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This year I’m excited to announce that I will be joining @adelasterfoodtextures and artist Sissel Wibom as host for “the Journey” in Loire Valley, France. It’s a 5 day creative gathering 10-14 of May where the attendees own creativity is in focus. We send out a letter before, gathering up attendees ideas for their creative projects and then we design food and adventures around these wishes. Each Journey is different and something we make together. Tickets will be released this Thursday, for more info, check out the link in my profile! Beautiful photos from last year’s Journey by talented @_goodoldfashioned ♥️


Linda Lomelino

This color gets me every time! Blood oranges 🍊🙌🏼 Can’t believe I haven’t baked in months! But perhaps it’s a good thing, as I suspect I’m experiencing a bit of a burnout after working hard non stop for 10 years (can you believe I’ve been blogging for TEN years in July??). Trying to take it easy and do things I enjoy but it’s difficult when your work is your hobby and pretty much the only thing you know how to do. The pace today is absolutely crazy, how is one supposed to create amazing things every day and then create better things every time you post.. I know it’s a pressure I put on myself only, but it’s so hard not to fall for it. I know, a bit of a rant but I just wanted to be real for a second! Hope you all are doing well, and if you feel like making this delicious and pretty blood orange sherbet, the link is in my profile!


Linda Lomelino

I’m so proud to be working with iconic brand @rorstrandofficial for the launch of their new Swedish Grace cake stand. They asked me to create a Swedish Grace cake and here it is! My best chocolate cake with a strawberry swiss meringue buttercream, topped with a dark chocolate glaze. Simple and classic. You can find the recipe on or through the link in my profile. Also, I’ll be in Stockholm on 23rd of March (from 1-3 pm) for an event at Rörstrand’s store on Kungsgatan 1. Come by and have a chat and some ’fika’!


Linda Lomelino

This is a photo from @myfeldt’s book, shot two years ago almost to the day! Fun fact, we didn’t plan any of the shoots for the book, we just used the props we had at hand. I have to say it was so liberating not having to lug around props everywhere, and just see where the day would take us (usually we’d end up in a field of flowers next to the highway because we both love flowers 😂). I’m thinking it would be fun to create some sort of behind the scenes video about the process of creating a cookbook (for any future cookbooks).. what do you guys think?


Linda Lomelino

My favorite pancake recipe to this day, Lemon Ricotta Pancakes served with maple syrup 🥞 And they’re gluten free as long as you use gluten free oats! Link to the recipe in my profile. Have a great weekend everyone! 🤗


Linda Lomelino

Jag må älska bakverk, men det bästa jag vet är att smyga in något sött även i mat vare sig det är frukt, bär eller lite honung. För tro det eller ej - jag äter faktiskt inte bara bakverk! Detta kan vara den bästa kombon jag testat på länge. Knäckebrödet Happy från @wasabrod med pumpafrön och havssalt, toppat med färskost, krispiga grönkålschips och bitar av apelsin. Sött, salt och lite syrligt och helt perfekt till frukost eller mellanmål.

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I adore cakes (obviously!), but my favorite thing is to sneak in something sweet in almost all the food I make - whether it's fruit and berries or just a little drizzle of honey. A good balance of sweet, salty and tangy in food is so important! This might just be my new favorite combination - @wasabrod's crispbread Happy with pumpkin seeds & seasalt, topped with cream cheese, crispy kale chips and slices of orange. So good!


Linda Lomelino

You’ll probably see these all over instagram today because today is Shrove Tuesday aka ”semmeldagen” (basically the Day of the semla). We celebrate by eating at least one semla, a fluffy yeasted bun with cardamom filled with sweet almond paste and whipped cream, topped with powdered sugar. Apparently Swedes will eat about 6 million of these today!! That’s a lot considering we’re only 10 million! I’d say it’s definitely in my top five all time favorite pastries (that is one difficult list to write 😅) together with cinnamon buns. Which are your all time favorites? In case you’re interested in making them, I have a recipe on my blog This perfect semla is from @feldtsbk, of course!

#semmeldagen #semla #fettisdagen


Linda Lomelino

An oldie but goodie re-edited with one of the presets from my preset collection with @evakosmasflores!! I’m seriously SO proud of this collection 🙌🏼 and I hope those who have bought them love them as much as I do 🤗 For more info and before and after photos, check out the link in my profile, or my story highlight ”Presets”. I wish you all a fantastic Saturday!


Linda Lomelino

Super excited to announce that I've released my own collection of presets for Lightroom, Lightroom mobile and Camera Raw in collaboration with my dear friend @evakosmasflores! So stoked about how they turned out!! You can get them and find more info through the link in my profile. They’re available for a limited time only so make sure to get them now! Swipe to see some before and afters and also a lot more before and after photos in my stories 👀


Linda Lomelino

There's still time to sign up for tonight's 1-hour free Q&A session with my friend @evakosmasflores, at 7 pm CET (19.00 Stockholm time). Sign up through the link in my profile, but don't worry if you can't make it live - as long as you sign up you'll be sent a link to watch the replay after! Hope to see you there! 🤗


Linda Lomelino

This Friday, @evakosmasflores and I are hosting a FREE 1-hour live Q&A session where you can ask us all your questions about all things photography and editing! Learn the ins + outs of the creative + photography realm, how we create consistency through our images whether it's a photo of a cake or a scenic shot of a forest. Learn about the key aspects of our editing process, including the editing tools we couldn't live without and why. What natural lighting techniques + set-ups are our go-to's and why we love them. Anything you want to ask! The session is at 7 pm (19.00) Central European Time this Friday, February 22nd. Make sure to sign up through the link in my profile!


Linda Lomelino

Hey everyone! How have you all been? I’ve taken a much needed break from social media. Sometimes instagram can be a distraction even though I love this space and how encouraging this community is. I didn’t want to post anything when I felt like I had nothing to say or share but today is finally the day! I have several BIG projects in the works for this and next year and I couldn’t be more excited. One of them really forces me to step outside of my creative comfort zone (I step out of my comfort zone literally every time I have to travel but this is different) and I haven’t felt like that in a long time and it’s both scary and wonderful! See my stories for a little sneak peek 👀 I wish you all a great weekend!