creamy porridge topped with stewed warm strawberries, banana chips & peanut butter, inspired ‎by the wonderlish flavours of Adez Awesome Oat Strawberry & Bananas.‎


‎Enjoying the outdoor activities with my kids has always been something that I look forward to in ‎the summer to keep the kids out of mischief. The choices are endless and so budgeting is essential. ‎Luckily two of my three kids are 10 and 15, which allows me to make a maximum use of the Rowntree’s, @Milkybar and Smarties ‎“KIDS GO FREE” promotion, where I only have to buy one pack and it gets me a free kids ticket to 100s of family days ‎out across the UK!! 1 bag = 1 free ticket for kids! Ah I can also purchase and use ‎unlimited packs = unlimited trips! So this summer is going to be a great opportunity to explore ‎the UK with the kids and have family fun.‎ #ad #kidsgofree #takethemout


My children could not have a breakfast without milk, period! Each one of them drinks an average ‎of 1 pint a day (2 glasses) whether alone, or with cereal or with porridge 🤗; yep it’s part of their ‎balanced diet for protein and calcium source to grow up 😍. ‎Using a2 Milk which comes from selected type of cows, that naturally produce a gentle A2 ‎Protein, (which is kind to sensitive tummies and is easy to digest), has become a prime choice for ‎me when preparing milk based food or breakfast for guests, just to make sure that they do not ‎only enjoy it (it tastes the same as regular milk) but also knowing that it is gentle to digest. I want to make sure we all avoid having #TummyTroubles because of an experience I have had personally with my family when I have changed my milk supply from another shop for one day.

I am not sure if it is a coincidence or not, I had to get some milk from a different shop than our regular one, and all of us at home happened to have had milk on that evening and in the next morning, we all woke up with a troubled tummy. At the same time, I received the a2 Milk and read about its benefits; but before trying it, I wanted to make sure that it is milk related issue. So, myself and my husband had the new milk from the new shop (still 7 days to expire and had no bad smell), and my kids had the a2 Milk. Surprisingly, the kids were fine, but we were not! :( So, my guess is that the new milk contained the A1 protein and was hard on the stomach.
Is a switch in milk the answer to children’s tummy troubles? who knew that there were different types of cow's milk? Wow!
@a2milk_uk is available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, ASDA, Ocado and ‎Morrison’s 😍👌 #Ad


Wondering what salad to have today? Keep it simple and use existing ingredients from your ‎kitchen and pour the right salad dressing on it to get the right taste blend to stand out and ‎impress!.‎ Today I have some excess prawns in my freezer, herbed boiled potatoes, boiled lentil (yes I use it ‎a lot in my kitchen to supplement proteins, but you can substitute with quinoa to make it a well-‎balanced salad ), cucumber, cherry tomatoes and some thinly squirreled carrots, served with the ‎joyful and tasty Hellmann's Thousand Island Salad dressing that blends deliciously with the ‎prawns. Yummy so belly-filling yet very nutritious. @hellmannsuk #hellmanns #BetterWithHellmanns #ad


Fried eggs on a bed of Rocca leaves with cheese twirl 😍😋🤗
Now imagine you are having this breakfast outdoors or at a friend’s place where you will not be ‎able to brush your teeth after eating. Solution? @BBMints has just launched the DENTYL BB Mint ‎capsules, which they not only act very quickly to remove the odour from your mouth, but actually ‎it has a unique feature to neutralise the odour in the stomach that cause bad breath, that is two in ‎one!…. You will love it!



Anyone for a potato quinoa salad? 🤗 Potato with quinoa, carrots, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, ‎pomegranate, pasta and basil leaves. Now all you need is to put your favorite salad dressing on it 👌

I like this salad because it’s fully nutritional and very low in calories. I mix and match different ‎ingredients but I always keep the potatoes in it; because potatoes are naturally fat free, rich in ‎potassium which calms me down. Moreover, they are locally grown, which means it is always ‎available in any supermarket 😍😎.. Perfect for a summer dish and suitable for vegan as well 😋


How much better can that be? A ready made MOMA Bircher Muesli with British jumbo oats soaked in low fat yoghurt and fruit pieces plus apple juice 😍… Wow ‎that is 4 in one! Saving me time to do the prep and the mess in the kitchen…. My kind of well-‎balanced breakfast that is ready to use, easy and clean!. These days I am fasting; so MOMA Bircher ‎would be a great early morning breakfast for me, just before dawn, plus one litre of water, so that I ‎could go and sleep again and be fresh and hydrated to start my day…‎ @momafoods is available at selected @sainsburys & @waitrose rose stores and @ocadouk
.. #momafoods


If you are on a diet, then I hope that you are on a balanced one with proteins, fat ‎and carbs plus vegetables and or fruits to get your minerals and extra fibres. ‎The two meat with the lowest calories per gram are fish filet and chicken breast ‎which are ideal for having your protein portion of a proper balanced diet with ‎low calories 😍🤗. ‎However, low calorie meat has less fat, hence they generally have less taste; ‎but if combined with proper seasoning and accompanied by salad or chips and ‎dipping then you are in for a treat that you can use every day without getting ‎bored from them.. Just change the way you prepare them (grilled, oven, fried, ‎broiled) and change the seasoning and the side dish to complement the taste ‎to make it much more enjoyable 😋I used @birdseyeuk that has a variety of cooked and seasoned chicken ‎breasts that are made with 100% Chicken Breast and have No Artificial Colours, Flavours ‎or Preservatives. Here are BirdsEye nuggets, from the dippers and nuggets range, ‎made with 'Golden Wholegrain', served with chips and ketchup dips and a squeeze of lemon. ‌‎#WinnerWinnerChickenDinner #birdseye #ad


When visiting a friend and you end up talking all the time and forgetting to prepare food or at ‎least a salad, but you still have so much to talk about! what do I do? I open Uber Eats App and order ‎Chinese Prawn Salad for two; and as usual, they were on time with updates on my phone while still ‎enjoying our talk 😍👌 For their 2nd anniversary, they are offering a Food-Duo #Eats2for1 😍,Buy One and ‎Get One for Free, from Wednesday 30th of May to Sunday 3rd of June… share some love with ‎them 🤗 @ubereats_uk #ad #Eats2for1 @ubereats_uk


Celebrating the National Frozen Yogurt Month with @yoomoo 😍. I like to use frozen Yogurt just like ‎I use ice cream, very basic and easy to do… Keep it simple, scoop it, top it with your favorite berries ( I used frozen blueberries, raspberries and blackberries), pour some delicious strawberry syrup and you have a delicious desert!. Now all you need to do is just to dig into it and indulge yourself ‎on a hot day in June! yoomoo is light, and is low in calories.. Enjoy!



On a busy day, I often rely on frozen food to quickly prepare when having ‎guests coming over for lunch or dinner 😍, so that I spend more time with them ‎rather than staying in the kitchen🤗. I always try to serve a nutritionally balanced ‎meal, i.e. I add salad and dips to give it a richer and more satisfying taste; I ‎always like to change the way I present my food, rather than sticking to one ‎type of seasoning or cooking; even thought it could be a different guest, but for ‎my eyes to enjoy what I see and so that I don’t get bored with the looks too😉😍
Sharing this meal, that is made from @birdseyeuk Chicken Chargrills Made ‎with 100% Chicken Breast/No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives, ‎served with salad made of Rocca leaves , avocados, pomegranate , red pepper, ‎cherry tomatoes salad and a squeeze of lemon and grind some black pepper ‎on it. : #WinnerWinnerChickenDinner #birdseye #ad


When life is celebrated in colours, you resemble it with the new Buzzoole ZigZag pattern, which is how life ‎moves you around to make your way in it and reach your goals 😍

Today I am celebrating with @Buzzoole their new re-branding, with whom I have a very close and ‎fruitful relationship; A colourful, tasteful mixed fruit platter which uses the prime colours of the recent ‎trend in fashion at Milan for spring and summer 2018, to enjoy on this hot weather. Blackberries, ‎Coconuts, blueberries, raspberries, Mangos, purple grapes, cherries, bananas and pomegranate 😍😋 Please check the link in the Bio to join @buzzoole and expand the influencer Marketing community. ‌‎#thenewbuzz #buzzoolebuzz #mybuzzoole #AD


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